Zhao Liying announces the good news! Netizen: I've seen something wrong with you for a long time!
Zhao Liying announces the good news! Netizen: I've seen something wrong with you for a long time!
A good friendship is when you need her, she must be there!


when it comes to Zhao Liying's classics, the Legend of Chu Qiao must have a place.

if you want to say the deficiency, it is that Zhao Liying and Lin Xinxin have never been able to usher in the big ending that belongs to them.

although the biography of Chu Qiao is gone, there can be more romance in parallel Worlds.

Zhao Liying and Lin Gengguan announced it!

this time, the two sides will continue their relationship in the world of "going with the Phoenix".

the fans are supposed to be the happiest when the new play starts, but many people are "dissatisfied".

No wonder, for actors, joining the group is tantamount to "isolation".

for fans, it also means that Zhao Liying's dream of guest starring in "Breaking the Wind and waves 3" is completely shattered.

who makes them the recognized "number one" in the entertainment industry?

the two are in love with the same sister, which can be felt from their earlier interaction in the yearning Life.

Zhao Liying, who has always been a little squeamish in front of the camera, is beside her best friend Xie Na, and the whole person becomes very relaxed and natural.

and, driven by Xie Na, she rarely amused herself in front of the camera and was stunned by he Jun.

even Huang Lei laughed at Zhao Liying and said, "beyond imagination."

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it is enough to see her intimacy with Xie Na.

unlike the careless Xie Na, Zhao Liying, who has always been introverted, is not as direct as Xie Na in expressing her love.

just like when Xie Na was about to give birth, Zhao Liying, who was busy filming, sent a gold lock directly to Xie Na's house, but forgot to sign it.

let Xie Na mistakenly think who did a good deed without leaving a name.

when Zhao Liying called to ask if she had received a gift, Xie Na realized that the golden lock was from her.

she seldom says anything, mostly keeps it in mind and then does it.

therefore, many people are surprised that the two can play so well.

talking about how the two became acquainted with each other, many people think that they formed the relationship through the "fast book".

but this is not the case.

although Zhao Liying and Xie Na had some overlap in the early years, it was the variety show called "Idol is coming" that really made the two get to know each other.

in that variety show, the outspoken Zhao Liying made Xie Na eat a lot.

"Little Zhao Fei Dao, the knife is fatal".

at that time, Zhao Liying "mended Dao" Xie Na more than once.

once Zhao Liying kindly wanted to remind Xie Na that she had lipstick on her teeth, but when she didn't want to talk, she didn't pay attention to control the volume, so that the whole table heard it, so that Xie Na almost didn't come down to Taiwan.

on another occasion, when people gathered for dinner, Zhao Liying and Xie Na said hello and sat down enthusiastically next to each other. "fortunately, Sister Na accompanied me."

Xie Na asked her why she was happy to see herself.

Zhao Liying replied bluntly, "because I don't look good every time."

for a moment.

can be the so-called "do not fight and do not know each other", over the past few times, the two have become closer and closer.

perhaps Xie Na saw the shadow of her past in Zhao Liying. She was equally outspoken and easy to recruit.

that's why she takes special care of the round-faced girl.

about Zhao Liying, Xie Na once said this:

"Liying and I really hit it off. It's the kind of feeling that I really want her to be especially good. I think it's probably because we both have no background and suffer from it."

grassroots, this word is enough to summarize the early experiences of Zhao and Xie.

also went north alone, also started from a walk-on, and also encountered the "whole net black".

the difference is that one of them became an actor and the other became a host.

in 1998, Xie Na, who graduated from the Sichuan Film Academy, resolutely chose to stay in Beijing after winning the gold medal in the performance of the Fifth National New Talent Competition.

Xie Na had a simple idea at first and wanted to be an actress.

soon, she received the role of servant girl Xiaoli in "Young Hero Fang Shiyu".

as soon as the play was broadcast, Xie Na became a professional servant girl.

, the opportunity to change her life followed.

in 1999, Xie Na joined the crew of Fang Shiyu in Fast Edition, and she was impressed by her funny talent.

it was only then that he Jiong recommended her to join Hunan Satellite TV as a host.

in 2002, Xie Na, who officially became the host of Fast Edition, was bombarded by viewers after the first episode of the program was broadcast.

in this process, Xie Na gradually found her position in the program and gradually had her own hosting style.

in 2006, the host group of "Happy Family" was officially established, and Xie Na ushered in a "big explosion" in her career.

it was in this year that Zhao Liying officially entered the entertainment industry by winning the championship of Feng Xiaogang's group in the talent show "Yahoo search Star" and the opportunity to shoot an advertisement with Feng Xiaogang.

however, this fileThe draft didn't bring much attention to Zhao Liying.

with her dream of being an actress, Zhao Liying began a five-year walk-on career.

from the servant girl, daughter, granddaughter, and then to sister, Zhao Liying almost ran all the dragons she could run.

it was not until the hit of "New Pearl returning Pearl" that Zhao Liying, who plays Qinger, was noticed by the public for the first time.

is also this role, let Yu Zheng discovered her, only then has her first heroine play "Lu Zhen Legend".

from the beginning of "Legend of Lu Zhen" to the popularity after the broadcast of "A Thousand bones of Flowers", Zhao Liying did not go smoothly along the way.

as Zhao Liying herself said: "I am an actor who grows up in denial."

during her five years as a walk-on, she has been told that round face can't play the leading role and give up those unrealistic ideas early.

No one understands the limitations of her appearance better than Zhao Liying herself, but she is just not convinced.

she doesn't understand why the value of an actor is defined by the shape of his face.

later, the hit of the Legend of Lu Zhen successfully hit those who were not optimistic about her in the first place.

but she is still not fully accepted.

her black material is all the buzz on the Internet, and what is even more terrible is the topic of "Zhao Liying gets out of the entertainment circle" everywhere.

in 2013, Zhao Liying, who followed the fast edition of the Legend of Lu Zhen, was attacked by black fans for drinking water on the show.

it is this experience that makes her often laugh at herself for her "blackening physique" and that she can be blackened even with a sip of water.

No one can win the favor of everyone in the world, even the so-called "heartthrob".

fame means controversy and all kinds of gossip.

because I have been in the rain, I prefer to hold an umbrella for each other.

that's why we see Xie Na's favor of taking care of Zhao Liying on the Idol is coming.

although there are many differences between them, their similar experiences, complementary personalities and mutual love for each other make their relationship closer and closer.

there is a lyric used to describe the friendship between Zhao Liying and Xie Na:

"fate has set many hurdles, I am still handsome, dusty and dusty, and you are my cure."

A good friendship is not about consuming each other, but that she may not show up very often, but you know, when you need her, she must be there.

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