"Let's meet, if you can."
"Let's meet, if you can."
Go to an appointment. It's better to miss it than to meet.

some people say:

"if you like someone, you probably want to meet, meet and meet every day."

Yes, love means seeing, hugging and kissing more.

it is only when we meet each other that the love that fills my heart can be settled.

even if it's just a simple meal and a chat with you.

even just walk a few more steps behind you and look at you more.

the heart is also happy, and people are also happy.

so, if possible, let's meet.

Let me give you back all the thoughts I have accumulated over the years.

in the TV series Youth in May, the most common thing the hero says to the heroine is to meet.

before the first date was over and was ready to go home, he asked her:

"when shall we meet again?"

when he was in love, he said to her:

"We have to see each other often. It's the season for flowers to bloom."

had already seen each other during the flowering period, and he began to look forward to the next meeting.

so he said to her:

"shall we meet again before the next flower falls?"


even if she sits face to face, her people are within reach.

he still confessed to her affectionately:

"I've always wanted to see you, and I still do.


to take her home, she got on the bus and he waved goodbye.

it is also written in the palm of the hand:

see you next time.


it turns out that I like someone, but I just want to keep seeing her.

want to see her, hear her laughter, want to hold her hand.

I want to show off to the world that this is the person I like.

especially when you are exhausted, seeing a loved one is like a cell phone that is about to lose power and is plugged into a charging cord and instantly resurrected with blood.

the embrace of a lover is the best cure.

Let's meet if you have time.

not another day, not next time, not later, now.

and don't talk about those feelings across the screen on Wechat.

on mobile phones, how many sweet words can be blurted out.

you can also open your mouth if you want to prick your heart.

but the meeting is different. When we meet, we will soften our hearts and compromise.

No matter how noisy and noisy it is, all contradictions and disputes can be resolved with a hug.

that's what my friend Xiaolu and her boyfriend do.

every time they chat on Wechat and talk about a topic, causing a misunderstanding, they stop by agreement.

then say:

"Don't quarrel now. If you want to quarrel, you have to put up with it. When we meet, we will quarrel enough at once."

but when we really met, both sides forgot about it.

eat, go shopping, watch exhibitions, take pictures.

want to do one thing after another, so that they no longer have time to pay attention to those dispensable disputes.

after seeing this time, make an appointment for another time.

as described in this sentence:

"making an appointment will make it a good day for a few days before and after the meeting."

the love of adults is to meet directly.

across the screen, can not see the expression, also can not perceive each other's emotions.

only when we meet, joys and sorrows can be shared, and smiles and tears can be shared.

Let's meet, just this summer.

while the sun is right, go on a trip, go to the wind, go to see the sea.

wander aimlessly in the streets.

chatting in the shade of the tree.

Let me tell you about my growth and changes these days.

even if you sit and don't talk, it's great to just look at the scenery.

I used to fantasize about being at home all over the world, longing for poetry and distance.

later discovered,

No matter how beautiful the distance is, it is not as good as the side of the lover.

any praiseworthy beauty is not as beautiful as the first glance at each other when we meet.

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meeting is probably the most direct way to express love.

even if there are thousands of chats on Wechat.

is no better than when we walk hand in hand, play together and laugh together.

what is love?

Love is wanting to meet and have dinner with the person you like.

meet many times and eat a lot of meals.

so, for a long time, until year after year.

, go to an appointment. It's better to miss it than to meet.

May you cross the hill and someone is waiting.