When you are over forty, don't show off these things in your moments. They seem to be admired, but they are actually annoying.
When you are over forty, don't show off these things in your moments. They seem to be admired, but they are actually annoying.
Only if you know how to face everything calmly, can you live a comfortable life.

No one does not care about the image, no one is willing to live in the mud and make friends with flies.

but many people are going the wrong way.

they show off everywhere and brag about their little achievements, while grandstanding can only get false respect.

what makes a person noble is not publicity, not arrogance, but humble demeanor and posture.

Schopenhauer wrote in the Wisdom of Life:

"people choose either silence or vulgarity in this world, and there is no other choice."

A person, especially when he is middle-aged, do not show off these three things in moments. It seems to have face, but it is actually very cheap.

past achievements

Ji Xianlin said that there are ten taboos in life, one of which is "easy to mention courage in those days."

in life, at dinner and in moments, there are always some people who brag about how successful they were in the past, and complain about their depression in the next round.

there is a term in psychology to describe this kind of behavior, which is called "returning to psychology".

means that a group of people like to lie on the merit books of the past, mostly because there is nothing to say at the moment.

so I lived like an ostrich, burying my head in the beauty of the past.

Lu Xun's Ah Q comforts himself when he is not as strong as others. When he is down and out, he always mentions that year and is complacent with his achievements. Even when he is about to be beheaded, he should regard himself as a "winner".

A Q's famous saying is: "We were much richer than you before."

most of those who love to mention the courage of those years have become vanity only thinking about the past, but also showing their cowardice of refusing to face the present.

King Pele has scored a total of 1282 goals in his 20-year career.

when he scored 1000 goals, the reporter asked him, "which ball do you play best?"

Bailey smiled and said, "next!"

the brave people in life will not trumpet yesterday's achievements, because for them, the most worthwhile thing to live is today, and the better is always tomorrow.

one's own financial resources

once heard Cai Kangyong tell a story in a certain program:

when he was a child, he followed his mother to a rich family.

when Cai Kangyong ate expensive food for the first time at the dinner table, he couldn't help exclaiming, "it's delicious!" What is this? "

while the host family said, "these are fans," they added an extra portion to Tsai Kang-yung's bowl: "eat more if you like."

later, Cai Kangyong attended many dinners and learned that it only looked like a fan, but the price was very different.

also see a lot of table owners, will brag about how valuable the food on the table, is how much money they spent to buy.

Tsai Kang-yung knows more about the humility and consideration of the owner of that rich family when he was a child.

if someone has ten cents on his waist, he will make a noise; when he talks to others, he must talk about his own car and house, lest others should not know that he has money.

some people are rich but not exposed, do not regard wealth as a symbol of superiority over others, but will take the initiative to help the weak and spread goodwill.

Wealth is not exposed, rich and courteous, is a kind of self-cultivation, but also the great wisdom of dealing with the world.

knowledge in the belly

there is such a kind of people in life, whose exits are profound and obscure words, love to talk about their views on popular current affairs, brush their sense of existence everywhere, and show that they are also thoughtful leaders.

when there is no bottom in the deep river, the water surface is often calm, and the water that can see the bottom at a glance can only be shallow water.

people who like to show off their knowledge often don't have much practical information in their bellies.

when Zheng Yuanjie, the king of fairy tales, attended a writers' pen meeting, someone asked him, "have you ever read Dostoevsky?"

Zheng Yuanjie shook her head, and the man made a look of disdain: "you haven't even read his book?"

Zheng Yuanjie did not retort, but asked: "have you seen the works of the popular Russian writer Nelkova?"

did not expect that nearly half of the people at the meeting agreed, and then Zheng Yuanjie said faintly, "I made up the name."

the still water runs deep, and the wise man is silent.

truly knowledgeable people, even with great achievements, remain low-key, introverted and open-minded.

when Mr. Qian Zhongshu became famous, he declined all social activities and assiduously studied his studies at home.

A female reporter called him and wanted to see him very much.

Mr. Qian Zhongshu replied:

"Ma'am, if you feel good about eating an egg, why do you have to see the egg-laying chicken?"

knowledgeable people acquire knowledge by working silently. They have long been used to it. They will do the work well, down-to-earth and without asking questions.

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you can be proud of success, but you don't have to show off.

Don't be afraid that silence will be misunderstood, but strive for quiet efforts, quiet harvest, real and great things are all simple and humble.

writer Feng Jicai wrote in his book:

"low profile is to live in your own world; high profile is to live in someone else's world."

when you are over forty, you should see through vanity, and you don't have to pay too much attention to the vanity and show off to the outside world.

but keep a low profile and live a good life, pursue a life of inner longing, and enjoy a peaceful and quiet, indifferent and open-minded, happy life.