A person who is too competitive can not lead a good life.
A person who is too competitive can not lead a good life.
​ 's life that is too hard is often a disaster.



I have heard a sentence:

"those who indulge in unrestrained love and struggle all their lives will only end up exhausted physically and mentally, losing and losing."

although the words are piercing, they are not without reason.

in life, there are always some people who win or lose with others because of the slightest thing. As a result, there is only a chicken feather left in life.

when some people get into trouble with others, even if they suffer a big loss, they just laugh it off, but their life becomes more and more comfortable.

as I walk, I gradually understand:

people who are too competitive can not live a good life.

wrestling with bad things will only make it more painful

Yi Zhongtian said:

"if life is going in the wrong direction, stopping is progress. If you don't get entangled with bad people and bad things, you will stop the loss in time. "

because of their entanglement with bad things, they often miss the beauty of life and let themselves live in pain.

have seen a piece of news:

Ms. Wang said that since she rented a new house, she was in a very poor state of mind and made frequent mistakes in her work.

it turns out that the children of Ms. Wang's upstairs residents often jump and push and pull chairs while she is resting.

A loud noise woke her up from her sleep countless times.

Ms. Wang, who couldn't bear the nuisance, reminded the residents upstairs many times, but after each reminder, she was quiet for a while, and the child would continue to make all kinds of noise.

all her friends advised her to change her house, but she didn't listen, thinking that the residents upstairs were torturing her on purpose.

in order to fight back, she specially installed two stereos on the ceiling, and whenever there was a sound upstairs, she turned on the stereo.

although she managed to disrupt the lives of the residents upstairs, she herself was disturbed.

the residents upstairs are not to be outdone. On several occasions, they deliberately poured water downstairs and wet the clothes that Ms. Wang hung on the balcony.

this kind of "fighting" back and forth makes Ms. Wang miserable.

Jimmy said:

"Don't dwell on something awkward for too long.

after entangling for a long time, you will be annoyed, painful, epiglottic, tired, hurt, and heartbroken.

in the end, you don't have a problem with things, but with yourself.

in life, we will inevitably encounter some bad things, but very often, these bad things are like a bottomless quagmire.

if you keep entangling with it, you will only let yourself get stuck in it, thus magnifying the original pain.

when you encounter something bad, you should know how to stop in time so that you won't let yourself fall into pain.

this is not timidity and cowardice, but choosing to let yourself go.

more competition, but less gain

there is a clip that is still fresh in my memory.

when Tian Yulan found that her son Yan Ziyou couldn't do two big questions in his math paper, it was because Mr. Zhong didn't talk about it in class.

but after opening a small stove for other students after class, she told other parents about it.

not only that, she also incited other parents to jointly report to the school, but the parents said they were not willing to worry about it.

but she refused to stop there, but questioned teacher Zhong directly in the parent group.

seeing that Miss Zhong did not respond, she simply reported to the Bureau of Education that Miss Chung had set up extracurricular tutoring classes, resulting in Miss Zhong being expelled from the school.

later, Yan Ziyou joined a gold medal tutoring class in order to be admitted to a key high school.

it never occurred to me that the teacher was Miss Zhong.

when Mr. Zhong saw Yan Ziyou, he immediately cancelled his qualification for admission.

in order to let Yan Ziyou go to school smoothly, Tian Yulan humiliated teacher Zhong. As a result, he not only could not change teacher Zhong's decision, but also returned to teacher Zhong for a humiliation.

when I was young, when I encountered something at a loss, I would entangle with others endlessly.

can go through half of his life, experienced ups and downs, fell, only gradually understand that to compete with others, seems to get what they want, but nothing.

will also be concerned about temporary gains and losses, and offend others, so that their own life road is narrower and narrower.

there is a saying quite right: "the more tolerant you are, the easier life is, the more competitive you are, the narrower the space is."

as the saying goes, take a step back.

when getting along with others, it is better to fight less and give in more.

over time, you will find that you get much more than you think.

people who are too competitive can't have a good life


@ A seed

once shared an experience.

once, a colleague had an argument with her because of a problem at work.

she felt that her colleagues were deliberately targeting her, and when checking her salary, she deliberately filled in her colleague's bank card, resulting in a delay of several days for her colleague to receive her salary.

when she found that her good friend had bought the latest brand-name bag, in order not to be outdone by her friend, she also bought another brand of brand-name bag with a higher price.

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on another occasion, she went to her cousin's birthday party and found her brother-in-lawWhen I gave my cousin a limited edition watch, I felt that my husband didn't love me enough.

when she got home, she insisted that her husband buy her the same limited edition watch.

over time, she found that although she apparently beat others, she lived a very tired life.

she was criticized by the leader for filling in her colleague's bank card number incorrectly.

it took me several months to pay off my credit card because I bought this brand-name bag that I didn't like very much.

later, she began to relax and stop competing with others easily.

she says that since she stopped competing with others, her mood has changed and her life has been much more comfortable.

when you compete with others, you think you are fighting for this breath, but in fact it is a self-depletion.

in the end, you may not be able to win back this breath, but it will wear you out.

Zhou Guoping said:

"the reason for many pains in life lies in blind competition."

people who compete too much often do not have a good life.

won the contest, but lost the emotion; lost the contest, but lost face.

No matter who you compete with, it will not do you any good except to reduce your happiness and add traffic to yourself.

Life is short and time is expensive. You have to spend your energy in the right place in order to live your life in full swing.

strongly agree with a sentence written by Liu Zhenyun in the book:

"when I live to this age, I think of many bad things in the past. At that time, I felt that things were too big to survive. Now when I think about it, it's all bullshit."

how competitive you are in dealing with the world, you will have many regrets and regrets in the days to come.

A life that exerts too much effort is often a disaster.

it is a person's highest self-cultivation to be uncompetitive in case of trouble.

there is a long way to go, and you and I are both on the way. May you and I both compete less, leave some space for others, and give ourselves some way out.

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