​ when you don't want to exercise, take a look at these 6 heart-piercing words
​ when you don't want to exercise, take a look at these 6 heart-piercing words
Movement is a verb, effort is also a verb, persistence is also a verb.

first sentence

instead of playing for an hour, it is better to exercise for an hour

maybe most people feel this way:

you are running and busy every day, and when you are not easy to have a rest, you will choose to lie down and play mobile phones, or play games, or watch TV.

in fact, indulging and entertaining yourself will not do you any good.

first of all, they will kill your time to do meaningless things.

secondly, sitting and lying for a long time can also bring great harm to the body.

the more tired your body is, the more you want to get yourself moving.

when you are exercising, you can not only stretch your body, but also relieve stress.

the process of exercise may be a little tiring, but in the end it can help you regain better energy and strength.

it's easy for you not to do anything, but you don't really feel relaxed until you work hard.

second sentence

instead of giving up for 1 minute, hold on for 1 minute

in sports, we all have difficult moments.

when you feel you can't run, maybe if you keep running one more step, you'll get closer and closer to the finish line.

when you feel that you can't jump, maybe one more jump will break through the best results in the past.

when you feel that you can't vote, maybe if you throw one more, you will grow and improve more than you were yesterday.

Don't choose to back down as soon as you encounter difficulties.

every minute you give up easily makes you fall back.

when you constantly cultivate perseverance in sports, you can have a more successful life.

third sentence

when you feel pain, it doesn't work.

I don't know if you have this experience:

there are often some stretching movements in the exercise. When you feel pain, it is not that the movement itself is difficult, but that your body is too stiff.

when your meridians are blocked, you will have a strong sense of discomfort.

in fact, pain and pain are two feelings.

if you only feel pain, you can't get through the menstruation, and if you still feel pain, you can't get through the collaterals.

when you feel uncomfortable during exercise, it is also a positive feedback from your body.

the more uncomfortable movements you feel, the more they can help you open and dredge your body.

but if you give up for the sake of temporary pain, in the end you are just running away from the problem, not really solving it.

only by persevering in times of difficulty can you overcome the so-called difficulties.

fourth sentence

when you feel tired, you do it right

in sports, everyone's feelings are different at the same time, the same action, the same difficulty.

if an ordinary person doesn't feel tired or relaxed after practice, then you either don't do it right or you're lazy.

because exercise itself won't make you feel comfortable, even a fitness master needs to try his best to do every move.

you were supposed to jump hard, but you won't be tired just pretending to jump.

you were supposed to do 10 squats, but you only did 5. Of course you're not tired.

originally asked you to hold on to the flat plate support for 3 minutes, but you only lasted for 1 minute and of course you were not tired.

so when you feel tired, you probably do the right thing.

just like an easy life, you will not be tired, but in the end you will get nothing. Hard life is very tiring, but it will get twice the result with half the effort.

the fifth sentence

maybe the process will deceive you, but the final result will not

when exercising, many people are just pretending to work hard.

they just pretend to work hard, just pretend to take a few poses, or exercise for 1 minute and take pictures for 1 hour.

maybe the process will deceive people and give people the impression that you are self-disciplined, self-motivated and excellent.

but eventually your weight will betray you, your body lines will betray you, and even your body's flexibility will betray you.

No matter what you do, there is no easy success.

Don't give up when you can lift your legs higher, stretch your hands higher, and sink your shoulders a little more.

when you can achieve 70 points, don't just get 60 points, or lower the standard to 50 points for temporary ease.

because of that 10 points of effort or laziness, others may not be able to see it, but the final result can be seen.

sixth sentence

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persistence is not a slogan, but an action

many people have vowed to keep exercising every day.

but no matter how loud your slogan is, no matter how perfect your plan is, in the end, if you don't act and stick to it, it's equal to zero.

I have seen a lot of people who give up after exercising for a few days.

they either complain that they don't have time, that it's too difficult, or that their bodies don't adapt. In short, they grab a lot of reasons and excuses.

but there is only one reason to really stick to it, that is, never give up.

many people always say they want to exercise over and over again, but give up again and again.

No matter what the reason, I was finally defeated by my own non-persistence.

people who really love sports may have nothing.Said, just love and heart, into the real action.

movement is a verb, effort is also a verb, persistence is also a verb.

it only counts if you really do it.