The 15-year-old child star girl who worked with Yang Mi and Deng Chao was forced to jump off a building.
The 15-year-old child star girl who worked with Yang Mi and Deng Chao was forced to jump off a building.
Some children stay at the moment of being bullied for the rest of their lives.

if not for November 7, 2021, my daughter would have taken a leap.

you Yongmei may not know that the 15-year-old girl, who is lively and lovely and bright and intelligent in the eyes of outsiders, is already broken in her heart.

A week ago, you Yongmei posted an open letter on the Internet, reporting 13 ninth-grade students in a junior high school for campus bullying, causing her daughter to jump off a building and commit suicide.

soon, the report letter went viral on the Internet.

when many people saw the picture of the girl who jumped off a building and committed suicide, they couldn't help shouting: how could it be her?

Shao Yibu, a child star, has starred in "chasing Dream Youth", "Building Dream Love", "Galaxy cram School" …...

there is no shortage of top performers like Yang Mi and Deng Chao.

A month before the accident, she was happily sharing her daily life of filming on Weibo.

when people heard her news again, it was a bolt from the blue: "she climbed up to the sixth floor balcony alone and jumped off."

fortunately, because of the timely rescue, the little girl's life was saved.

but compared with the physical pain, I am afraid that what makes Shao Yibu feel desperate are the classmates who pushed her into the abyss.

it all starts with a phone call from the head teacher to you Yongmei in May last year.

"Shao Yibu was isolated by the whole class. She was so proud of herself in school that she felt that she was very powerful and a little floated."

after listening to the head teacher's words, you Yongmei was very surprised and uneasy, and hurriedly asked about the specific situation.

afterwards, the conversation with her daughter made her heartache so much that she could not breathe.

it turned out that it was not her daughter who made rude remarks at all, but someone who casually spilled dirty water on her.

u200d "all these words and things are not what I said and did. My classmates spread rumors and slandered me. They also called me green tea and bitches. They also said that your parents are dead. Why don't you die?"

in addition to verbal humiliation, some people portray Shao Yibu as a bad girl in the form of a novel and post it on the Internet.

after Shao Yibu discovered them, they always looked as if nothing had happened:

"my mouth is on me. I can say whatever I want."

in the end, the three become tigers.

even if some students are willing to make friends with Shao Yibu, they will leave in their sarcasm.

Shao Yibu was left in vain to meet the wind and rain alone.

when she learned that her daughter had been bullied, you Yongmei immediately communicated with the school, during which she also planned to take up legal weapons to protect her daughter's rights and interests.

but there are still people who continue to yell at each other afterwards.

"at that time, I was desperate at the thought of graduating in one year."

in the end, the 15-year-old girl could no longer bear the inner suffering and ended the nightmarish blooming season with a determined attitude.

these are the contents of you Yongmei's complaint in her report letter, and every word and sentence is full of a mother's grief and anger.

when I started writing this article, I saw the latest news.

relevant departments have begun to investigate the campus bullying.

Shao Yibu also returned to the classroom.

Shao Yibu's tragedy is only the tip of campus bullying.

We have witnessed the derailment of another 15-year-old because of an article called "stabbing the bully to death".

he is Chen Sihan.

"if I could get up early and buy breakfast outside that day, nothing might have happened."

whenever I recall that early morning in April 2014, Chen Sihan can't help but feel heartbroken.

that year, Chen Sihan was a third-year student with excellent grades in Weng'an, Guizhou Province. He went to the school canteen in the morning to buy breakfast.

A boy named Li Xiaodong (a pseudonym) in front of him deliberately found fault and stepped on his foot one after another.

unable to stand it, Chen Sihan said, "Why are you stepping on me?"

next, he was greeted by Li Xiaodong's beating and scolding, as well as the punches and punches of seven or eight "school bullies."

and all this is just the beginning of Chen Sihan's nightmare.

while having breakfast, a boy named Jinwei (a pseudonym) punched him on the head again and threatened him with Li Xiaodong: "Don't go after school."

then, just after the second class, the group reappeared at the door of Chen Sihan's classroom, scratching a card knife in their hands, and grabbing Chen Sihan was a violent beating.

from the corridor to the toilet, the group brawl lasted more than ten minutes.

period, Li Xiaodong and others kept asking Chen Sihan if he was not satisfied, but he did not answer.

after school at noon, Li Xiaodong and a group of people really blocked him outside the school.

they threatened: "kill alone if you don't obey."

before leaving, Li Xiaodong asked Chen Sihan to continue to be "taught" in the afternoon.

because his parents work out of town, Chen Sihan lives in his second uncle's house.

when he went back, he bowed his head, and his aunt and uncle, who was anxious to go out, did not notice the wound on his face.

cousins at home are all honest.Children, I don't know what to do in the face of school violence.

and the exam is coming soon, he doesn't want to make a big deal out of it.

cousin had to tell Chen Sihan not to leave in a hurry after school in the afternoon and to pick him up after class.

but it was this hesitation that led to disaster.

Chen Sihan's junior high school left school early, and before his cousin came, he was pulled into the alley by Li Xiaodong and his gang.

there were many students watching. No one called the police, and no one dared to come forward to help.

only one boy secretly slipped a clip knife to Chen Sihan.

then the tragedy happened.

in a hurry, Chen Sihan took the knife to defend himself, stabbed Li Xiaodong in the chest and turned to run away.

as a result, Li Xiaodong died.

Chen Sihan was seriously injured in the second grade and was given a critical notice by the hospital.

it was a long, shuddering, earth-shaking day for a 15-year-old.

two months later, just after his 15th birthday, Chen Sihan, who was still preparing for the exam in the hospital bed, received an arrest warrant.

on that day, there are only 13 days to go before the entrance exam.

55 students in Chen Sihan's class jointly wrote a letter of intercession:

"he is not a real murderer. He used to be an excellent student and a positive classmate, but also a victim of this incident, a victim in need of your protection. Ask your Honor to pass a lenient sentence. "

but it's all in vain.

in 2020, Chen Sihan was paroled early with a junior college degree in criminal law because of his good performance.

unfortunately, he has lost the best time of his life.

and according to Article 7 of the lawyers Law, unless it is a negligent crime, it is impossible to practice as long as it has been criminally punished.

"I am a person without youth."

facing the camera, Chen Sihan smiled with a touch of bitterness.

We don't know whether Chen Sihan can wait for "willow and dark flowers", and whether time can heal his scars.

No matter Shao Yibu or Chen Sihan, they may still move forward in the shadow of being bullied for many years to come.

and some children stay at the moment of being bullied all their lives.

2021, Nantong, Jiangsu.

the body of a 15-year-old boy has been lying in a funeral home for a year without being cremated.

his name is Sheng Tianyi.

A year ago, the teenager, who was supposed to go to school to take the mock exam, did not arrive at the examination room on time.

the teacher sent several text messages one after another to contact Sheng Tianyi's mother who works in the factory.

the news that was finally confirmed made Sheng's mother heartbroken.

"something happened to the child, and when he was taken to the hospital, he had lost his breath and heartbeat."

Sheng Tianyi was beaten to death by 14-year-old Fan and 19-year-old Cai.

Sheng mother refused to accept the fact that her son died, still less did she understand why her "warm man" son had been subjected to such cruelty.

later, she found the answer in her son's cell phone.

before the incident, Fan had an altercation with a boy in the first year of junior high school and claimed in the WeChat group that he would "make an appointment" with him.

Sheng Tianyi didn't want violence to happen, so he spread the news that Fan was going to hit someone.

since then, Sheng Tianyi has been hated by Fan.

on the evening of May 6th, Fan sent a message on QQ, asking for Sheng Tianyi to fight:

"I'll give you a chance to call someone, but don't ask someone to wait for me to beat you to death."

at first, Sheng Tianyi didn't care.

but the next day, he fell forever in a secluded grove.

A teenager saved another bullied teenager, but he died in the bullying.

on May 11, 2021, Sheng Mu received the court's decision.

Cai is imprisoned for 14 years and Fan is sentenced to 14 years in prison.

whether this result can appease a mother's broken heart or not, the only thing she can do as a family is:

"take care of the child's affairs and let him be buried."

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Sheng Tianyi's parents walked out of the detention center with the judgment in hand

CCTV News once conducted a survey, and the data show that nearly 90% of the victims of "school violence" in our country have casualties.

School violence is cruel, but what is even more brutal is that it will not disappear completely.

is there any way to reduce the occurrence of such incidents?

some people say that parents should educate their children well, some say that schools should bear the responsibility of discipline, and still others say that the law should be severely punished.

these are all true, but none of them are complete.

share a personal experience with you.

A country girl was admitted to the best high school in the county.

because she was a little withdrawn, she began to be excluded by her classmates.

at first, it was just her roommate who isolated her, but gradually more and more boys and girls made fun of her.

Girls are getting more and more silent and their grades are getting worse and worse.

one day I saw people gossiping again after class.Root, I couldn't help saying to the girl:

"never mind those guys, they bully others on purpose, we just have to be ourselves."

I don't know if she listened, because it was the end of the semester of senior high school, and I heard the news of her transfer at the beginning of next year.

I thought this was our last intersection, but when I was in college, she asked a classmate to pass me a sentence:

"Thank you. I will always remember what you said to me. I'm doing fine right now. "

to be honest, I didn't change anything at that time, but why do girls still remember this little kindness?

until I saw a passage, it dawned on me:

"it takes the strength of the whole village to raise a child.

for the victim, are there really only those children who commit the offender? "

if an upright and kind-hearted child like Sheng Tianyi is no longer alone;

if Shao Yibu is humiliated by those 13 classmates, there is a 14th classmate standing beside her;

if Chen Sihan is repeatedly besieged, the students around him are not just watching....

so, will the outcome be different?

I think it will be different.