"my husband, who died on June 19th, was only 31."
"my husband, who died on June 19th, was only 31."
They need protection and good treatment.

June 19,

is Zhou Hongbo's second and last Father's Day.


June 19th is Father's Day.

woman Tang Jing (a pseudonym) has lost her husband forever, and her one-and-a-half-year-old child has lost his father forever.

at two o'clock that afternoon, the three of them walked to the junction of Yongding River and Fushi Road in Beijing's Mencheng Lake Scenic spot, and heard someone shouting "help":

two little boys and a little girl who were swimming by the river were swept into the middle of the river by the swift river.

the three children were washed farther and farther away by the surging river, which soon passed the head of the little girl crying for help.

in the blink of an eye, the three children were engulfed by the water, clearing a whirlpool on the river.

Zhou Hongbo, Tang Jing's husband, threw his cell phone into his wife's hand and wanted to go down to save people.

Tang Jing looked at the surging river and was a little worried, so she dissuaded her husband from going down.

Zhou Hongbo obviously didn't listen to his wife.

he turned around and jumped into the river without even taking off his clothes.

Live broadcast of the river section @ China Network of the incident

according to eyewitnesses, Zhou Hongbo swam very fast. In just 20 to 30 seconds, he swam to the side of the drowning child and sent the little girl out of the water.

after the drowning girl's head came out of the water, Zhou Hongbo's body sank, and it took a few seconds for him to show his head.

because the river is very urgent, he takes the little girl around the middle of the river all the time.

No one found anything unusual about Zhou Hongbo among the people who rescued the children.

he quickly turned over to save the other two boys who were still trapped in the deep water.


led by Zhou Hongbo, other people on the river bank also jumped into the water one after another to participate in the rescue.

Tang Jing stood on the shore with her child in her arms, her eyes fixed on her husband all the time, her heart on her throat.

she saw her husband struggling to get one of the little boys out of the water.

someone trapped a swimming trap on a drowning child.

all the children worked together to save the two boys.

all three children who fell into the water were saved.

the crowd of onlookers at the scene burst into cheers.

but Zhou Hongbo is gone.

Tang Jing panicked. She cried and said to the crowd at the scene, "call the police and call 120!"

people are calling the police.

later, both the fire brigade and the rescue team came.

many people joined the team to rescue Zhou Hongbo.

rescue Zhou Hongbo @ live broadcast of China.com

after more than four hours of rescue, several rescuers rescued Zhou Hongbo from a mixture of steel wire and weeds in the rugged, dark pit of the riverbed. After he rescued two children, he was stuck there because of lack of physical strength and never swam up again.

he's gone.

leave the wife and children watching by the shore.

Tang Jing could no longer help wailing when he saw her husband being pulled out of the water with bruises all over his face.

the one-and-a-half-year-old child in her arms shouted "Dad, Dad".

Tang Jinghuai, sitting paralyzed on the bank, holds the child @ Weibo

the heartbroken cries of mother and son moved everyone present.


Zhou Hongbo was born in 1990.

is from Yongning Town, Yanqing District, Beijing.

he is the only child in his family and works for a landscape engineering company.

in the eyes of his wife, he is tall and handsome, kind, reliable, family-friendly, likes cooking and is especially responsible.

Zhou Hongbo was with his wife and children @ Beijing News

when his wife was in the month, he changed all the diapers of the child.

after his wife had a baby, he didn't let her go out to work again. He was afraid that his wife would be lonely, so he bought her a dog.

after the news of Zhou Hongbo's life-saving death spread, he was close to publishing novels. If he did not save people, he would not be Zhou Hongbo, because he was the one who did good deeds in obscurity since he was a child.

but, "Why doesn't he think about having an one-year-old child?" Or is it precisely because he is a father himself that he is duty-bound to save those children who fall into the water? "

he saved other people's children, but left his own children without a father.

this is a sad paradox.


after Zhou Hongbo's life-saving sacrifice, the Civil Affairs Bureau of Shijingshan District started the procedure of "acting bravely for righteousness" for him.

Tang Jing, who lost her husband, said in an interview with the media that the picture that always flashed in her mind was:

after rescuing the drowning little girl, he turned over to save the drowning boy's husband and glanced at her and her children on the shore before drowning.

photos of Zhou Hongbo @ Beijing News

after Zhou Hongbo's story spread all over the network, many people were moved and many sighed.

moved that he saved the lives of the drowning children with his own life, and ensured the family group of the drowning children with the fragmentation of his small home.Round and complete.

what sighs is that the man who is fixed in the black-and-white photo is also the son of the parents, the husband of the wife, and the father of the child.

how is his family going to endure the disaster of separation and death?

what is even more sad is that these days, such a tragedy is not a--


June 20, Chengdu, Sichuan.

A 16-year-old child was playing basketball by the river when he heard the sound of "help" not far away.

the boy hurried over and saw a suspected black figure in the river.

the kind boy, without thinking much, jumped into the river.

but never swam up.

it took a rescue team of hundreds of people to salvage the body for two days before finding the teenager's body.

in videos that are widely circulated on the Internet:

the middle-aged mother of the young man stood on the bank of the surging river, shouting the teenager's milk name and calling him back.

those who hear it all weep, and those who see it grieve.

call of Mom @ Douyin

what is even more distressing is that

it is not a man, but a pet dog that teenagers sacrifice their lives to rescue.

at the time of the incident, two girls passed by the river with their pet dog, and the naughty dog fell into the river.

in a hurry, they shouted "help".

the teenager who thought it was a man who fell into the river quickly jumped into the water, but was swallowed up by the rapids of the river.

after the news was fermented online, many people stamped their feet in anger.

some people condemn two girls, the pet dog jumped into the river, shouting "help", do not know the dog can swim?

there are also people who regret that teenagers and silly children, no matter whether they are people or dogs who fall into the water, should not be saved. You are still a minor, how can you make your parents bear the unbearable pain of life!

some people even analyze that although a dog is also a life, it is really not worth letting a teenager pay his life for it.

because such sacrifices do not even count as "acting bravely for righteousness", and the victims of teenagers will kill their parents.

as an old mother with adolescence, my first reaction to this news was:

"son, I'd rather you were 'unkind'!

I just want you to protect yourself and grow up healthily. "

in my "selfish" thinking, there is precisely this kind of tragedy, which needs to be speculated most--


almost every summer, people drown.

almost every summer, good people drown as a result of rescuing people who fall into the water.

and we, a nation that has always believed in sacrificing oneself for righteousness, acting bravely for righteousness, giving charity, and being kind-hearted, there is no shortage of brave people, kind-hearted people, people who roar when they see grievances, and those who sacrifice themselves to fulfill others.

however, what needs to be speculated is that in rescuing those who fell into the water, we must also face this truth:

① is more responsible at source than eulogizing the victims.

does not mean to be critical.

but for Zhou Hongbo's sacrifice, I always keep a trace of questioning:

what was the guardian doing when the three children fell into the water?

there are warning signs everywhere on both sides of the Yongding River that "do not enter the river" and "prevent drowning". Why are the three children playing in the water alone at the piers of the bridge?

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as for 16-year-olds to save dogs from drowning, it is also related to the fact that dog owners do not abide by the rules.

if you walk the dog without a leash, the dog can mischievously fall into the river, and finally the river takes the life of the kind-hearted boy.

the guardians who break the rules and take chances are the direct causes of these two tragedies.

this reason must be faced directly in order to fundamentally reduce the occurrence of serial tragedies again and again.

each of us must be ourselves, take good care of our children, and fulfill our responsibilities in order to avoid others taking care of our aftermath and the unnecessary sacrifices of good people.

it is right to eulogize the victims, but it is more important to be responsible from the source.

the braver a good man ② is, the more he must act according to his ability.

after Zhou Hongbo's death, I think his wife Tang Jing's last regret is that she should have grabbed him and kept him out of the water at that time.

our society needs to act bravely.

but as an ordinary person, I hope that good people will be rewarded, good people can live a long life, and good people can be more "selfish" and think more about their families.

in terms of rescuing those who fell into the water, many rivers are far from being as docile as they can be seen with the naked eye.

under the calm water, there is often unpredictable danger.

those who fell into the water had a strong desire to survive, which made them cling to the rescuers.

even if the rescuer is extremely good at swimming, carrying a heavy load in the dangerous water is not the same thing as swimming alone.

from the point of view of those who fall into the water, if they are in danger, they must hope that they will be rescued.

but from the rescuer's point of view, consider your own safety before you step forward.

especially underage children, it is not recommended to rescue those who fall into the water without authorization at any time.

360000 people worldwide die from drowning every year, 45 per cent of whom are children.

drowning, alreadyIt has become the second leading cause of accidental death among children.

in recent years, many tragedies in which five children and nine children drowned together. After one child fell into the water, other children went to the rescue one after another. In the end, none of the children came ashore.

tell your child:

if someone is found to have fallen into the water, it is the best plan to call the police and let the police contact professional rescue workers quickly.

③ can't let brave people shed blood and tears.

when Huizhou's courageous midnight snack club couple were beaten to death by a gang of gangsters;

Zhao Yu, who rescued her female neighbor from domestic violence, was nearly sentenced.

when a fat man who is brave in righteousness in Nanjing is disabled for life, he has to rely on artificial dung baskets in vitro to support his life.

Brother Fat Nanjing

when Zhou Hongbo, 31, in Beijing, left behind the wife of a full-time housewife and a child who had just turned one year old.

We must see the truth:

the price for those who act bravely in righteousness is huge, and they even have to give their lives.

for their heroic feats, they need two levels of support:

on a personal level, you cannot bite the hand that feeds you.

I once interviewed the news that an old man rescued three drowning children and died.

parents of three children, for fear of compensation, colluded in confessions and refused to admit that the elderly died to save lives.

in the end, the old man's family went to court, and the only eyewitness at the scene testified, and the three children told the truth.

"my family is gone and they are still lying."

should not be limited to bonuses of tens of thousands of yuan, but need long-term and practical all-round help from our society.

including but not limited to:

the upbringing of their underage children, the long-term support to their families, and the aftermath of their families.

otherwise, no one will dare to act bravely for righteousness.

in the Age of Awakening, Professor Gu Hongming gave a speech that made many people break their defenses:

"there is something indescribable in us Chinese that no other nation has, and that is gentleness. Gentleness is not meekness, let alone cowardice. Gentleness is a kind of strength, a force of compassion and human wisdom. "

those brave, kind-hearted and compassionate people who act bravely for righteousness are the representatives of the gentle Chinese.

in the face of the roar of death, they chose to come forward bravely; when their compatriots were in distress, they chose to lend a helping hand; between the big self and the small self, they chose to sacrifice themselves.

they need protection and good treatment.

if so, our time will not be too bad.

this book is published under authorization.