Zhang Guimei, who was accused of being a hot search, could save thousands of girls, but could not escape their slander.
Zhang Guimei, who was accused of being a hot search, could save thousands of girls, but could not escape their slander.
Marriage and childbearing is a woman's right, not an obligation.

in the twinkling of an eye, it has been a month since the college entrance examination.

after the results of the college entrance examination came out, Huaping Women's High School, which Zhang Guimei and she brought out, once again became the center of public opinion.

what is their crossing rate this year?

have they been admitted to their favorite university?

countless people are eagerly waiting for the final result.

and the reason why people pay so much attention to this school in the mountains is that this place has done too many miracles, but also because their principal is Zhang Guimei.

I believe many people have seen this picture. 17-year-old Zhang Guimei is wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses with curved eyebrows and a smile like flowers.

now, after so many years, she has become bent, full of injuries, and sometimes even needs help when she walks.

she left all her best youth in Huaping Women's High School in exchange for a chance for girls to get out of the mountains.

however, it is such a respected headmaster who has been madly vilified by some villains.

an online celebrity who claims to have graduated from Tsinghua University mocked Zhang Guimei on the Internet:

"Zhang Guimei is an extreme-minded xxx who has never had a child."

he, who changed his fate by reading, even began to preach to women that "having a baby is ten thousand times more important than reading."

this is ridiculous.

era continues to move forward, but some people's thoughts are still in the past.

it is either stupid or bad to emphasize women's fertility while ignoring what women do; it is either stupid or bad to focus on whether women have children or not, but not the value they have created.

what is even more exasperating is that Zhang Guimei is neither the first nor the last to scold a woman as a loser without having a child.

the harmful effects of these malicious prejudices on women have never stopped.

before, dancer Yang Liping posted a message when she was eating hot pot.

was originally just sharing life, but it was ridiculed by some people for no reason.

A netizen wrote in the comment area:

"the biggest failure of a woman is not having a child. The so-called living herself is deceiving others."

"No matter how beautiful you are, you can't escape the ravages of time. By the age of 90, you can't enjoy the happiness of having a family full of children and grandchildren."

Yang Liping made unimaginable efforts to achieve her current artistic achievement, but now she has been trampled on the soles of her feet with a few words.

what is even more frightening is that such backward remarks have attracted tens of thousands of likes.

something similar happened to Jia Ling.

Last year, the movie "Hello, Li Huanying" made Jia Ling the highest-grossing female director in the world because of its high box office.

but in an interview activity, it attracted the audience to "urge marriage":

"Let me gossip. We are about the same age. I already have two children. How about you, Jia Ling?"

such a sudden question made Jia Ling very embarrassed.

it is really not easy for Jia Ling to move from an unknown grassroots to her present position.

but even with such an eye-catching achievement, it is not worth the light "you don't have children".

in the documentary World 2, the story of Lin Qin, a pregnant woman, made many people sad after watching it.

before Lin Qin gave birth, because of the poor position of the placenta, the doctor judged that during the birth and placental abruption, the probability of massive bleeding was very high.

in a short period of 10 minutes, the bleeding was 3000 ml.

you should know that the blood volume of a normal person is about 4000 milliliters.

the situation is so dangerous that the only way to save Lin Qin's life is to remove the uterus.

but unexpectedly, after the doctor explained the situation to the family, Lin Qin's husband was unwilling to confirm to the doctor over and over again, "cut it off only when it was a last resort."

the wife's condition is at stake, and the husband's first consideration is not his wife's life and safety, but his wife's fertility.

the doctor had to advise her husband painstakingly:

"people can't lose their lives just because they have a child! I don't think your wife is easy enough. "

forced by helplessness, the husband wrote down his name reluctantly.

finally, Lin Qin survived after using 10000 milliliters of blood from the blood bank.

this is Lin Qin's third pregnancy. Both children were born by caesarean section, and the pain can be imagined.

in fact, she became depressed after giving birth to the second child, but no one cared about her depression, her pain, her helplessness.

how many women in life are rejected by their husbands and mothers-in-law because they are unable to have children?

how many women have been kidnapped in the name of giving birth, desperately trying to have children for their families?

is it a failure not to have a baby?

is the only way for women to be mothers?

Women are fertile, but that doesn't mean their value is onlyHave a child.

whether they choose to have children or not, they are all adults with self-pursuit, and they can live a glorious life.

what we should see more than their fertility is their talent, their efforts and their efforts.

Social prejudice against women is everywhere, like a big tree with roots all over the soil, eroding the future of countless women.

the documentary "Chinese leftover Women" tells such a story.

Huamei was born in a rural family.

but the father wanted a son in his heart, so he didn't like Huamei very much.

Huamei, who is born strong, studies hard in order to get out of the countryside.

she believes that she will not be inferior to others.

after graduating from college, Huamei worked hard for several years to become an elite lawyer.

I never thought, just because I hadn't been married for a long time, Huamei became a joke in the whole village.

my sister said bluntly, "it's not normal not to get married!" I'm just not happy! "

Father is even more disappointed with her:

"I depend on you for whatever you want since I was a child. Even if I have no money, I go through the wind and rain and get up early and late at night for you to finish college. Why not just (marriage)? "

Mother could not bear to watch: "everyone is married, how can you not get married?"

it turns out that my own efforts and efforts for so many years are so unbearable in the eyes of my family.

in the negative voice of the whole family, Hua Mei was in agony all day long. She asked:

"am I worthless if I don't get married? Is it true that a woman who is not married does not deserve to live? "

she overcame all the difficulties, but she could not overcome the prejudice, she conquered everything, but finally lost to the old ideas.

Huamei's experience, let us see once again, as a woman facing the difficult situation of prejudice.

on weekdays, I'm sure you've heard such words:

A woman who does not marry is a leftover woman when she reaches the age. If she cannot get married, she will lose face to her family.

Women who do not return to their families and take care of their children are irresponsible and unqualified.

even back in the early days, it was believed that a woman without talent was virtue, and that all a woman had to do was to marry her husband and raise her children.

these ubiquitous crackdowns and prejudices eventually turn into invisible cages, keeping women firmly in place.

there is a sentence in Jin Zhiying born in 82:

"how many invisible ups and downs does a girl have to go through before she can stumble into adulthood?"

since ancient times, this stereotype negates the efforts and efforts of many women.

born as women, they can also be all-powerful, create miracles, and live a wonderful life of their own.

A few years ago, a woman named Wei Huixiao entered the public eye.

18-year-old Kaonan University, 23-year-old Huawei, 27-year-old Miss Universe, 44-year-old Chinese navy became the first female captain.

Wei Huixiao gives the answer to how wonderful a woman's life can be with her own experience.

someone asked her, when will she get married?

Wei Huixiao responded like this:

"A few years ago, a news solicited whether anyone would like to settle on Mars. At that time, it was said that the registration was very popular, and it was an one-way ticket, so he could not come back."

"you ask me if I want to get married, just like asking me if I want to go to Mars. I think the earth is fine. I won't go to Mars who wants to go. "

everyone flocked to it, but she always stuck to herself.

after Tu Youyou married her husband, her husband took care of the family, and Tu Youyou made great progress in the field of scientific research.

finally, the birth of artemisinin not only benefited countless human beings, but also made Tu Youyou a Nobel laureate.

Guo Jingjing, a diver, won numerous world championships before her marriage, and after her marriage, she constantly broke through her own limits.

from the Olympic champion, to the ambassador of the Hong Kong Committee of the United Nations Children's Fund, to the judges of the Tokyo Olympic Games, Guo Jingjing has never stopped on the track of life.

Best maid of honor wear champagne to showcase your unique charm and beauty. Different varieties of shapes and cuts for you to take your pick.

from them, you will see the most beautiful women.

Mark Twain once wrote: "among women, there are brilliant painters, soldiers and poets."

Marriage and childbearing is a woman's right, not an obligation. They can choose to return to their families or pursue themselves.

Women should have more possibilities and choices in their lives.

for Yang Liping, a dancer, although she is not married, dancing is what she wants all her life. She has created shocking excellent works and trained countless outstanding dancers in her life.

isn't this a success?

for Zhang Guimei, although she has no children, she has moved thousands of girls from barren mountains to a vast future full of infinite possibilities through her own hands.

isn't that a great thing?

Zhang Guimei once said:

"I was born a mountain, not a stream, and I want to look down on the mediocre ravines at the top of the peaks. I was born to be a hero, not a scumbag. I stand on the shoulders of great men and despise humble cowards! "

they should not have been required to be good wives or mothers..

whether they enter the workplace, return to their families, choose to have children, or pursue their dreams, they deserve more understanding, more respect and more recognition from society.

, for all women who work hard to live.