Yu Xiuhua was subjected to domestic violence by her post-90s boyfriend, and the man's latest response sparked heated discussion: originally, we were all deceived.
Yu Xiuhua was subjected to domestic violence by her post-90s boyfriend, and the man's latest response sparked heated discussion: originally, we were all deceived.
May you write like a god and smile like a flower.


Yu Xiuhua was subjected to domestic violence.

Yes, that's the poet Yu Xiuhua.

Yu Xiuhua's half-year exposure of his relationship with Yang Yizhe, a young husband of the post-90s generation.

that this year

Labour Day

"just shoot

wedding photos

, Yu Xiuhua, who is crazy about happiness on the Internet.

two days ago, a video of her quarreling with her husband suddenly came on the social platform.

in the video, Yu Xiuhua, with dishevelled hair, patted the table while crying and asked:

"when you hit me, why didn't you broadcast it live?"

outside the screen, Yang Yingze fought back:

"you say I can stand anyone, but I can't stand when you say my daughter is x?"

Yu Xiuhua said angrily, "I'm talking about your father!"

in another video, Yang Yingze quarreled with Yu Xiuhua while broadcasting live.

Yu Xiuhua scolded Yang Yingze: "your daughter can't get married and learn well. can she be an x child?"

Yang Yingze in the camera, with a look of disgust and indifference: "if you scold her again, why do you swear all over your mouth?"

Yu Xiuhua asked, "who am I scolding?"

Yang Yingze said, "you called my daughter Xizi. Is that what a woman should say?"

Yu Xiuhua continued: "scum man! I can't stand it! "

Yang Yingze attacked angrily: "you are really such a bitch. Other people are not wrong at all. You are really a hooligan!"

then, Yang Yue-ze pulled the camera and pointed directly at Yu Xiuhua, who was only wearing pajamas on the bed: "Let everyone take a good look at your face when you are drunk!"

such videos are also available online, and friends who like to watch quarrels and swearing can search for them on their own.

after I read it, my biggest feeling is:

if it is not for the deliberate hype of traffic, the words and eyes of the two are full of dislike and disappointment to each other.

then, think of the famous word of despair:

every couple has 100 thoughts of divorce and 50 impulses to strangle each other.

it's just that in the sensational and short marriage of Yu Xiuhua and Yang Yise, "strangling each other" may not be an impulse, but a real domestic violence that has already happened.

after the above video of the quarrel was posted on popular search, Yu Xiuhua posted two Weibo messages in response to the incident.

in the first Weibo, she wrote:

"in fact, he is very kind to me, but he has a bad temper.

when I was in Shennongjia, on May 20, a woman sent him 1314. I felt uncomfortable and asked him what was going on. He said that I put a label on him and strangled me by the neck and almost strangled me.

if he didn't delete the surveillance video, it should still be there.

the next day, a lot of people came to see me, and he beat me.

maybe I'm not good enough for him.

Look no further than sparkly maid of honor wear and create allure appeal. Have queries about Adoringdress? Our excellent customer service is at your service!

he went back to Shennongjia! Thank him for his company and wish him to find a better person. "

with the phrase "grumpy", one can't help but speculate that Yang Yiche has another face hidden beneath his simple smile on social media.

the sentence "520 gives red envelopes to other women" makes people pinch and figure it out. "May Day" takes wedding photos, and "520" is already having an affair with other women.

the sentence "he called my son stupid and I scolded his daughter" made people see clearly the many conflicts between husband and wife along the way, and sure enough, they could not escape the different minds of protecting their calves.

the sentence "he slapped me hundreds of times in the face" made people wonder whether it was the poet's exaggeration or such bloody domestic violence.

the sentence "he is good to me" + "maybe my character is not good" makes people sigh:

even though there are many scars, Yu Xiuhua still wants to wear a decent coat for this relationship.

to admit the warmth of "he is good to me" and the reflection of "there is something wrong with me".

in the second Weibo, Yu Xiuhua wrote:

"I have walked really hard all my life, and I have been clenching my teeth. If I really can't go on, I want those who insult me and those who hit me to be held legally responsible. "

full of despair.

also reminds people of Yu Xiuhua's past:

he was born with cerebral palsy.

had to drop out of high school.

after dropping out of school, he was told by his parents to marry a man he didn't love.

after getting married, he gave birth to a son, lived a widowed marriage, and constantly encountered his husband's domestic violence.

I have had a crush on many men, but no one is willing to take in her disabled and painful soul.

in order to find an outlet for her soul, she began to write poems and put in place her overly luxuriant emotions.

after becoming famous overnight, all kinds of praise and derogation poured in, and she became a poetess labeled "cerebral palsy", publishing books, interviews, making documentaries, and even appearing on CCTV several times.

then, she divorced and shouted out the declaration of independence, "I'll give you 150000 today and 100000 tomorrow."

after the divorce, she was active on social media, still writing poems, expressing her love to male poets and stars, and continuing to swear, tit for tat to all those who attacked her.

people praise her rich soul, but no member of the opposite sex is willing to really love her body through the vicissitudes of life.

until later, she met Yang Yingze, a post-90s beekeeper in Shennongjia, Hubei Province, who was unknown and good-looking, divorced with his daughter but willing to marry her.

anyone in China who is not blind knows what this marriage means:

what can be the spark of love between a disabled, talented, famous but least loved poetess, and a healthy, young, poor and nameless man?

they just take what they take.

just as Yu Xiuhua himself said: "

she wants his youth and body, while he wants her traffic and fame. "

as I said in my previous article on Yu Xiuhua:

this is a naked "purposeful" marriage.

ask yourself, which one of us doesn't have a purpose in marriage?

however, more of us may be looking for the goodness of ta, the love of ta, the kindness and care of ta, the tenderness and excellence of ta.

which is more advanced, youth or money, or talent or excellence?

maybe there is no essential difference, but the latter sounds more reputable and makes people feel superior in self-consolation.

when the love and marriage gossip of Yu Xiuhua and Yang Yaoze was known all over the Internet, many self-media colleagues wrote words of blessing, including I also wrote "Yu Xiuhua, Happy Love."

now, Yu Xiuhua has been subjected to domestic violence, and it seems that we have all been beaten in the face.

however, I am not ashamed of being beaten in the face:

all kind-hearted people, those who have read several poems by Yu Xiuhua, and those who still have expectations for love and marriage, all hope that Yu Xiuhua is good.

I hope that her body and soul, which has been disabled and wandered for half her life, will be settled and treated kindly.

this kind of motivation is the reason why we, who are merciful, bless her.

it's not that the kind-hearted people didn't expect Yang Yingze and her to break up eventually.

it is precisely expected that the ultimate trend of this relationship, which is too different, can not escape one or two breadth, so we wish her "be happy":

A woman who has not been nurtured by love deserves to have a love, even if it is posturing brought about by fame, wealth and flow, even if she deceives herself under the appearance of love, even if she takes advantage of each other.

"have" is more soothing than "never".

even with this mentality, we could not help feeling dismayed when we heard that Yu Xiuhua had been abused by her little husband.

was amazed because we guessed that the marriage had its own purpose, but we never guessed that it would "die of domestic violence" so briefly.

with regard to the marriage between Yu Xiuhua and Yang Yaoze, kind people guessed the end a long time ago, but what they never expected was that the process was so short and violent that they could not bear to read it suddenly.

divorce and breakup are nothing more than changing people to talk about feelings.

there will still be all kinds of problems after the novelty, and no one can escape the quarrel.

people borrow the word love,

do all the ugly things in the world.

the word becomes true, but it also reveals the truth:

the high-profile and uproar of this marriage from beginning to end will eventually be destroyed by the scandal of chicken feathers.

long before Yang Yingze changed her face, she already knew her destiny.

it's just that she overestimates herself because she thinks that with her fame and traffic, he will pretend to be a little longer.

she worked out her fate early, but what she didn't figure out was her own absurdity.

things have come to this, and there is no need to be sad. fortunately, there is no other way.

Yu Xiuhua and Yang Yue-ze did not get a license, but just took wedding photos and lived together. After Yang Hsiu-che returned to his hometown, Yu Xiuhua continued to write poems.

although we hate suffering and pain, they are indeed fertile soil and fertilizer for literature.

Poetry can place the soul, can also bring fame and wealth, more reliable than love and men.

the best shortcut to healing is to take the present step.

if you really can't dispel your hatred, Yu Xiuhua can, as she promised in the past, spend 50,000 yuan to buy ghost coins and keep burning, while singing, "I'll send you away, thousands of miles away."... "

Life is but a big dream.

break up but wake up in the middle of the night.

Yu Xiuhua, survive the dark night and see you at dawn. May you write like a god and smile like a flower.

the book is released by authorization on Monday.