Work-life balance (in depth)
Work-life balance (in depth)
Let yourself live in the moment, do what needs to be done, and enjoy the life you should enjoy.


once did a survey on "where does the stress of life come from?"

the results show that the number of people who chose "serious imbalance between work and personal life" accounted for 46.17%, ranking first.

indeed, in modern society, many people struggle with the imbalance between work and life.

if you are busy with your work, you will not be able to take care of your family; if you are with your family, you will not be able to solve the problem.

all things have to give up, there must be gains.

instead of trying to draw a line between the two, learn to have both.

be conscientious and responsible at work and enjoy life easily.

learn to coordinate work and life, so that you won't miss the beauty of life because one side is out of balance, leaving only regrets for yourself.

control the rhythm of work and life

I don't know when the part of enjoying life is gradually watered down and replaced by a mountain of work anxiety.

in order to survive, we tighten every nerve in our bodies, worrying that if we don't try to run forward today, we will be eliminated tomorrow.

obviously tired, but unable to give full play to their ability, obviously busy, but always inefficient.

can not relax themselves at the right time, the state will only become worse and worse, the mood will become more restless.

fashion blogger Rebecca has had such an experience.

in her first few years as a blogger, she worked very intensively.

she works in a state of high tension every day, and when she travels most, she goes to seven different cities a month.

High-density business trips and different jet lag allowed her to sleep only three hours a day for months on end.

she can't stop to do what she likes, let alone meet her friends.

people's energy is very limited, and if they strain themselves too much, they will only overdraw themselves.

in the end, he fell into an endless cycle of "anxiety and fatigue" and suffered unspeakably.

if you want to maintain a more lasting enthusiasm for your work, you must learn to arrange your work and life properly.

after a while, she found that she was full of energy, her work was getting better, and her life was enjoyable.

people who know how to control the pace of work and life will not let themselves overwork, let alone let their mental moments be in a state of high stress.

they can enjoy not only the fast pace of busy work, but also the slow leisure life.

they not only know how to realize their intrinsic value in their work, but also enjoy the sense of achievement and satisfaction brought by their work.

in the process of enjoying life, you can find something interesting, give yourself some "sweetness", release stress, adjust your state, and make your life more comfortable.

the value of life lies not only in how much you can achieve, but also in how you adjust the rhythm of your work and life so that your life can be relaxed and relaxed.

attach importance to the unity of work and life

in the process of people coming and going, we will inevitably meet such people:

in their work, they often muddle through and can't wait to go to work every day and get off work on time.

drag my tired body to work every day, but I don't know why I'm running around.

for them, work is a painful ordeal and a yoke to a better life.

as everyone knows, life becomes rich and colorful because of work, and the meaning brought by work in invisibility is far beyond imagination.

Kazuo Inamori also had a time when he was tired of working in his early years.

that year, after graduating from Inamori University, Inamori went to work in a ceramic factory on the recommendation of his teacher.

seeing his colleagues resign one after another, he also came up with the idea of resigning, but he was strongly opposed by his family.

he could only stay and continue to work, but this time he put aside all his dissatisfaction with his work and began to accept it.

he began to study the state-of-the-art new ceramic materials, did experiments carefully, and studied the latest papers and journals related to new ceramics.

work has made his life no longer boring, his life has taken a turn for the better, and people around him have begun to treat him differently.

later, after Kyocera went public, he worked harder just to benefit employees and their families, and to do more for investors to make them happy.

work makes Kazuo Inamori achieve achievement and satisfaction, find the value of life, meet a better self, and make life full of meaning.

work is to live a better life, and only when you have a good life do you have the motivation to work better.

We work hard, not just because work gives us more choices and allows us to see a different world.To expand the width of life.

also because work can enrich our lives, enrich our hearts, and avoid emptiness and boredom.

We come to the world to learn to find more meaning in life at work before we have a chance to live a better life and life will bloom brightly.

improve the quality of work and life

when I was young, I always thought that as long as I worked hard, I could improve the quality of life, and life would naturally become better and better.

but after having a certain life experience, I was surprised to realize that life is like a mirror.

you deal with life casually, and life will perfunctory to you, instead of enjoying the pleasure of work.

in life, you need to work hard to realize your self-worth and live the life you aspire to.

at the same time, you need to please yourself in order to be happy.

those who know how to improve the quality of work and life at the same time can easily embrace happiness.

writer Liang Shuang always makes a work plan in advance before going to work every day, and divides his daily work into three categories:

Mark necessary work as yellow, unnecessary work as red, and work that gets twice the result with half the effort as green.

when she is working, she will concentrate on doing the work at hand without being disturbed by external factors.

she even urges her colleagues to speed up her work.

after work, she would slowly cook dinner, take a bath while listening to jazz music, play basketball or skateboard with her husband, or read with aromatherapy, or watch a variety show.

in the company, she handled her work efficiently, and when she got home, she left her work behind.

A balance between work and life, let her enjoy the joy of life.

in sociology, there is a theory of total happiness:

"Human perceived happiness is accumulated in different dimensions, not a single indicator."

work and life are things in different dimensions of our lives.

only by improving the quality of both at the same time can we really feel the total amount of happiness.

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so, do only one thing at a time, rather than let two things do at the same time, interfere with each other, thus reducing happiness.

this improves the quality of work and life, and it is a virtuous circle.

when you improve your work efficiency, you will have more time to enjoy life, and you will love life more and have more energy to work efficiently.

on the way to happiness, please remember that when you work, don't do anything other than work; when you live, you don't think about work.

only in this way can we experience the joys of life in no hurry, no hurry or impatience.

someone on the Internet asked: "how to achieve work-life balance?"

one netizen replied:

"work and life are neither antagonistic nor balanced.

I can not only work happily, but also live freehand.

work is never the whole of life. I can love and devote myself to it, but I never rely on it.

leave your work to the office and your life to yourself.

Life is good precisely because I can control it myself. "

I think so.

Life is always made up of countless moments.

Let yourself live in the moment, do what you need to do, and enjoy the life you should enjoy.

as the Zen master once said:

"when washing dishes, I know that when I wash dishes and peel oranges, I know that I am peeling oranges. When I walk, I know that I am walking."

when it's time to live, enjoy the beauty and joy that life gives you.

when it's time to work, you have to go all out, concentrate on it, and experience the happiness that work brings.

when you balance your work and life, you will find that you are in a good mood, things are going well, and your days are on the run.

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