Whether husband and wife or lovers, can be a long-term relationship, in fact, just a word
Whether husband and wife or lovers, can be a long-term relationship, in fact, just a word
May he or she spend the rest of your life with you through wind and rain.


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like one sentence in particular:

"the endurance of marriage depends on two hearts, not on both bodies."

the greatest tragedy in the world is that two people love each other but cannot run a marriage.

Yes, it's easier to fall in love than to get along.

unhappy marriages are unhappy in their own way, but happy marriages all have one thing in common:

willing to compromise and make concessions for you.

whether couples or lovers, the partners who eventually fall in love with each other for the rest of their lives are actually due to the following three points.

when you quarrel, let you

A survey shows that

"A couple quarrels 189 times a year, an average of once every two days; in terms of 40 years of marriage, they quarrel about 7500 times in a lifetime."

there are no couples in the world who do not quarrel, only marriages that know how to advance and retreat.

the relationship between the famous writer Zhu Ziqing and his wife Chen Zhuyin is exemplary.

before marriage, two people fell in love with each other vigorously, and one love letter after another made their feelings heat up quickly.

people often say, "once love comes into marriage, it is nothing but trifles."

even the immortal couple are not immune from vulgarity.

Zhu Ziqing hopes that his wife can look after his husband and teach his children at home, because he is used to the comfort that he doesn't have to worry about anything.

for example, Zhu Ziqing can't eat hot food when he comes home, and his unhappy face immediately shows up, and he will write articles about these things.

Zhu Ziqing even compared her with her ex-wife, writing articles openly to mourn his dead wife and frankly missing his wife's meek family.

the couple began to quarrel blushing. Chen Zhuyin felt aggrieved and asked for a divorce.

Zhu Ziqing panicked and hurriedly asked her what was wrong.

it is said that men lack roots. After listening to his wife's words, Zhu Ziqing felt that his behavior was too selfish.

country maid of honor wear is more than just a sense of charm, but also a flattering silhouette. Effortless to use and amazing value too.

A sentence "I was wrong" to keep his wife.

as the saying goes, "bending down is not to admit defeat, but to pick up lost happiness."

A relationship that can last long must know how to make concessions.

A quarrel closes the door, only to bring you your favorite food when you go home;

No sooner had the front foot said cruel words than the back foot came into the kitchen to cook for you.

in a good marriage, there are not so many wins or losses, right or wrong, some are only understanding and tolerance.

in a quarrel, it's not a shame to bow your head first, because it's a sign that you cherish, love, and don't want to hurt each other.

help you with housework

there is a hot topic on Zhihu:

"what is the experience of the old association doing housework?"

A mother named Zhang Xuan told her own experience in the message area:

she is a civil servant in the system and her husband is a sales manager of a food company.

she gets off work at 5 o'clock, and her husband is never sure when to get off work, 8: 00, 9: 00, 12:00.

of course, Zhang Xuan carries all the housework at home.

every day after work, the husband prepares meals for his children, the suit he wears is always pressed neatly, and there is never smelly garbage at home.

once, she was sent out of town on business for a few days, and she was ready to turn her home into a garbage dump.

when she came back from her business trip, the bedroom, living room, kitchen were in good order, and there was a hot dinner.

she teased her husband: "so you can sweep the floor, mop the floor and cook."

husband said: "usually you only see my ability to wash dishes, it is not easy for you to travel, of course you have to seize the opportunity of performance."

many netizens saw that they liked the most comfortable marriage one after another.

I accompany you to earn money to support your family, and you accompany me to take care of the housework.

housework is never a woman's responsibility, but a common obligation of husband and wife, or a preservative for family happiness.

when she is cooking, you come home from work and naturally go into the kitchen to help her peel off garlic.

when he is mopping the floor, you fold your clothes and chat with him.

there is no need to compare who does more, but to form a natural flow of those who are free to pay.

just like a sentence in about housework by Wang Anyi:

in the past, I admired men like Takakura Ken, tall, resolute, never smiling, and seemed to bear the suffering and responsibility of the world.

but gradually, my understanding of men is becoming more and more ordinary. I hope he can be considerate of women and bear even the small labor of washing dishes for women.

it seems that there are few opportunities for men to go to the tiger den and Longtan to save women, and life is becoming more and more full of trifles.

Yes, it must be a happy marriage without saying, "Thank you, I'll do it."

husband and wife are at home together, doing housework together is also a little memory of loving each other.