Whether he loves you or not, just have a fight.
Whether he loves you or not, just have a fight.
When you know how to tolerate and understand each other, happiness is not far away.

how to judge whether a person loves you or not?

some people say this:

"maybe he won't take me to a yacht for French food. But as long as I get angry, he will immediately run a few blocks to buy my favorite milk tea. "

indeed, you can find out whether he loves you or not after a quarrel.

like the sentence in "carry on Love to the end":

"every quarrel, whether right or wrong, the man should throw in the towel first;

sometimes women are really unreasonable, they don't want to prove themselves right;

but hope that the other side will give way to him, so that a good man who loves a woman will have to bear his breath and keep his head down. "

if a person really loves you, he won't have the heart to see you wronged;

if a person really cares, he will willingly admit defeat for you.

the best love is not material giving, but the attitude that he is willing to coax you in the first place in a quarrel.

apologizing first does not mean admitting defeat

means to love you more

the Law of Happy Marriage says:

"even in the happiest marriage in the world, there will be 200 divorce thoughts and 50 strangling thoughts in a lifetime."

if you think about it, it is true.

between men and women, even if they love each other again, there will inevitably be contradictions and times when they do not understand each other.

it is not terrible to have a quarrel, but the most fear is to fight each other to the death for the sake of a little contradiction, and eventually lose both sides.

like the clip in the movie Twelve Nights:

Jeannie and Alan, a couple, had a fierce quarrel in the twilight street.

Alan yelled at Jeannie. Why did you do so much for me?

Jeannie cried and said, this is how he loves him.

as a result, Alan replied coldly, "it's not like loving someone."

finally got tired of arguing, and the two decided to break up.

in fact, in many cases, to eliminate misunderstandings and estrangement, all you need is an apology.

I remember an interview in which the reporter teased Chen Xiaochun that he was afraid of his wife and that he was strict with his wife.

as a result, Chen Xiaochun looked indifferent and even said proudly:

"I will apologize first. The quarrel is not for winning or losing. At the worst, I will close my ears and turn a deaf ear."

you see, the man who really loves you will apologize first.

because in their minds, winning or losing is nothing compared to wronging you.

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so every time they encounter an argument, they choose to compromise and make concessions.

Christopher Meng said:

"sometimes we willingly put aside our own selfishness and pursue what is really important-that is, love."

every concession

is for the sake of both parties

it is said that there was a debate topic:

# who is wrong in a quarrel between men and women, who apologizes first, or boys apologize first? #

after the program was broadcast, someone left a message below:

"how can a man respect a woman if he can't even admit his mistakes and be soft?"

it's just an apology. What can you do to him? shouldn't you spoil me?

whether things are right or wrong, and no matter whether the apology comes from the heart or not, as long as he takes the initiative to apologize, I can consider forgiving him, and there is room for manoeuvre in this matter. "


it's not important to apologize. The important thing is that men are willing to make concessions to take care of your emotions.

indeed, the attitude after a quarrel can best see a person's sincerity.

if a person is unforgiving or even unyielding to you after a quarrel with you, it is obvious that he does not really love you.

but a man who really loves you will not easily have a fierce quarrel with you, but will take the initiative to apologize to you after the quarrel, and he will give you a reasonable explanation or explanation.

just as someone said:

"every time I quarrel, I will compromise first, not because I am wrong, but because I care too much, care about the past holding hands with you, and care about the future we are going to go through."

because you care, you are tolerant;

give in because of deep love;

compromise because you cherish it.

A man who knows how to be soft is the one who really loves you.

remember that there is a very popular joke on the Internet:

A young couple quarreled, and the man rushed out the door in a fit of anger.

the woman shouted at the back, "Don't come back if you can. Who comes back is the grandson!"

before long, there was a knock at the door and the woman asked, "who is it?" The answer outside the door: "Grandma, I'm back!"

this is probably the best way to love: for you, I willingly raise my hand and surrender.

when life is left with only firewood, rice, oil and salt, one vegetable and one meal, this gentleness that is willing to be soft is even more touching.

what is love? I've heard a great answer.

Love is buying after a quarrel.On the way to the kitchen knife, I bought TA's favorite food and went home to make a living.

No matter husband and wife or lover, there has never been a perfect fit in the imagination, and it is impossible to guarantee not to quarrel in the life of chicken feathers.

but the most beautiful thing is to be reconciled and walk side by side after a quarrel.

when you know how to tolerate and understand each other, happiness is not far away.

, may you and the person next to you quarrel forever.

until my hair is gray and I can't walk, I can still look at each other and say, "you're by my side. I've never envied anyone."