Whether a couple or a lover, a man who can accompany you for the rest of your life, all have this characteristic.
Whether a couple or a lover, a man who can accompany you for the rest of your life, all have this characteristic.
Whether a marriage lasts long or not depends on how it is run.

some people say:

"the best love is not perfect without regrets, but when you come and never leave; the most beautiful love word is not that I love you, but that I am willing to stay with you until you grow old."

We all hope to meet someone and work with us for the rest of our lives.

in fact, if you want to tell whether a man is worth trusting for life, you have to see if he has these characteristics.

respond seriously and tell me everything

some people say: "the way to express sense of security is more than I love you: everything has an account, everything has a reason, everything has a response."

indeed, the best way to love someone is to respond to each other's every expression seriously and give them enough sense of security.


@ Qiuer

says that the mode of marriage she most yearns for is like that of her parents.

her parents' daily conversation often goes like this:

Mom asked, "what do you think of my new dress?"

Dad replied: "the color is very good, it suits you."

my mother asked, "is my new hairstyle beautiful?"

Dad replied, "it looks good. I'm suddenly several years younger."

Mom said, "the kitchen pipe is broken."

Dad replied, "it's all right. I'll buy a new one and put it on. It won't keep you from cooking."

Mom says she wants to eat cherries, and Dad will buy them after work.

Mom says Grandma's refrigerator is broken, so Dad will buy a new one.

these trivialities of daily life seem dull, but they are full of deep love.

Cai Kangyong said: "the so-called love is to entrust your heart to the other person's hands, and then trust the other person will not break that heart."

many people in love fail to make it to the end, not because of any irreconcilable contradiction, but because of increasingly indifferent perfunctory and snub.

when you share with each other excitedly, all you get is a promise without looking up.

when you seriously ask for advice, you only wait for a perfunctory "whatever you want".

you will instantly lose the desire to talk, like a punch on cotton, wrapped in a sense of powerless emptiness.

the most important thing between lovers is to communicate and understand each other.

those who really love you will respond seriously and explain everything. Because he cares about your every feeling, he wants to catch your every word with his heart.

it is easy and comfortable to get along with such a person, and it is warm and reassuring to be with such a person.

know that you are cold and warm, know that you love you

some people say: "if a person loves you, you don't have to face the wind and rain alone, you don't have to grit your teeth to be strong, and you don't have to suffer all the grievances and can only bear it silently."

the luckiest thing in life is to meet someone who loves you.

my cousin and her brother-in-law have been married for 8 years, and their relationship is still mixed with oil. More surprisingly, my cousin, who has always been irascible, has become more and more gentle and elegant, which is enviable.

when asked about my cousin's secret to running a marriage, she said that it was all because the person she met was her brother-in-law.

after a detailed conversation, I found out that there is no secret of love, but it all stems from my cousin's love for my cousin.

my cousin's husband is from Changsha. He hasn't been spicy since he was a child, but my cousin has a stomach problem and has a stomachache when she eats spicy food.

my cousin's husband cooked light dishes every meal and learned to cook nutritious soup to nourish his cousin's stomach.

from a small family, my cousin is used to frugality, and sometimes she is reluctant to buy clothes she likes. When my cousin's brother-in-law found out, he would buy it for her. For fear that his cousin would be distressed, he said he bought it at a discount.

know that my cousin is timid and afraid of the dark. Every time my cousin works overtime, my cousin's husband will pick her up.

A person who loves you from the bottom of his heart will be willing to pay silently, worry for you, suffer for you, and think about you everywhere.

Zhou Guoping said: "Love is distressing. You can like many people, but only one is really distressed."

those who love you will love you. Do not want to let you bear hardships, do not have the heart to let you be wronged, willing to carry all the burden for you.

he understands both your insincerity and your desire to stop.

in a person's life, it is a kind of happiness to meet someone who knows himself; it is the greatest happiness to be able to grow old with someone who loves him.

Don't be a pussy in case of trouble, protect you well

there is a saying in the first half of my Life: "Why do you want to get married?" Because life is not easy, we need to find someone to help each other. "

I agree with you.

Love can be the sweetness of love and love, but marriage requires the loyalty of supporting each other and sharing weal and woe.

A responsible man will never flinch in the face of difficulties, but will share with you and protect your integrity.

in the TV series Dear Child, Xie Tianhua is such a person.

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after Fang Yinuo's divorce, he lived alone with his daughter Hehe.

Xie Tianhua always tries his best to help her and hopes to give her happiness.

although Xie Tianhua's mother and sister strongly opposed him to be with Yi Nuo, his attitude was firm and his family had to compromise because he promised not to marry.

after marriage, sisterXie Tianhua always tried his best to protect their mother and daughter, patiently persuaded her sister to resolve the contradiction.

as a stepfather, Xie Tianhua has always regarded Hehe as his own, even closer than his own father.

Unfortunately, he was found to have leukemia.

in the face of this sudden test, Xie Tianhua did not complain or regret at all, but bravely assumed his responsibility as a husband and gave Yinuo strong support.

every time Yinuo worries about medical expenses, Xie Tianhua always says to her, "I'll think of something."

in order to save Hehe, he sold his new house.

Life is full of variables, and life is full of tribulations.

in the face of sudden accidents and changes, it can best reflect a person's character and attitude. No matter how many love words you say at ordinary times, you can't stand up in the face of difficulties and share weal and woe.

A really good man can withstand the test of fate, choose to stand by your side firmly when disaster comes, and give you the most solid support.

A responsible man is worth trusting; only reliable love can last a long time.

some people say: "Marriage is simple as well as simple, how many people have come through in a lifetime, and how many people have been defeated in front of marriage."

whether a marriage lasts long or not depends on how it is run.

when two people are together, there should be not only love and emotion, but also interaction, heartache, and righteousness that treat each other with heart and heart.

without interaction, life will become an one-man monologue, boring;

without heartache, love will wear away in the trivialities of firewood, rice, oil and salt.

without loyalty, the two will go their separate ways when the storms of life hit.

can accompany to the old husband and wife, not only can depend on each other in the storm, but also can keep the warmth together in the quiet years.

you can not only hold your hand and count the years, but also enjoy your twilight years with your son.

, may you and I all meet this beloved and spend the rest of our lives hand in hand, together with the wind and rain, to go to a beautiful place.