Update yourself (this article is priceless)
Update yourself (this article is priceless)
From now on, don't be old-fashioned and renew yourself.

I have read a sentence that if people cannot renew themselves, they can only be confused in "old" and "repetition".

the clothes are worn out and need a new one; the house is old and needs to be renovated.

people are the same, they have to renew themselves constantly in order to grow up all the time.

Update the image

American psychologist Lochins once proposed that there is a "first cause effect" in interpersonal communication.

the first impression between people is the brightest and strongest, and determines the course of communication between the two parties in the future.

economists have also proposed a "beauty economics", which found that good-looking people earn 3% more than ordinary people.

image is a person's first business card, which is as important as interesting soul and rich inside.

at the beginning of his business, entrepreneur Matsushita Konosuke often ignored his personal image because of his busy work.

once, when he went to get a haircut, the hairdresser could not help saying to him:

Panasonic thought it made sense and decided to get rid of its slovenly habit and asked all employees to tidy up their image.

Mark Twain once said that the effort in image will impress on your knowledge, seniority and upbringing.

whether a person is beautiful or not is born, but your overall image is carved by nurture.

to take good care of yourself is not only to respect others, but also to please yourself.

renew your image and face life in the best condition in order to get the favor of life.

renew your thinking

after years of groping, a crow finally figured out how to throw pebbles into the bottle. It successfully drank water, was praised and written in a textbook.

but it did not expect that the other crow did not throw a stone into the bottle at all, but put a straw in his mouth so that he could easily drink the water in the bottle.

this is the story of the new version of crows drinking water.

the way crows drink water has changed: one is still throwing stones, the other has used a straw.

thinking ten years ago, doing things ten years later is like a crow with stones, working to death and wasting a lot of time.

Today, the era of using a diploma for a lifetime, staying for a unit for a lifetime, and making money with a facade is over.

you can go as far as you think, and you can't change your pocket without changing your head.

"defeated all his opponents, but lost to the times."

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many people are no stranger to this sentence, which was said by Huang Mingrui, founder of RT-Mart, on his exit.

Da Runfa, founded by Huang Mingrui, is known in the retail industry as a legendary mall that has not closed a store for 19 years.

in the business world, no one can beat it, including Wal-Mart and Carrefour, but he lost to the times and was acquired by big companies.

at that time, the sudden rise of the e-commerce industry had a great impact on the retail industry, but Huang Mingrui was dismissive of e-commerce, believing that the logic of spending money on e-commerce was not in line with commercial laws.

later, his daughter told him on her mobile phone that as long as you randomly search, you can see the location of more than a dozen restaurants around, and online business has become a general trend.

by the time Huang Mingrui thoroughly woke up, it was already too late.

the world is changing every minute, and your stagnation is essentially a retrogression.

as Darwin said, in the jungle, it is often not the tallest and strongest species that eventually survive, but the species that respond most quickly to change.

A person can keep pace with the times only by constantly updating his way of thinking like a computer updating system.

update circle

I was shocked when I came across a scientific experiment.

32 pendulums with completely different frequencies are placed in the same space, affected by each other, and the frequency can be adjusted naturally after only a few minutes.

World potential Master Bourne Tracy pointed out:

"whether in your real life or in your imagination, the people you are used to will have a great influence on your goal of becoming an ideal person."

in the early years, there was an article called "I am Fan Yusu".

teacher Fan Yusu, who wanted to see the bigger world, resigned and went to Beijing at the age of 20.

after coming to Beijing, Fan Yusu became a family babysitter after several twists and turns.

in her spare time, she went to the writing circle and went to the "Workers' Home" literature group in Picun, Beijing to listen to classes.

Fan Yusu met a lot of like-minded friends here, who are very different from her nanny friends.

the nannies get together and talk about family members, while literary friends get together and talk about literature and art that fascinate her.

from her hometown to Beijing, from babysitting to joining a literary group, Fan Yusu has been updating her circle.

it is because of this that her literary dream can be realized.

Luo Zhenyu once said in his New year's speech "Friends of time":

"the basic plate of a person's wealth has two components:

firstYour own skills; second, your ability to connect with others, and the latter is the amplifier of the former. "

if you stay in a low-level circle for a long time, you will stop growing.

only when you break down the circle barrier and enter the higher circle will life keep going uphill.

Update skills

the author of "Centennial Life" predicted that every 5-10 years, our work would encounter a challenge.

also means that we will be faced with career changes and upgrading of vocational skills at any time, and updating vocational skills will become the norm.

I would like to share with you two stories with deep feelings.

the protagonist of the first story is a cook in an upscale restaurant.

in order to return to his hometown to take care of his sick mother, the chef applied for a job at a small restaurant in his hometown. The boss asked him, "can you cook Sichuan food?"

the cook shook his head.

the boss asked him if he could cook Cantonese food, but the cook still shook his head.

the boss said impatiently, "what on earth can you do? I've never seen a cook who can't cook."

on hearing this, the cook became angry and shouted, "I only needed to make noodles. How come I need to make everything I need from you?"

in the end, the cook failed to apply and left the restaurant gloomily.

there is a worker who works very hard. His task is to assemble parts for the watch on the production line.

he has been doing this for 10 years. He is very skilful in operation, rarely makes mistakes, and is an excellent employee every year.

but later, the enterprise set up a new automatic production line operated entirely by computers, and a lot of work was done by machines. As a result, he lost his job.

when he left, the factory director said to him sincerely:

Xiao Hu, who does the same job as you, not only taught himself the computer, but also found the instructions for the new equipment. Now he is the director of the workshop. It's not that I didn't give you the time and opportunity to prepare, but you gave up. "

moving forward in the times, there has never been a stable job.

what you did yesterday may become worthless in a few years.

stagnant, unaware that those who eat their old money will one day be mercilessly eliminated.

I have heard a saying: "your greatest enemy has never been anyone else, but who you were yesterday."

the process of forcing yourself to transform is painful, but each time you go through pain, you can be one step closer to a better self.

, from now on, don't be old-fashioned, update yourself.