True self-discipline is to wake yourself up.
True self-discipline is to wake yourself up.
The heart is strong, and all the bad things in life are insignificant.


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is this who you are now:

work for three minutes, knowing what's good for you, stick to it for a few days, you lose interest, motivation, and patience.

I am very eager to get better. When I really do it, I either procrastinate because it is too difficult or slack off because it is too hard. I think about a thousand changes at night, but when I wake up in the morning, I still stay the same.

is always anxious about his present situation and future, and even wants to make some achievements all the time, but when he really goes to action, he always looks around and chooses to give up.

for many moments, we always think that the life of self-discipline is very difficult, but in the end, we find that lack of self-discipline will bring you more trouble and pain.

A person needs to pay a lot of sweat, overcome many difficulties, and constantly challenge and break through himself to achieve self-discipline.

but without self-discipline, it is even more difficult. Because you have to put up with your own mediocrity, your own predicament, and even a life that is getting worse and worse.

both self-discipline and non-self-discipline have to bear hardships.

but if the former suffers, it will make his life better and better.

and suffering without self-discipline will make your life more and more helpless and helpless.

Why should people exercise self-discipline?

maybe everyone has their own answers, some people want to lose weight and exercise, some people want to improve their grades or skills, and some people want to learn more knowledge or grades.

for whatever purpose, if one wants to get better, one must learn self-discipline.

there was a question in Zhihu: what is the ultimate goal of self-discipline and hard study every day?

there is a highly praised answer:

"because you always have to choose a consistent way of life, you always have to give some meaning to your life, and you always have to tell yourself that I have to do something."

you may be able to exercise only if you sweat, and you have to stick to it every day to benefit yourself.

only when you practice, can practice make perfect, and you can't relax and slack off, you will make progress and improvement every day.

you may be able to become smarter only if you study, and the longer you persist, the better the final effect will be.

if you want to be good, you should not only learn to bear hardships, but also learn to be tired, but also learn to keep away from comfort and comfort.

getting better is not an easy task, so when it comes to doing it, it will be difficult, difficult, and even have a bad feeling and taste.

in fact, there are hundreds of ways of self-discipline, but the most important thing is to learn to control yourself.

if you decide to get up early every day, what really wakes you up is never the alarm clock, but the dream in your heart and what you want to do.

if you decide to read every day, what really makes you free is not your idle work and your desire to make progress when you have nothing to do.

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if you decide to exercise every day, then your greatest motivation is not

it comes from the urging of the coach and the clocking in in the group, but for the stronger and stronger body.

there are many moments when we don't need to find too much external thrust to bind ourselves or push ourselves.

the essence of self-discipline is that you know what you want, what kind of person you want to be, what kind of things you want to be, and what kind of life you want to live, so as to strive to achieve and achieve.

No one can force you to exercise self-discipline. Only you can force yourself.

you can't do it, not because you don't know how to work hard, to fight, to persist, but because your desire to get better is not strong enough and your determination is not strong enough.

never find any reason or excuse for yourself, let alone take no time, no time, to perfunctory and prevaricate, all the lack of self-discipline, in the end, you are the one who suffers.

there is nothing fairer than self-discipline in this world.

A person can lose at a different starting line because of different birth, different environment, and even different life circumstances.

but self-discipline will not let you down, and can even help you challenge yourself, surpass yourself, and finally challenge yourself, or even surpass others.

you exercise for an hour a day, which is like lying still for an hour every day. You may not see any difference in a short period of time, but over time, your figure and physical fitness will help you open the gap.

if you get up an hour early and stay in bed for an hour every day, you may not seem to do much more, but over time, you will have greater growth and progress.

if you read for an hour every day and play with your mobile phone for an hour, it may not make much difference, but even if you persist for a year and a half, your speech, temperament and thinking will change qualitatively.

when you don't want to hold on any longer, ask yourself if this is what you want to be.

if not, please remember to wake yourself up, don't procrastinate, don't slack off, and don't pretend to be indifferent.

it may not take effort to be undisciplined, but what you get in the end is a life you don't want.

it takes a lot of effort to achieve self-discipline, but at least you are fighting for the life you desire.

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