"there is no job that is not hard."
"there is no job that is not hard."
The heart is strong, and all the bad things in life are insignificant.


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recently, I saw a video on the Internet: Hangzhou in the early morning, which makes people feel sad.

at 12:00 in the morning, two young girls had just finished their overtime work with fatigue;

at 1: 00 in the morning, the snack stand downstairs waits for everyone who is busy until the wee hours of the morning.

Construction workers start work at 2 o'clock in the morning because of too much noise during the day;

at 4 o'clock in the morning, there was a heavy rain in Hangzhou, but the security guards of the building had arrived at their posts, and the porters began to unload the goods, and everything was in order.

in this scene, many people who work hard for life can empathize with it.

"these workers in the video are not fighting for a living, but for survival."

"it's very real, there are all kinds of society, and none of them is easy."

famous writer Turgenev said:

No job is not hard, and no one's life is easy.

adults with strong hearts can bear hardships and grievances, bear their own responsibilities, lay down their glass hearts and pursue the life they want.

different jobs, all have grievances

someone on the Internet asked: "what kind of work can you do without being aggrieved?"

there is a very gripping but realistic answer:

"it is impossible to do a job without being aggrieved, even if you start a business outside, there will be a lot of grievances."

in this world, no job is perfect. Every job has its own troubles and will be very tired.

White-collar workers who sit all day in office buildings envy the freedom of takeout boys.

the takeout boy who is occasionally complained by customers envies the teacher's decency;

stressed teachers, in turn, envy employees that they don't have to correct students' homework day and night.

saw a paragraph and was very touched:

"everyone has a responsibility and responsibility, there are difficulties, there are upset, there are moments of exhaustion.

but who is not facing the wind, chasing the waves, step by step out of adversity. "

No one's job is easy in adult life.

everyone faces different pressures and difficulties, but they are all moving forward with heavy loads and living hard.

watched a surveillance video, in front of the bank's self-service machine, a staff member in low spirits, looked up to hold back tears, distressing.

it turns out that when he first received an inquiry from a client, the staff member was scolded and cried because the other party was not satisfied.

although I was aggrieved, I didn't cry loudly or tell my colleagues.

because she didn't want to be seen, she always controlled her emotions, probably afraid of crying makeup on her face, so she raised her head and put away her tears.

when a client came to consult, she immediately put away her tears, smiled, and came to the machine to help with the operation.

there is a piercing question on Zhihu:

"do you want to stick to a job that is depressing and aggrieved and makes you cry?"

A high praise replied:

"everyone will be aggrieved in the workplace, but job-hopping won't solve the problem, and stress and grievances won't go away just because you change your working environment."

there is no job that is unaggrieved, perhaps with tricky leaders, entangled by complex interpersonal relationships, or the job itself is boring.

behind every hard work, there is too much bitterness and helplessness. all we have to do is to practice ourselves and get through it.

how many grievances you swallow, how much you achieve

there is a topic in the popular variety show "exciting offer3": "do you need an explanation for being aggrieved in the workplace?"

Yi Lijing, a journalist, believes that after the explanation, the boss may not be able to sympathize.

indeed, work is not a place to exchange grievances for sympathy, but a place to eat on the basis of strength.

it is useless to vent one's emotions. Only when one can endure suffering that others cannot bear, can one get what others cannot get.

saw such a thing, a new netizen complained that the boss assigned him a lot of work every day.

as an intern, his salary is pitifully small, and his psychology is so unbalanced that he even plans to change jobs.

but then he thought that he just left without learning anything or bargaining chips with the next boss.

therefore, he decided to learn the skills before changing jobs.

he adjusts his mindset, regards work as a means to improve himself, and stops complaining about working overtime every day.

not only do I enjoy my work every day, but also get the approval of my boss.

half a year later, instead of changing jobs, he was promoted.

Zeng Guofan said: "in his position, seek his politics and accept his anger."

you will achieve as much responsibility and grievance as you can bear.

soon after Dong Mingzhu did Gree sales, the company arranged for her to go to a company to collect debts.

this is a task that all salespeople do not want to take. The dealer in debt is also the old Youtiao. The former salesman urged many times without a response at all, and was often intimidated.

as a newcomer, Dong Mingzhu can either quit or just resign and leave.

she did not resist or complain, nor did she waste her time in low spirits.

but take action, follow the customer to and from work every day, almost never leave, urging the other party to pay back the money..

when the other party saw that she was a newcomer, they first frightened her with words, trying to make her return in the face of difficulties.

but the difficulties did not make Dong Mingzhu flinch, but the repeated closed doors of the other party aroused Dong Mingzhu's inner stubbornness.

finally, the customer was pestered out of temper and was moved by Dong Mingzhu's endurance and perseverance, and finally agreed to repay the debt with the goods.

when the matter was settled, Dong Mingzhu became a gold medal salesman.

Kazuo Inamori said:

"when the pressure is so great that you are about to collapse, don't tell anyone, and don't feel aggrieved. The cultivation that adults should have is that their hearts can be broken but their hands can't stop, what to do, and to move forward in the collapse."

those who succeed in the end, however, have stronger endurance.

not being overthrown by grievances and difficulties, he chose to continue to carry it to death in the face of difficulties, restarted again and again, and made achievements that others could not achieve.

there is no job that is not hard

there is a word called "aggrieved cost", which means that when you fall into emotion for a minute, you lose a minute.

for example, if you are criticized for 5 minutes, you may end up depressed and unable to work for the next 2 hours.

you have consumed the cost of time and energy that should have been put into your work, and these two hours are the cost of grievance.

any job has grievances and requires sweat. The key is how you view grievances and sweat.

grievances and hard work are the only way for a person to grow up in the workplace.

blindly immersed in grievances, the loss outweighs the gain.

adjust the state of mind and treat grievances correctly.

turning it into motivation and growing up in your work is what wise people do.

Looking for a bridesmaid floor length dresses to make you a brillant star? Immediately after buying, you get a peace of mind.

in the popular variety show "Mom at work 2", the contestants formed a group to bring goods live.

most of the contestants have experience in live broadcasting. Wang Yuanyuan is a traditional screenwriter and is a stranger to the field of live streaming. She has been working very hard if she wants to learn more skills.

it was obvious that two assistants did something wrong at the same time, but only Wang Yuanyuan was booed by the person in charge at the scene not to interrupt.

there was an embarrassed expression on her face, but she turned her head to face the camera and immediately smiled and continued to raise the card.

the guests next to her all felt aggrieved for her.

coincidentally, once she was in charge of contacting merchants and venues and did a lot of unknown work.

everyone didn't seem to see it, but when there was a mistake in their work, they immediately pointed the finger at her.

Wang Yuanyuan did not blindly get down in the face of this, but reflected on herself in her mistakes.

later, she became more adept at live broadcasting, and her business improved a lot.

Mo Yan once said:

"people are doomed to suffer many grievances when they are alive. The more successful a person is, the more grievances he will suffer. "

in fact, most of the time, what really consumes us is not the views of others or the opposition of our superiors, but our own spreading emotions.

We can't change the outside world, only our own state of mind can be changed.

only if you know how to cultivate a positive and optimistic attitude, swallow grievances, increase your ability to resist pressure, improve your ability to work, and treat suffering as a spiritual practice, you will continue to grow.

I have seen such a sequence of HR layoffs on the Internet:

1, glass heart, love to complain, spread negative energy in the team.

2. For the employees with the least seniority, whether they stay or not will not affect the company.

3, employees with low level of performance, especially those whose performance is proportional to their high salary.

4. Low-value employees (low-value human capital, low promotion potential) are also the key targets for layoffs.

5, the backbone of high-value companies.

people who cannot bear any grievances and have no real skills are doomed to have no long-term development in the workplace.

only by continuing to do something valuable and making yourself a valuable person can you reduce the risk of being laid off.

every job has its bitterness and tiredness, and every job needs to bear the corresponding responsibility and pressure.

No matter what kind of adversity, suppression or criticism you are facing, keep a stable state of mind, improve your ability, and become a high-value person, you can go smoothly in the future.

as Tagore once said:

"the sufferings you have suffered today, the losses you have suffered, the responsibilities you have borne, the sins you have borne, and the pain you have endured, will eventually turn into light and light your way."

when you grow stronger and have enough strength and strength, those who have suffered will eventually become a better you.

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