There are three people who don't help, and there are three people who don't pay.
There are three people who don't help, and there are three people who don't pay.
Give limited time to people who really deserve to care about.


the more ups and downs you experience, the bigger the world you see, the more you understand the meaning of life.

I used to think that life should make more friends, keep more favors and help.

now I understand that happiness is the most important thing in one's life.

subtract from the complexity of life so that life can be simple and comfortable.

there are three ways to help

it is a good virtue to be willing to help others, but there are some favors that can be helped and others that cannot.

do not help the blind heart

you often encounter this situation, when people ask you for help, but it's hard to refuse when they feel inappropriate.

braving to help, although satisfied with each other, but let oneself sleepless all night.

to help is to have a clear conscience. If you feel guilty after helping, you are just helping others to do bad things, but let your conscience take the blame.

We should all realize that if a person really understands you and understands you, he will not ask you to go against your conscience to achieve his goal.

and vice versa, if a person asks you to help him against your conscience, the probability is not worth your help.

Don't help impulse

many people have had the experience of making a decision on impulse and regretting it when they wake up.

this happens all the time in life, and you and I are no exception.

it is said that impulse is the devil, impulse makes people lose their mind and do unintentional things.

therefore, it is best to say no to the help you are asked to do when others are impulsive and tell you why.

after all, there is not an impulsive decision that you will not regret after being calm.

do not help disputes

the pleasure of helping others is a virtue, but if it is some inexplicable dispute, it is best not to interfere.

some things never have the right answer. If you help this person, you may offend another person.

the same dispute is justified by both sides, because it is difficult for people to empathize with each other.

if you help one person, another person will be dissatisfied with you, and vice versa.

such being the case, it is better to help less of this kind of thing. The average person's life is only 30000 days. Wouldn't it be better to have less trouble and treat yourself well?

three not to help, not to let people stand idly by, but limited energy, should do more correct things, help more should help.

there are those who can help and those who can't.

those who can help will not give way; those who cannot help will thank the guests behind closed doors.

people have three non-deliveries

the most important thing in making friends is to make friends.

therefore, it is very important to choose friends. If you make friends with good friends, you are not afraid that he will know how difficult he is. If you make friends with bad people, your words may form ice through your heart and cool your heart.

people have made numerous friends in their lives, but deep acquaintances are not recommended for these three kinds of people.

mercenary people do not hand in

Xixi in the world is all for profit. The world is bustling for the sake of benefit.

as the saying goes: no profit, no early rise.

people are used to doing many things for the sake of fame and wealth, but some people can distinguish interests from morality, while others do real interests with false morality.

make friends, not those who are mercenary.

the most important thing to make friends is to get along with good friends, such as sharing a room with orchids, you also have some fragrance.

but mercenary people have only interests in mind, and their interests are above all else.

for such people, "Friends, I want what I want, benefit, I want what I want, and I can't have both. Roommates pursue profits."

A mercenary person is a friend when he does not infringe upon his interests, and when he infringes upon his interests, he will turn into enmity.

what's more, those who are close to red are red, and those who are close to ink are black.

get along with mercenary people for a long time, and over time, they have also become mercenary people.

after all, follow the bee to find the honey, follow the fly, but can only find the toilet.

Are you searching for formal burgundy dresses to give a shimmering look of a star? Let them shower you with a display of exquisite taste.

No addiction, no intercourse

Zhang Dai says that people who are not addicted can't make friends with each other because they are not affectionate; they can't have friends with people without defects, because they can't have true spirits.

make friends, those who have no hobbies cannot make friends, and those without flaws cannot make friends.

A person who has no hobby has no enthusiasm for life and turns a blind eye to all the good things around him. It is boring to make friends with it.

A man without flaws can't see his truth, and his every move seems to have been rehearsed. There is a play everywhere to make friends with him.

making friends, first of all, is a process of seeking common ground, the same interests and hobbies, the same ailments, it is easier for people to get together.

it is difficult for a person who has no hobbies to get along with him, while a person who behaves perfectly everywhere and can't find any flaws can't get along with him.

the former can not find his characteristics, and the latter can not see his truth.

those who break the rules will not hand in

people are social animals. In the huge human society, it is very important to abide by the rules if they want to coexist harmoniously.

an unruly person is not worth making a deep acquaintance with.

those who obey the rules respect your privacy and freedom, while those who break the rules will always test your bottom line.

A well-behaved person makes you feel free and relaxed, and there is no need to draw a clear line of friendship, because he always respects your rights and cherishes your friendship.

unrulyPeople, you will be on guard everywhere, get along with such people, as if facing an archenemy, always vigilant.

people are like a train, carrying different passengers at different times, some passengers sit from the starting point to the finish line, and some get off halfway.

some passengers pay attention to hygiene and are reluctant to have the slightest stain on the train. They only follow the train to see the beautiful scenery.

but there are always some passengers who disobey the rules, dismantle their seats, smear the carriages, and don't forget to spit at the train when they get off.

who welcomes such passengers?

We meet 8263563 people in our lives, say hello to 39778, get acquainted with 3619, get close to 275, and spend the rest of our lives with a few.

originally, the time is very limited, do not do three favors, do not make three friends, give the limited time to people who are really worth caring about.