The three realms of life: read yourself, surpass yourself, and please yourself.
The three realms of life: read yourself, surpass yourself, and please yourself.
May the way we come from is always the scenery we want!



there is such a line, people are "see themselves, see heaven and earth, see sentient beings" life.

the value of man lies in himself, because he can constantly improve himself.

in addition to watching the hustle and bustle of the world and the prosperity of the world, we should also constantly explore inward, know ourselves, reshape ourselves, delight ourselves, and constantly realize self-improvement in order to live out our own value.

self-reading is a kind of spiritual practice

"six refinements" mentioned: "at the end of the day, we should review what we did that day and reflect on it, which is very important."

Tracy also wrote: "the most difficult thing in life is to know yourself."

each of us should learn to examine ourselves and review regularly. Analyze what has been done and said one by one in a quiet time, insist on what is right and abandon what is wrong, such as the daily routine of a gardener pruning trees.

in this way, the direction of our life will not be biased, and only in this way can we achieve the success of our dreams.

the warring States Policy records a story:

the king of Qin Yizheng couldn't help being conceited when he saw that the six countries would be unified soon.

on this day, there was an old man who was not a hundred miles away and asked to see Yue Zheng.

after the meeting, the old man said, "I started from home for ten days and walked 90 miles, and I walked another ten days and walked ten miles."

Li Zheng interrupted him, "you've been walking for ten days in ninety, and you've been walking for ten days in ten miles?"

the old man replied:

after hearing this, Ying Zheng suddenly realized.

he understood the painstaking efforts of the old man, and after examining and reflecting on himself, he became even more ashamed.

from then on, Li Zheng was humble and modest, made various strategies, and devoted himself to the great cause of reunifying the six countries.

it didn't take long to get what he wanted.

as Shakespeare said, "it is never too late to correct your mistakes."

if you do not forget the danger, you will worry about the prosperity and decline.

self-reading is like a mirror, it can filter out our mistakes and give us a chance to correct them.

the way of saints is in everyone's heart, and sometimes it is a big mistake to pursue truth outward.

We should look inward, persist in reading ourselves, and break the vacuum that can only be seen.

Yue Yue, can look forward to the future

only when everyone constantly surpasses himself and breaks down the boundaries can he expand the infinite possibilities of life.

I have read such a report that some people have studied from almost zero basic English to a doctorate from Cambridge University.

she said: "to constantly reinvent and challenge yourself is the only way to break yourself."

in 2021, the man who wrote "Fine Dust" was very happy.

in the 1990s, Chen Nianxi engaged in mine blasting work in Qinghua County, Yan'an.

although he works hard, Chen Nianxi doesn't waste his spare time reading and writing poems as soon as he has time.

even when he was holding the machine, he was occasionally inspired and came up with some verses. As soon as he got off work, he would write them down in the centimeter book or on the explosive box, revise and perfect them later, and then contribute.

I can't help thinking of Chen Nianxi's "exploding Chronicles" written by Chen Nianxi after learning the news of his mother's advanced esophageal cancer.

"I spend my middle age at a depth of 5,000 meters /I blow up the rock strata again and again /thus reassemble my life /my tiny relatives are far away at the foot of Shangshan /they are covered with dust when they are sick /how much my middle age is cut /their old age can be prolonged



it was Chen Nianxi who constantly broke through himself and made him fruitful today.

in 2021, he published "to Live is to shout to the Heaven" and "Dust". Recently, "Frost White" is about to be released to readers, and "Chen Nianxi's Poems" is also under revision.

indeed, there is no limit to everyone's life.

Life is like mountaineering. If you do nothing and don't want to make progress, then one may see animal droppings surrounded by vegetation.

if you work hard and dare to climb, halfway up the mountain, you can see towering trees full of green.

if you grit your teeth, meet the difficulties and reach the top of the mountain, you will see the scenery, overlooking the earth and looking up at the sky, with mountains already bonsai.

more oneself, let you constantly break the inner "psychological height", harvest different vision and pattern, of course, the future will be expected.

please yourself, the ultimate goal you pursue

to live is not to please the world, but to know how to please yourself in this world.

Yu Feihong told us: "Life is my own, so there is no need to rely on others for satisfaction."

it is true that only by pleasing yourself can you make your life worthwhile.

Li Qingzhao of the Song Dynasty dared to express herself when she was a girl, dared to please herself, flouted the tradition of "men as boudoir voices" at that time, and resolutely wrote "Crimson lips" after playing on a swing:

"get up on the swing and get up with slender hands. Dew thick flowers thin, thin sweat light clothes. When the guests came in, the socks and gold hairpin slipped away. He walked away with shame, leaned against the door and looked back, but sniffed the green plum. "

A lively and lovely girlHaving just finished playing on the swing, the delicate noodles are like flowers.

A thin layer of sweat soaked and wet the intimate clothes.

at this time, there was a sudden guest at home, and the girl was so shy that she could not even put on her shoes, and the golden hairpin fell off her head.

but he was afraid of being laughed at, so he pretended to smell the green plum in the courtyard and secretly looked back.

naive Li Qingzhao comes alive in front of our eyes, do her own, the kind of water as clear and clean, unforgettable, after thousands of years, still shining immortal light.

my friend Xiao Qian is also a girl who is highly pleased with herself.

she will not worry too much, be timid, endure humiliation for the sake of fame and fortune, and live in pain.

for Xiao Qian, love is a moth to the fire. If you don't like it, let it go immediately.

after only a month of acquaintance with Xiao Liu, I felt that I had to get married.

two years later, it was confirmed that there was someone outside Xiao Liu and was determined to divorce, although Xiao Liu struggled to stay.

when you see a newly opened real estate, you should go through the formalities of buying a house immediately and never procrastinate.

Xiao Qian is a maverick and lives a lot of herself, such as exercising, doing SPA, traveling and so on in her spare time.

of course, these strengths come from her hard work and hard work. As a company director and executive golden collar, she is hard on herself, which is unmatched by others.

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to her delight, Xiao Qian achieved her ultimate goal of pleasing herself.

just as one sentence says:

"people who work hard in society will inevitably be burdened by human feelings, fame and wealth, but people who understand life will put physical and mental freedom and pleasure in the first place."

Schopenhauer also said:

"only when a person is alone can he be himself completely." Being alone is not only a test of concentration, but also the best value-added period for a person. "

read yourself, examine yourself, and recognize the direction;

go over yourself, surpass yourself, break first and then stand;

please yourself, please yourself, be at ease physically and mentally.

Life looks like everything. We just need to recognize ourselves, take responsibility for our own life, and make it a unique limited edition.

, may the way we come from is always the scenery we want!