The sunshine around the corner (good depth)
The sunshine around the corner (good depth)
​ is just a beam of sunshine, but it makes miracles happen.



A few years ago, I was in the hospital for several months because I fell down accidentally on my bike.

there are four beds in the same ward. A little boy and I occupy the two by the window, and one of the other two beds belongs to a little girl.

the little girl looked pale, said little, and blinked and closed her eyes half asleep for a long time.

her health is getting worse and worse. She was able to support the wall for a few steps when she first came, but then she had to lie in bed.

I know that the little girl is from another county, and her parents are divorced. She came to this county with her mother to work. Unexpectedly, a sudden car accident caused her mother to leave her forever.

she is using the small savings left by her mother to continue her young but dying life.

Yes, she just continues her life helplessly.

once, I went to the medical office and heard the nurses talking about her illness.

the head nurse said there must be no cure for the little girl.

the little boy is also ill, but he is very lively and active, often pestering me to tell him stories and shouting loudly.

whenever I take a peek at the little girl at this time, I always find her frowning.

obviously, she doesn't like any noise in the ward.

Little Man

the parents of the child come every day to bring delicious food to their son


Books and Transformers.

the little boy generously distributed these things to us, including, of course, to the little girl.

if the little girl pretended to be asleep with her eyes closed, he would pile things on the head of her bed and make faces at us.

once, when I went outside the hospital to buy a newspaper, I saw the little boy's father squatting by the side of the road crying with his head in his arms.

I asked him several times before he said that his son was terminally ill, and the doctor said his son would not survive this winter.

in a ward, there are four beds and four patients, but two patients are about to die, and they are all teenagers like flowers. I am very depressed.

everything began to change that afternoon.

once again, the little boy carried a pile of things to the little girl's bedside.

the girl is in a better mood and is listening to music on the radio.

she said thank you to the little boy and smiled at him.

the little boy got carried away and refused to leave at the little girl's bed.

the little boy said, Sister, you have a nice smile.

the little girl said nothing and smiled at the little boy again.

the little boy said, Sister, when I grow up, you will be my wife.

everyone in the ward laughed, including the little girl. I can see that it was a very happy smile.

the girl said, "Hello!" She also reached out and touched the little boy's head.

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the little boy asked, why is your face so pale?

the girl said, because there is no sunshine.

the little boy thought about it and said seriously, let's change the bed so that you can bask in the sun.

the girl said, "that's no good. You have to bask in the sun, too."

the little boy thought about it carefully, patted his head and said seriously, yes! Let me let the sun turn the corner!

everyone thinks the little boy is making fun of the jokes of his age, including me.

I think the little girl should also be included.

however, the little boy really turned a corner by the sun.

the little boy found a mirror and put it on the windowsill, constantly adjusting the angle, trying to reflect the sun on the little girl's bed, but without success.

when I thought he was going to give up, he found another mirror and tried.

the afternoon sun reflected through the two mirrors finally shone on the little girl's face.

I saw the little girl's face blooming like a summer flower at that moment.

throughout the afternoon, the little girl quietly enjoyed the sunshine. Although her eyes were still closed, tears continued to flow from the corners of her eyes. She tried to wipe them off, but she could not dry them.

from then on, the first thing the little boy did when he got up was to wipe the two mirrors carefully, and then adjust the angle to shine the first ray of sunlight on the little girl's bed in the morning.

at this time, the little girl was already waiting for the sunshine. She smiled, sometimes holding the sunshine in her hands and sometimes painting the sunshine on her forehead.

she told the little boy stories about roses and snails and folded little frogs and paper cranes for him.

slowly, the little girl's face was no longer pale and had the color of the sun.

sometimes, the little boy will be naughty with the little girl, deliberately reflecting the sun on the wall, shining at a height that the little girl can't grasp.

the little girl will hold up her body and try to reach up to the sunshine.

the little boy always moves the sun down and onto her hand or body when the little girl wants to give up.

by the time I was discharged from the hospital, the little girl was already able to walk on the ground, and she and the little boy saw me off hand in hand.

their faces are bathed in the golden sun, they are two happy and healthy faces.

A few years later, I met the little girl, but of course she didn't wife the boy. She said she thanked the well-meaning joke every day.

when she said this, she had just got married and exuded the unique fragrance of happiness of the bride.

she said that it was the little boy and the ray of sunshine that saved her. Before going to bed every day in those days, she had to think that she would wake up early tomorrow to meet the first ray of sunshine the little boy gave her in the morning.

she said she didn't want the innocent and kind-hearted little boy not to see her one day.

she said that in those days there was always a ray of sunshine in her heart, giving her warmth and hope.

she also said that she dared not give up.

I saw the little boy later. As he grew up, he grew into a manly look with tiny brown hairs on his lips.

the other day, I sat on the sofa in his living room and asked him, did you know about yourself at that time?

he said he knew, but he was still young, and he was a little vague about the concept of death, but he was still afraid, very scared.

he said, fortunately, in those days, before going to bed every day, he had to think that he must get up early tomorrow so that the early morning sun would turn and shine on his sister's face, because she was going to be my wife.

at this point, the boy smiled with a pure and shy expression.

it's just a beam of sunshine, but it makes miracles happen.

I think there is such a warm sunshine in everyone's heart. The more you give to others, the more you get.


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