"the spoiled wife demon in the moments is having an affair."
"the spoiled wife demon in the moments is having an affair."
If you love, please love deeply; if not, please don't hurt.

"if I had known that things would turn out like this, I would have restrained myself from anything I said and would never have taken another step.

but it's already happened, and it's too late to say anything now. "

35 degrees, Lao Li sat in front of me with a bottle of cold beer and said this to me.

the house, property, and everything in the house have been separated. But Lao Li didn't sign the divorce agreement for a long time.

at this point, it doesn't matter whether he signs it or not.

my wife moved back to her mother's house as early as last month, and all her relatives and friends knew that the couple had separated and was only one step away from the formal divorce.

Lao Li never dreamed that his marriage and love, which he had managed painstakingly for three years, would one day be destroyed by his own hands.

but feelings are like this, there is no reason to speak of, one step wrong, it can only be wrong step by step.

Lao Li himself can't tell when he began to have a double heart for his wife.

he has always thought that he is a person who is serious about feelings, loyal to his partner, has a beginning and end to marriage, and will never be distracted.

he also gives people the impression that he is very honest and knows at a glance that he will not do bad things.

my wife is not only beautiful, but also very capable. She opened her own studio as soon as she graduated from college and has a brilliant career.

while taking care of her work, she also takes good care of her family. There is no need for Lao Li to worry about the big and small things at home.

he neither needs to earn money to support his family, nor does he need to be beautiful.

according to reason, anyone who marries such a wife and has such a quiet life will cherish it doubly.

at first, Lao Li did the same thing.

but later, he gradually felt that this kind of life was very boring, just like a pool of stagnant water, without any ripples.

and in his heart, he is a person who loves adventure and excitement.

so, when a good friend , jokingly said to give him Amway interesting things.

then when he pushed a Wechat account of a strange girl nearby, he gritted his teeth and sent him a friend application.

since adding this girl's Wechat, Lao Li suddenly saw the light in the boring days like stagnant water.

this girl is very interesting. She seems to know everything. She knows astronomy and geography. It takes a few minutes to boil eggs and fruits and vegetables in any season.

Lao Li could not help but want to chat with her every day, and even impulsively said that he would like to meet her if it was convenient.

during the period of chatting with girls, Lao Li was very gentle to his wife at home. Even he was startled by this tenderness and thoughtfulness.

he begins to get up early every day to make breakfast for his wife, and takes a detour to pick her up after work in the evening. Every once in a while, I posted a group photo of two people in moments to show their love.

maybe he's afraid of being found out by his wife, so he subconsciously wants to do something to make it up to her.

they talked for about two months.

during this period, Lao Li lived a very full life.

every night, after coaxing his wife to sleep, he locked himself in the study and chatted with girls in the name of playing games.

he offered to meet several times, but the other person politely declined "too busy at work", which meant playing hard to get.

Lao Li doesn't delve into it either. simply chatting on Wechat is also a great satisfaction for him.

usually he and his wife do not know what to say, or are embarrassed to say those words, on Wechat, he knows everything about that girl.

every time he saw his wife's innocent smile, Lao Li felt an unspeakable blockage in his heart, but this feeling was soon washed away by the news of the "soul mate" on Wechat.

it wasn't until one ordinary day, when Lao Li forgot to bring his cell phone with him in the shower, and his wife saw the news of the girl on Wechat, that he looked like an immortal floating in the sky.

so far, this beloved wife demon, who is famous in the circle of friends, has completely collapsed.

this love, which lasted for three years and is the envy of everyone, has come to an end.

Lao Li refused to sign the divorce agreement because he didn't think he was having an affair, at least he didn't really do anything wrong to his wife.

but no matter what he said, the wife was indifferent and insisted on a divorce.

I sighed when I heard the story.

remember a sentence I read before:

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"it's as hard to keep a man from cheating as it is to expect world peace."

is very sad, there is nothing new in the sun.

so do people, who never seem to be satisfied.

in this world, there are unexpected temptations all the time, and there are many choices in everyone's life.

as long as you like, how to choose, choose a few, there is nothing wrong with it.

only marriage is different, it goes against people's instincts and desires, and requires us to be consistent.

, if you lovePlease love deeply; if not, please don't hurt.