The power of humility (good in depth)
The power of humility (good in depth)
If you save silently, you will have strength if you have a bright heart.

Shakespeare said:

"A proud man always ends up destroying himself in pride."

because a proud person is often invincible, it is difficult to win the respect of others.

and a humble person, know how to respect others, only learn to respect others, can win the respect of others.

such people, whether in life or in the workplace, can reap good popularity and good fortune.

the low land becomes the sea, and the low man becomes the king.

the more humble a person is, the easier it is to succeed.

humble and low-key, stay away from scourge

in the Book of changes, Tai Chuan Qian says: "humanity is evil and humble."

it is human nature to hate arrogant people and prefer humble and low-key people.

"shooting a bird in the head" is too proud and defiant, it is bound to offend people, and sooner or later it will cause trouble.

Liu Wenjing and Pei Jing are a pair of old friends.

at the end of the Sui and Tang dynasties, the two men persuaded Li Yuan to mobilize troops and made great contributions to the creation of the Tang Dynasty.

after the stability of the world, Liu Wenjing's official position has always been under Pei Jing, but he thinks that his merit and ability are above Pei Jing.

so aggrieved that he even made a slip of the tongue after drinking to kill Pei Jing.

every time the DPRK and China discuss major issues, Liu Wenjing refutes any proposal put forward by Pei Jing and gets the upper hand before giving up.

come and go, there is a gap between the two.

and Liu Wenjing also left a haughty impression in everyone's mind.

later, Liu Wenjing was arrested for being reported by an out-of-favor concubine.

during the trial, Liu Wenjing was still proud of the credit. He said:

"when Taiyuan started the army, I was Sima, on a par with long Shi Pei Jing.

now, Pei Jing has been an official and shot, but I have made a lot of meritorious service in the east and west, but my official title and reward are the same as those of ordinary subjects, and I am dissatisfied. "

after hearing this, Tang Gaozu issued a decree to punish Liu Wenjing and confiscated his family property.

has come to such an end.

in fact, Liu Wenjing did not understand the "humble" philosophy of life, which led to the disaster of killing himself.

when the sky is crazy, there will be rain, and when the man is crazy, there will be disaster.

you know, no one in this world is invincible.

you may be rich, but there is always someone who earns more than you.

you are the head of the company, but there is always someone above you.

you have a high degree, but there are always people who make you speechless.

Don't look down on others, let alone overestimate yourself.

keep a humble attitude in dealing with the world, retire to protect yourself, and advance to influence others.

be cautious in your words and deeds, not angry or annoyed, can you stay away from calamity and be happy and at ease.

humble and win hearts

"I Ching Qian": "humble gentleman, humble self-pastoral also."

means that a person of noble character always defends himself with humility and is courteous to others.

such people often know how to bow their heads, but only when they know how to bow their heads can they stand out.

humility and proper bow is not only a kind of tolerance, but also a kind of survival wisdom.

humble people are often welcomed.

because at any time, they always use a humble attitude to give others "leeway".

during the Wei and Jin dynasties, there was a famous strategist and litterateur: Yang Kui.

Yang Kui, a grandson of Cai Yong in the Eastern Han Dynasty, came from a distinguished family.

he is famous for his erudition and good at debating.

but he is honest and courteous, without the slightest habit of luxury and arrogance of aristocratic children.

when he was young, Yang Kui was recommended to be an official many times, but he always refused modestly.

after Emperor Sima Yan of the Jin Dynasty became emperor, he was made a county duke because of his meritorious service in assisting Yangzhu, but he declined.

Emperor Wu of the Jin Dynasty was not forced to do so, but was promoted from the original emperor to Marquis.

although he is in a high position, he is always modest to ministers such as Wang you and Jia Chong, and never despises them because of his status.

later, Emperor Wu of Jin wanted to make him an official again, and he said:

"I have been an official for only a few years, and I have already held a prominent position. However, there are many people in North Korea who have both ability and political integrity and do not get high positions.

I have no talent and no virtue, but my status is higher than theirs. How can I quell the resentment of the people all over the world? And ask the emperor to take back his order. "

this time, the emperor did not agree.

Yang Kui is a man of humility to the bone. He never boasts in front of the emperor, but he praises people who are inferior to him in official positions.

he appreciates Li Xi's high style, Lu Yi's innocence and innocence, and Li Yin's honesty and simplicity. In his eyes, these people are better than him.

his humble way of life has won him the hearts of the people all over the world.

whether he is the king of a country, his colleagues in bureaucracy, or the people of Li, they all admire and admire him.

after his death, Emperor Wu of the Jin Dynasty ordered a grand burial for him in recognition of his noble virtue.

Laozi said that Jiang Hai became the "king of valleys" because it was downstream, so the water flowed downwards and finally converged into a river.

and whether a person can be liked in society or not depends on whether he is as willing to be subordinate as Jiang Hai.

one must learn to be humble in order to win the respect and love of others.

A truly polite, courteous person does not give in blindly, nor does he endure humiliation again and again;

is not flattery or admiration.Potential.

humility is a mature state of mind, with a generous mind to face the difference between yourself and others.

A person who has an objective understanding of himself is bound to keep a low profile and never rest on his laurels.

will only continue to broaden their horizons and expand their own pattern.

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humility and lowering your posture will make it easier to get the understanding and care of others.

humility and not being carried away by the immediate success will win the support of others and lead to a better life.

the more successful a person is, the more humble he is.

there is a sentence in the three-character Classic:

"Xizhong, division ligularia."

tells the story of Confucius worshiping a child prodigy as his teacher.

one day, the child prodigy Ligularia asked to see Confucius and said:

"I have heard that you are very learned, so I have come to ask for advice."

Confucius responded with a smile:

"say what you want to say!"

Xiang Ligong asked:

"I'd like to ask you, sir, what kind of water is there no fish? There is no smoke in what fire? What tree has no leaves? What flowers have no branches? "

Confucius is particularly puzzled when he hears this:

"what is the problem? everyone knows that there are fish in rivers, lakes and seas, and every fire has smoke; as for trees, they cannot grow into trees without leaves, and they cannot blossom without branches."

Xiang Ligularia giggled and shook his head and said:

"you are wrong. The well water has no fish, the firefly has no smoke, the dead tree has no leaves, and the snowflake has no branches. "

Confucius listened to praise again and again:

"the younger generation is awesome. It's really amazing. I would like to worship you as my teacher."

it is admirable that Confucius, a sage, worshipped a child as his teacher.

it is written in the Book of changes: "the humble is the handle of virtue."

A man's virtue begins with his humility.

the more virtuous a person is, the more humble he is.

because they understand that there are people outside the people, there are mountains outside the mountains, many times, people are actually very small.

therefore, be in awe and humility of people and things.

can feel their own smallness, will begin to be great in behavior.

the more mature the ears of rice, the easier it is to bend over; the more successful people are, the more humble they are.

A truly humble person is in awe of people and things;

know that you are not proud of yourself in a high position, and know how to demand yourself with higher standards in order to analyze yourself and face life directly.

be a humble person for the rest of your life

Zeng Guofan has a motto:

"always be humble and be less proud; say less and do more."

he wrote this sentence in his book, reminding himself every day to keep a low profile.

Zeng Guofan, who is highly praised, even has a humble heart, not to mention ordinary you and me.

humility is a vision.

you never know how tough others really are. A person who has seen a bigger world often knows how to live humbly.

the mountain does not quit the stone, becomes its majestic, the sea does not quit the water, becomes its vastness.

humility is a strength.

not arrogant, not high-profile show-off.

it is only when you save silently and have a bright heart that you have strength.

many failures in life stem from the lack of a humble and introspective heart.

if you want to achieve something, you must learn to bend your head and learn to accommodate and achieve each other.

A person who knows humility can go farther and farther and become more and more noble.