The mouth of parents determines the fate of the family.
The mouth of parents determines the fate of the family.
If you want to change your luck, start by talking well.



there is a saying in the Analects of Confucius: "one word rejuvenates the country, one word loses the country."

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the power of language is so powerful that a word can affect the rise and fall of a country.

parents who are good at warm words tend to have a happy family and beauty; while cold parents, the family is like an ice cellar, giving people a chill.

A talking parent is a blessing for a child's life

it is often said that parents are the first teachers of their children and the first college for their children to acquire knowledge and get to know the world.

"Yan's Family motto" also emphasizes:

"Life is young, it is the patent of spirit; when you have grown up, you will think about it; if you must teach early, do not miss the opportunity."

the knowledge learned in childhood often dominates a person's life, just like a house, if the foundation is not solid, it will collapse.

A mother turned to the master for help, crying about the many problems with her child.

the master asked, "have you copied the document?"

the woman replied, "photocopied."

the master asked, "if there is a mistake in the copy, will you modify the original or the copy?"

the woman replied, "of course it's the original."

the master said slowly, "Yes, all the faults of the child are copied from the parents. If you want to change the child, you must first correct it from yourself."

A famous educator once said, "you can be whatever you want your child to be."

for children, the best education is the words and deeds of their parents.

Children are the inheritance of parents from generation to generation, the future of a family, and the hope of the motherland.

to be a bright and positive parent, there will be a piece of sunshine in the heart of the child.

parents' mouths affect a child's life

in the Honor and disgrace of Xunzi, it is said: "kind words with others are warmer than cloth and silk; hurtful words are deeper than spears."

kind words are warmer than cloth, and hurtful words are more piercing than spear halberds.

in life, we are familiar with this truth, but we say warm words to others and evil words to our relatives.

Lin Huiyin, a famous talented woman, has great attainments in literature and architecture, and has many suitors.

but at the bottom of her heart, she does not accept herself, but often feels pain and inferiority complex.

in her childhood, her mother was ignored by her father, she was aggrieved, and her heart was full of resentment.

Mother often complains in front of her, complains about God, complains about her husband, complains about her own fate, and conveys negative energy to Lin Huiyin all the time.

this kind of negative energy affects her life, even when she grows up, as long as the similar picture reappears, she will indulge in the pain of the past.

as the saying goes, "knife sores are easy to go away, but evil words are hard to go away."

parents' words and deeds have an imperceptible influence on their children's personality all the time.

Cai Yuanpei, president of Peking University, said in his book the cultivation of the Chinese people: it is not academic achievement that determines a child's life, but a sound personality cultivation.

every word a parent says is powerful enough to affect a child's life.

therefore, to cultivate children who are as warm as good, start with kind words.

parents can talk, families are more prosperous

as the ancients said, "A word is more important than a nine-inch treasure; a three-inch tongue is better than a million masters."

the power of language is not to be underestimated. Only when parents can speak can they raise children who can speak.

deeds speak louder than words, and parents' words and deeds will be firmly remembered by their children.

only when parents know how to be grateful, say kind words, and often say words of gratitude, their children will know how to respect others.

parents are full of bad words and often add bad words to others, and their children will be deeply affected and continue this kind of "evil".

after scientific research and investigation, the more prosperous, happy and harmonious families are, the communication between families is like a warm spring breeze, which makes people feel more comfortable.

therefore, talking well is not only a compulsory course for parents, but also the best feng shui for a family.

"speak well" says: "the words in your mouth are your fortune and your life."

if you want to change your luck, start by talking well.

A child who can talk will benefit all his life, and a child who can talk will have a happy life.