The most comfortable view of life for adults
The most comfortable view of life for adults
If you try your best a little bit, the result will be very different.

be grateful to people

there is a 104-year-old lady with bright ears and eyes, Hale and hearty.

when someone asked her the secret of longevity, the old lady smiled:

"I have a panacea, which is to take three minutes every day to be grateful.

take one minute to be grateful to parents, husbands, children, neighbors and strangers; one minute to be grateful for nature's care and thoughtfulness; one minute to be grateful for every peaceful, warm and happy day. "

gratitude makes her heart flow with the spring of happiness, so the body is naturally healthy and life is naturally long.

there is a saying in Cai Gentan: "people must not forget their kindness to me, but their grievances must not be forgotten."

in one's life, one should not forget the kindness of others and remember their grievances.

Sheep has the grace of kneeling, crows have the meaning of back-feeding, do not forget to build bridges across the river, do not forget to dig wells, those who fall in fact think of their trees, and those who drink their streams have their sources.

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in this life, what we should bear in mind most is those who gave generously to us when they were poor.

people who cut knives for us when we are in trouble, those who bring us food and medicine when we are ill, and those who are in the same boat with us when we are in trouble.

Wei Zheng in the Tang Dynasty said: "those who love are anti-love, and those who are in the past are blessed."

you love others, and they also love you; if you seek happiness for others, others will make you happy.

the grass feels gracious, it is lush; the flower feels rain, it is gorgeous; the flower feels gracious, it grows.

exercise self-restraint

Wang Yangming said, "A man must have a heart for himself before he can control himself and become himself."

Goethe also said in Faust: "only those who can control can get things done."

Don't be confused by external things, know how to delay gratification, and you will win half of your life.

there was a painter who wanted to paint immortals, so he went to the temple.

he saw a monk with a clear and serene temperament.

so he invited the monk to be his model and promised to pay a lot of money.

after the painting was completed, the painter became famous and the monk was well paid.

soon after, the painter wanted to paint demons, so he went to prison.

he saw a prisoner with a hideous face, so he began to paint.

the painter was very strange: "Why are you crying?"

the prisoner said, "I was the last time you painted immortals, but this time you painted demons or me."

it turns out that after the monks got paid, they went down the mountain to eat, drink, whore and gamble.

the money soon ran out, but his desire became greater and greater, and eventually he fell step by step, began to steal, rob, do everything evil, and ended up in prison.

when the painter heard this, he let out a long sigh, threw away his brush and stopped painting.

the human heart is the most difficult to look directly at. Fairies and demons are only in the middle of a thought.

once trapped in desire, there is no turning back.

Zhuang Tzu said, "the wren nests in the deep forest, but one branch; the Yan rat drinks the river, but its stomach is full."

it takes nothing more than a branch for a wren to build its nest in the forest, and for a mole to drink water in a river.

restrain your desires and live a simple life in order to have more.

refrain from being casual in order to become a knowledgeable person;

restrain one's desires in order to become a self-disciplined person;

to control your temper, you can become a rational person.

restrain your dependence in order to become a self-reliant person.

cherish things

Zhu Bolu wrote in Zhu Zi's Family motto, "one porridge and one meal is not easy to come by."

small waters flow year after year, but lavish spending is hard to last for a long time. To cherish things is to cherish happiness.

Tao Kan, a famous general of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, is a man who cherishes things and blessings.

when he was in Jingzhou, he ordered the shipbuilder to collect the sawdust left during shipbuilding, no matter how much it was. We all don't understand.

on the first day of the first lunar month, at the beginning of the snow, people gathered. After cleaning, the front of Fu Ya is still muddy.

Tao Kan asked people to scatter sawdust on the ground so that they could pass normally.

moreover, the official bamboo, Tao Kan ordered to leave thick bamboo heads, piled up like a mountain.

later, when Huan Wen cut Shu, bamboo heads were used as bamboo nails for shipbuilding.

on another occasion, an official dug up bamboo, because the bamboo root was so hard that it could be used as a material for bamboo nails.

Tao Kan saw this and immediately promoted the man to two levels.

No wonder Shi Shuo Xinyu praised him: "Tao is frugal and diligent."

subtle things such as sawdust and bamboo roots turn decay into magic when they come to Tao Kan.

it can be seen that all things in the world are in the right place and in good use.

cherish a tree, enough to witness the vicissitudes of time; cherish a cloud, enough to bring a cool summer breeze;

cherish a drop of water, enough to reflect the light of the sun; cherish a smile, enough to warm the frozen heart.

everything in the world is as short as a dream, may we cherish people and things, sit and watch the years, and embrace peace!

try your best to do something

what is a real effort?

is that you use up all you can think of, what you can do, what you can do, and what you can do. This is the real effort.

if it still doesn't help, then you should let go if you are unwilling to accept the result, because you really try your best..

as Wang Anshi said in his Journey to praise Zen Mountain, if I try my best but cannot reach it, I can have no regrets. Who can ridicule it?

and many times, when you do your best, you will find that the world is suddenly wider and the world is suddenly bigger. You can think of a lot of ways that you have never thought of before, and you can meet a lot of dignitaries you have never met before.

this is the Law of attraction: "when you make up your mind to do something, the whole world will help you."

my brother is a good reader and ranks firmly in the top three of the grade in every exam.

when I came home for the Spring Festival, I asked him, "it must be very hard to study so hard."

my younger brother said easily, "it's not hard. I'm just trying a little bit harder than others."

I asked with interest, "what do you mean by that?"

he continued: "the more you can't solve a problem, the more you can't ignore it. My principle is to figure out all the knowledge points and never let go of any blind spot." In this way, every time I make an examination paper, the less knowledge I can't know, and the better I will naturally do in the exam. "

"good boy!" I couldn't help stroking my hands and laughing.

maybe my younger brother is just talking about learning methods, but it is more wise to put it in life.

A dike of thousands of miles breaks in an ant's nest and rises on a nine-story platform.

bit by bit accumulation seems insignificant, over time, it can produce a qualitative change reaction.

when two people met a tiger in the forest, one ran away, and the other asked, "you can't outrun the tiger anyway, why are you still working so hard?"

try a little bit, and the results will be very different.

finally, a sentence for Takeshi Kitano:

"although it is hard, I will still choose that kind of hot life."

I hope you can also become a person who is grateful to others, self-restraint, cherishes things, and tries his best to do things.

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