The longest relationship is heart for heart.
The longest relationship is heart for heart.
People in this life, only the sincerity can not be disappointed, only affection can not be deceived.

someone once asked Uncle, "what kind of relationship can last long?"

from my uncle's point of view, those long-term relationships are inseparable from two words: heart.

A person's surface can be camouflaged, but his heart cannot be hidden.

the false affection in the relationship will be seen through sooner or later, and only the sincerity can be left behind.

as the saying goes, watering flowers and roots makes people heart to heart.

if you want a long relationship, please learn to change your heart with your heart.

respect each other and think of others

Yi Shu once said:

"the sign of a person's true maturity is to find that there are fewer and fewer people to blame.

the reason is simple: everyone has their own difficulties, and you don't necessarily understand their lives. "

in relationships, the most important thing is to learn to respect and transposition.

understand each other's situation, protect each other's dignity, and fulfill each other's choice.

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this is the best relationship model between adults.

the recent popularity of the ancient idol drama "Menghualu" shows the admiration of the love between the man and the woman.

Zhao Paner came from a happy family with a humble status; Gu Qianfan mingled in officialdom and held a high position of power.

two people who are totally different from each other in the eyes of the world are determined by each other's love and respect.

Zhao Paner understands Gu Qianfan's helplessness and travel in officialdom, bringing him the warmth of love and the fireworks of home.

Gu Qianfan understands Zhao Paner's independence and strength as a woman, and gives her respect and support in her career and life.

in that society, breaking the secular vision, the feelings of mutual respect between Zhao Paner and Gu Qianfan are very precious.

even in today's society, such feelings are still yearning.

We should all understand that there is no perfect match between two people in the world.

everyone is an independent individual with his own values and preferences.

in any relationship, you can't impose your own ideas on others, and don't judge others by your own standards.

the best way to love someone is to respect each other and think more from each other's point of view.

although they are different, they respect each other, and the best feelings are just like this.

trust each other and be sincere

between people, the most difficult thing to build is trust, and the easiest thing to destroy is trust.

We have no reservations about those we trust, no precautions, and give ourselves up wholeheartedly.

but if the belief is not human, it is to give each other a knife, once the other side attacks, the knife is fatal.

Reader Xiaoxiao recently left a message saying that he had been hurt by his best friend.

Xiaoxiao and his friends have known each other for more than ten years and know almost all their experiences and secrets.

they carry things together, share blessings together, and regard each other as the most precious friends.

Last year, they made new friends and both of them had a crush on one of the boys.

Xiaoxiao didn't think much about it. Love is a matter between two people, and everything goes with fate.

but before long, rumors about Xiaoxiao frequently reached her ears, and the boy began to keep his distance from her.

Xiaoxiao knew that she had been betrayed by her best friend.

secrets known only to each other are thus used by friends as tools to attack her.

Xiaoxiao's heart seems to have been hollowed out, completely blackening his friend in his heart.

there is a good saying: "the person who trusts the most often hurts you the most, because he knows your weakness and your weakness best."

and the trust between people is often one-off.

it is like a piece of paper, once wrinkled, no matter how to cover it flat, it can not be restored.

as long as you experience a betrayal, trust will be destroyed and our relationship will never be restored.

be grateful and exchange your heart for heart

I have heard such a sentence:

"gratitude is the smallest virtue, ingratitude is the worst vice."

I strongly agree.

the most important thing for a person to stand in the world is to be grateful.

parents who raise you up, lovers who help each other, friends who walk together, and even well-meaning strangers.

in this life, we have grown and made progress with their care and help.

always be grateful is the best way to repay them.

in the variety show "Friends Please listen up", a girl called to thank a strange driver.

the girl said she was suddenly fired when she graduated from her internship.

it happened to be a rainstorm that day. She had no umbrella and stood awkwardly in the rain with something in her hand, and her mood collapsed for a time.

learned that the girl was fired, worried that the fare was too high, the master asked the girl's usual taxi price.

when the meter jumped to this price, the master silently stopped the meter.

when the girl got out of the car, the master also handed her an umbrella to encourage her not to lose heart.

I think the most beautiful look in the world is when the master's kindness meets the girl who is grateful.

because I have been in the rain, I want to hold an umbrella for others.

in the days to come, when she meets someone in need, the girl will certainly try her best to help like a strange driver.

Thanksgiving, heart for heart, a thank you, in exchange for the most sincere feelings.

thisThe warmth of the world is often passed on in goodwill and gratitude.

those who are grateful will eventually be rewarded by the years.

Haruki Murakami said:

"you have to remember those who hold umbrellas for you in the heavy rain, those who protect you from foreign things, and those who hold you silently in the dark...."

they don't have to do this, but because of love, they are willing to pay for you.

people in this life, only the sincerity can not be disappointed, only affection can not be deceived.

, for the rest of your life, please cherish when you meet someone who cares for you.

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