The life of the child is what kind of husband you marry.
The life of the child is what kind of husband you marry.
May every child grow up in a harmonious and happy family and have a comfortable and happy childhood.

Marriage, is a woman's second reincarnation, a good life of happiness, bad investment can only be associated with pain, reincarnation is good or not depends on what kind of man you marry.

A man's character is gentle and gentle, and his family life is naturally happy; if he is irascible and impermanent, he has nothing to do with happiness.

A husband with personality problems is a bomb that explodes the family, destroys the child, and even makes the child live in haze all his life.

Child psychologist Gesell said:

"in parent-child education, the father's participation is injected with special elements that the mother does not have."

the role of husband can never be replaced in a family, especially for families with children, which plays a very important role in the development of children's character and values.

marry a husband with a good temper

is a good feng shui for families

marrying a husband with a good temper is a blessing for a woman all her life, and it also plays a role in getting twice the result with half the effort in the growth of children.

in family relationships, even if men will make money again, as long as they have a bad temper, the family will not have good feng shui and their children will not achieve great success.

my friend Xiaoya has a deep experience of this. Xiaoya's husband is a small boss of a start-up company, because the situation is not good in recent years, career development is difficult, and he is particularly anxious.

every time my husband comes home, he is in a very bad mood and doesn't know when he will send it out. Considering her husband's pressure, Xiaoya lives carefully. Not only that, as long as her father comes back, her 7-year-old son is too scared to breathe.

the child knows that if he makes a small mistake and hits his father at gunpoint, he will certainly be scolded.

in such a family environment, children become timid, paranoid and sensitive, vulnerable, unwilling to interact with their classmates, and have serious communication barriers.

A bad-tempered father is a child's nightmare; a good-tempered father is a child's luck.

Deng Yaping is the first ping-pong player to win a grand slam. She has said many times that she has achieved this because of her good-natured father.

Deng Yaping's father is a careful and patient man. Whenever Deng Yaping loses the game and holds on to her opponent, her father will patiently reason with her instead of losing her temper.

under the guidance and encouragement of her father, Deng Yaping persevered and finally became the world champion.

after retiring, many people asked her what kind of person she was looking for in the future. Deng Yaping said directly that the other person should have her father's character and temper.

educator Spencer once said:

"the father is the guide for the child to the outside world."

A father's good temper will make the family warmer, make the relationship between husband and wife more harmonious, and make the parent-child relationship healthier. It is a good feng shui for a family. It is very difficult for such a family to be unhappy.

marry a husband with a sense of responsibility

Children are happier

A responsible husband may not have much money and is not tall and handsome for the time being, but he will fully participate in the family and is especially willing to participate in the growth of his children and let them feel the temperature of love.

Wei Wei and David are a model couple. In order to make Wei Wei pursue her dream, he is willing to be the man behind her. He is a good man who loves his family, wife and children.


is a full-time nanny. Under his responsible care, her daughter is always surrounded by love, cute and cute. She doesn't waste food and corrects her mistakes. She is loved by everyone.

as a husband and father, men have to bear the courage and responsibility to fall one day. To evade responsibility in the family is a complete loser.

husband is not only a kind of responsibility, but also a kind of guardian, while father is a kind of address and a kind of love.

it is a lifetime of luck for a child to be loved by his father in childhood, but it is a lifelong regret if he does not get it.

for example, star girl Zhang Yuqi, because of the lack of fatherly love, her emotional road is particularly bumpy, looking for a man who is much older than herself.

as far as her previous two husbands are concerned, Wang Quanan is 21 years older than her, and Yuan Bayuan is 14 years older than her. It is obvious that both of them are in line with her psychological expectations of her father.

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it was written in the book raising Girls:

"if the father does not play his role seriously and cannot provide male strength and instruction to help his daughter, there will be something wrong with her mind."

in family life, a man's sense of responsibility is too important, because only a responsible man can make his wife feel at ease and give his children enough strength to fight against the future.

Best family education

Dad loves Mom and Dad

in family relations, it is very important for fathers to love their mothers. Only by doing this can their children grow up better and have a bright future in a loving environment.

A good family education is that your father loves your mother. The education you love between your parents is the greatest education in the world, and no money can match it.

watching "Man doing housework 2", Zhang Jike's father was attracted by Zhang Jike, and netizens lamented that he was really a good man.

early in the morning, Father Zhang began to be busy.After that, he didn't feel hard at all, and when he was finally finished, he didn't forget to prepare fruit for his mother Zhang.

when father Zhang is busy, mother Zhang is dressing up carefully. From the video, we can see that mother Zhang is in a very good state of mind, not only fair skin but also elegant temperament.

Why is Mama Zhang in such good shape? In the final analysis, it was spoiled by Zhang's father. Here, Zhang's mother is only responsible for being as beautiful as flowers, and he is responsible for all the trifles of life.

Zhang Jike completely sees his father's love for his mother. In such a family environment, Zhang Jike is very sunny and calm. On the whole, his personality construction is very complete, so it is not surprising that he can become a world champion.

in family relationships, a woman's happiness index determines the happiness of a family, while a woman's happiness index is often determined by a man's attitude.

Dad loves his mother, which is an example for a child to learn to love, and the most valuable gift a child has ever received in his life.

I saw a sentence on the Internet, and I thought it was true:

"A father's best love for his child is to love his child's mother; a mother's best love for his child is to appreciate and admire his father."

if you live in a family surrounded by love, your child will naturally live a happy life.

, may every family in the world have a good-natured father, and may every child grow up in a harmonious and happy family and have a comfortable and happy childhood.