The highest way to live: to be alone
The highest way to live: to be alone
People are either lonely or vulgar.

Confucian style



philosopher Pascal once said:

"almost all our pain comes from our poor ability to be alone in the room."

after going through all kinds of storms, I have come to understand that serenity is the ultimate destination.

accustomed to seeing the cold and warm of human feelings, I understand more and more that loneliness is the normal state of life.

is no longer keen to call friends, no longer linger in the lively and prosperous, life returns to insipid, gradually realize:

the most advanced way of living for the rest of life is to be alone.

solitude gives freedom to the soul

Mr. Yang Jiang said: "I didn't know until the end that the world is my own and has nothing to do with others."

he cut firewood and built a cabin on the bank of Walden Lake for two years and two months and two days.

he opened up wasteland and cultivated land, cultivated and lived alone. When he was hungry, he ate the simple food he cultivated, and when he was thirsty, he drank pure and clear lake water.

it would be too lonely to live alone in the depths of the forest, but Thoreau did not think so.

he said: "as long as the four seasons as friends, I believe that nothing can make life a burden to me."

Let a hundred flowers blossom in spring, see lakes and mountains in summer, harvest fruitful fruits in autumn, and watch white in winter night.

in the middle of the vast forest on the banks of Walden, Thoreau was the only owner here, and he could do whatever he wanted, regardless of anyone's eyes.

on the banks of Walden, he enjoys solitude and loves the freedom that solitude brings.

Schopenhauer said: "A man can only be himself when he is alone." Whoever doesn't like to be alone, doesn't love freedom. Because a person is really free only when he is alone. "

it was because of his solitude on the banks of Walden that Thoreau's freedom was achieved, and in the depths of this isolated forest, he was free from restraint and worry, and he really became himself.

Today, we don't need to go into the forest alone and live in isolation. At home, we can enjoy the freedom of being alone.

because solitude is not a state, but an ability.

there are fewer meaningless wine games, and the laughter of the family is always sweeter than that on the wine table.

make fewer friends without sincerity, and family will always be the harbor where our souls live.

instead of wasting time on pleasantries and politeness, it is better to accompany the family and enjoy the daily meal freely.

solitude, giving freedom to the soul, is the best spiritual enrichment.

be alone, give tenderness to the years

did you feel resentful because of your unsatisfactory work? Will you feel lonely because your family doesn't understand? Or is it miserable for the trifles of life?

Please believe that time owes you tenderness, double compensation for being alone.

Li Zhuan, a poet in the Tang Dynasty, was demoted at the time of Emperor Xianzong.

this incident made him extremely depressed, and his family did not understand him and left him.

the double whammy of family and work made him unbearable, collapsed, drowsy and drunk all day long.

one day he suddenly found that the bright spring was about to leave him, so the poet worked hard and wanted to climb the mountain to enjoy the spring.

on the way, he inadvertently passed a temple full of bamboo. He met an eminent monk and talked to him for a long time.

here he enjoyed a short period of serenity, the breeze came slowly, the bamboo leaves danced, and he could not help feeling relaxed and happy, and the troubles disappeared for a while.

so he gladly wrote poems on the walls of the temple:

during the daze and drunken dreams all day long, I suddenly hear that spring is as strong as mountain climbing.

because of the monks' words in the bamboo courtyard, they have to float for half a day.

the sentence "half a day of floating life" has been known by people ever since.

it is precisely because of his solitude that he gets a moment of leisure in this troubled world, and then relieves all kinds of boredom and completely frees his body and mind.

in fact, many troubles in our lives are like dust falling into a cup.

if you keep shaking the cup, the water in it will be muddy.

if you just put it gently on the table, the dust will settle at the bottom of the cup and the water leaves will become clear and clean.

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if you chase, the pain increases with each passing day; if you are alone, the breeze is blowing in your face.

as Zhou Guoping said:

"solitude is a wonderful moment and experience in life. Although there is some loneliness, there is a kind of fullness in loneliness."

being alone gives tenderness to the years, gives us a quiet heart, precipitates the hustle and bustle of life, and feels the stillness of the years.

be alone and give self-discipline to life

writer Bing Xin once wrote such a short poem:

"people only admire the beauty of a successful flower. However, at the beginning, her bud was soaked in the tears of struggle and sprinkled with the rain of blood of sacrifice. "

in fact, behind all excellence is ascetic-like self-discipline.

and every time we are alone and every piece of self-discipline, will turn into a bright light, illuminate the way forward, and help us break the cocoon and turn into butterflies.

there was a small worker who taught himself English by reading books, while the other workers just smoked, played cards and played football, and laughed at the use of reading English. Can the meter workers use English?

later, some English materials came to the factory, which no one in the factory could understand, and this small worker knew English. The factory was a sensation all at once, and everyone treated the handyman differently.

but at that time, he was still doing his part-time job, and his status had not changed.

after another period of time, there was a shortage of translators. I heard that there was a young man here, so I borrowed him.

in their alone time, some people like to watch videos, play games, or eat and drink day and night.

and some people are self-disciplined and diligent, or hold a reverie, or listen to music, or stay up at night to read …...

it is precisely because of those unknown alone day and night, decades of self-discipline, Yang Jiechi can stand out.

as Schopenhauer said, "people are either lonely or vulgar."

mediocre people fill the void with excitement, while good people make themselves by being alone.

what really widens the gap in our lives is never any talent, but your attitude towards life when you are alone.

when people reach middle age, they can enjoy loneliness and adhere to self-discipline so that they can keep prosperity and see the stars all over the sky.

there is a sentence in Zhou Guoping's collection of essays:

"the best state of life is rich silence.

people are mediocre when they are middle-aged.

perhaps only in solitude can we enjoy the commendable quietness and richness.

for the rest of our lives, may we learn to be alone, enjoy solitude, watch the flowers blossom and fall, and follow the clouds.