The best way to live by yourself: organize yourself.
The best way to live by yourself: organize yourself.
Brave people carve out their own destiny, and each is the pioneer of his own destiny.



Liang Shiqiu wrote in "Leisure is Life":

"sooner or later, trees and people all have the same fate, and they all have to fall down, except for one thing. Trees worry about external dangers, while people worry about internal disturbances."

the answer is actually simple, that is to practice your heart.

Jung, the master of psychology, said: "those who look out are dreaming, and those who look inward are awake."

the most important thing in life is to pay attention to your heart and learn to organize your ability.

for a long time, remember to organize yourself all the time, don't think about the past, live in the present, and anchor the direction in order to live a beautiful life.

sort out the past and learn to let go

Bruce Lee said: "empty your cup before you can fill it again. There is no room for perfection."

indeed, all human experiences, good or bad, will eventually become a thing of the past.

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only by emptying the past in time can we travel light and draw new strength.

the story of a cancer girl who "cures herself by learning" has recently been posted on People's Daily, which is touching.

Chen Linqiong, who is only 24 years old, was just hired by Xinyi Company last year and was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer during a physical examination.

so life slammed on the brakes, stopped working, broke up with her boyfriend, and embarked on the road to cancer.

4 wisdom teeth extracted in 3 days, 3 times of chemotherapy, more than 30 times of radiotherapy.

the process of the treatment was miserable, but the young girl stuck it out.

she even secretly encouraged herself and decided to focus on herself by taking the postgraduate entrance examination.

in the face of the sudden blow, she did not indulge in it, but let it pass and actively look forward.

recently, there came the good news that she was successfully admitted to graduate school. In her recovery, she sighed with emotion:

"good things are bound to happen after difficulties.

if I got sick, lost my job and broke up last year, I didn't do anything.

then I will still be immersed in this quagmire,

but I made another choice and tried to change the result. "

I have to say that self-enlightenment is very important in quickly rewriting the life script and turning fate into victory.

also read a philosophical story:

Master and disciple saw a woman standing by the river. There was no boat or bridge on the river, and she could not cross the river.

so the master immediately picked up the woman to cross the river, and the disciple was puzzled by the situation.

when he returned to the temple, he could not help asking, "monks are not close to women. Why did the master do this?"

the master replied, "I've gone so far. I put it down a long time ago. Why are you still carrying it?"

We often feel that life is difficult because we are carrying too many things that should have been given up a long time ago.

Love but not get feelings, resentful and aggrieved encounter, missed regret …...

every time I keep thinking about it, it is actually an obsession, which only suppresses my inability to be happy and binds me to move forward.

people often say, "to give up is to get; if you don't give up, you can't get it; if you put it down, you have to be at ease."

it is said that everything in the past is a preface.

on the way of life, it is a great wisdom not to forget to sort out the past, to let go of joys and sorrows, to be in a fresh state of mind, and to start easily at any time.

organize the present, live from the present

John Lennon said, "when we are running for life, life has left us."

most of the time, we think we are living very hard, but we always fall into a kind of suffering or out of control.

maintain a friendship with different values, repeat mechanical work, and indulge in endless emotions.

if you do not reflect on the situation and withdraw from the negative things in time, the result will only get worse and worse.

Ellie, editor-in-chief of an American fashion magazine, has made the magazine popular in just three years.

many fashion brands come to give her gifts and banquets, hoping that the magazine can make more recommendations and exposures for them.

at first, out of etiquette, Ellie had to find time to socialize in her busy work.

over time, she felt more and more tired and resistant, because it went against her original intention of doing the magazine.

and she goes out frequently and neglects to check the magazine production, which also leads to a decline in sales.

was in a hurry, she went to listen to a speech on control.

she was so inspired that she sent thank-you letters to all brands, declined unnecessary contacts, and focused on her business from then on.

after several innovative moves, magazine sales also began to rise.

later, she said in an interview:

"when you feel like you're in a bad state, something wrong must have happened, so get rid of it."

in the final analysis, we should always examine ourselves in the moment and make arrangements:

tidying up the living environment, it's best to throw away cluttered items;

organize the circles around you, or give up the difficult relationship;

sort out your emotions and jump out of the mood of internal friction.

Rob HuaiSpecial said: "No matter how bad the situation is, you should try to dominate your environment and save yourself from the darkness."

there are many opportunities in life. It is also a victory to maintain the vigilance of the present, stimulate yourself to adjust to the state and break through the shackles.

sort out the direction and move forward firmly

Seneca said: "if a person does not know where he is going, then no wind is tailwind."

some people have a mediocre life, have no direction, and feel that life is full of thorns, so they accomplish nothing.

and some people, their hearts are full of ideals, dormant forward, more frustrated and more brave, so they gain a lot.

many people don't know that planes deviate from their course for 95% of their flight time.

depends on the pilot constantly adjusting the direction in the airstream and returning to the destination to ensure that he finally arrives.

it's the same with our lives. We may take some detours, but we can't miss our goals.

sometimes there are a lot of ideas, and you need to sort out the direction carefully and choose the best.

sometimes you need to put aside your confusion and see what you want in your heart.

it is said that the swimmer Chadwick did not stick it out only once in his career of crossing the strait.

at that time, she was foggy and had a poor field of vision. After swimming in the cold water for 15 hours, she gradually lost her strength.

her mother and coach were on the other boat to cheer her up, but she could not see anything because of the thick fog in front of her.

in the end, she decided to give up and learned later that she was only half a mile away from the coast.

she said unwillingly, "what really makes her give up halfway is not fatigue or cold, but not being able to see the goal in the thick fog."