The best way to forget someone you shouldn't love is just two words.
The best way to forget someone you shouldn't love is just two words.
Whether you are good or not, there will always be someone waiting for you.

the smartest way at this time is to choose free and easy to put down, according to these three steps, forget the person you shouldn't love.


in life, everything pays attention to one fate, especially love.

it is predestined to meet thousands of miles away, but it is hard to hold hands ruthlessly.

falling in love with a person who should not be loved shows that there is no fate between two people. Since there is no fate and no share, why insist on it?

delete all his contact information at this time, and from now on, it is the best way to say goodbye to each other.

otherwise, this relationship will go on and on, and it will be messed up one day in the future.

there is an impressive sentence in Life deletion Office: "deletion is sometimes a guardian."

for those who shouldn't fall in love, deletion is the most respectable farewell to each other, telling yourself not to indulge in the past.

A handsome person will never be obsessed with fighting. Only by deleting him can we make our heart hold more happiness.

in a relationship, never think about what you shouldn't force. Letting go bravely can lead to a better future.


when I see a sentence in moments, I think it makes sense:

"when we are obsessed with something meaningless, the easiest way is to distract you."

there are always some tough moments in life. If you lose your way in love, try to divert your attention to something else.

A person reading, traveling and doing sports is chic and unrestrained. Have a heart-to-heart relationship with nature, talk to good friends, or calm down and find comfort in books.

these hobbies can make you forget your troubles for a while, let go of your burden, and face your heart truly.

Don't be too sentimentally attached to those you shouldn't love, let alone struggle alone and continue to struggle in the same place of pain.

Life should look forward, there is a bright day, there are beautiful people and things, will not make people feel at a loss and sad.


there are many idle people, and a busy man can solve a thousand sorrows.

busy is the cure for everything. Once people are busy, they do not have too many complex emotions, let alone wishful thinking and worry about gains and losses.

in life, both men and women must have a career. It is the best bargaining chip to manage love.

when your relationship is not satisfactory, you can invest your time and energy in yourself and on self-improvement.

Zhang Xiaoxian once said:

"when love is absent, you should work harder, work hard and try to make progress.

when a man has a career, there are women. When a woman has a career, even if there is no love, at least she still has money. "

at any time, the best way for a person to keep fresh is to make progress and make himself a better and more lovable person.

enjoy life, do a good job, adjust your body and mind in the busy work, and let yourself grow into a person who is strong in heart and not afraid of loneliness.

I like what Lu Yao said very much:

"A person has a lot to love in his life. Don't be discouraged just because he is dissatisfied."

in this world, everyone deserves to be loved, cherished and cared for.

whether you are good or not, there will always be someone waiting for you.

and only by forgetting the one you shouldn't love will you make room for the one who deserves to love and love the one you should love better.

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one day in the future, he will come to you with all his tenderness across the vast sea of people.

meet and know each other, walk into your heart and never leave again.