She died suddenly, stinging all over the network: "she who can't be searched by hot search is really distressing."... "
She died suddenly, stinging all over the network: "she who can't be searched by hot search is really distressing."... "
Baise mountain, you are the most beautiful morning glow, the battlefield to get rid of poverty, you are eye-catching yellow flowers.

my name is Huang Wenxiu

the rain was pouring, the thunder was rolling, there was mud ahead, and landslides on both sides galloped down the hillside.

she sat alone in the car, lightning and thunder outside the window and darkness.

after a long sit-in, she seemed to calm down and said:

"meet me. My name is Huang Wenxiu."

this picture is from "the daughter of the Mountain" starring Yang Rong and Liu Yijun.

Yang Rong is still an acting school as always. She is now 41 years old, but she can easily play a female college graduate.

Smart, youthful and lively, all in her silent acting skills that nourish all things.

when the play began to air, it was well received. In the face of fame, Yang Rong just modestly said:

"in the face of creative literary shows, the so-called performance experience and skills are pale and useless. Express sincerely, think what she thinks, do what she does. Thank you for the director's encouragement and help. "

Yang Rong said that all the experience and skills are useless in the face of Wenxiu. When it comes to this, my uncle thought of the award words about Huang Wenxiu in "moving China"--

some people leave the mountains and never come back. You come back from the city, but you never leave. When I come, I am afraid that I will not be brave enough. When I leave in a hurry, I will leave the most beautiful time.

Baise mountain, you are the most beautiful sunrise, the battlefield to get rid of poverty, you are the eye-catching yellow flower.

born in Dashan, grew up in Dashan

Huang Wenxiu, born in Baise, Guangxi, is surrounded by mountains and rugged roads.

her home is as barren as this land, without a piece of decent furniture all the year round, and her father has to rely on farming to support the family.

it is said that the children of the poor are in charge at an early age, and so is Huang Wenxiu. When she was very young, she followed her father to work in the fields.

within sight, there are mountains out of sight. Getting out of here is the hope of this family.

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the rugged mountain road, Huang Wenxiu did not know how many miles to walk before he had a road to a big city.

and this road is paved by the state's poverty subsidy. Huang Wenxiu has not forgotten, but she has not forgotten her poor hometown.

maybe from then on, the girl who was born in the mountain and grew up in the mountain had faith, and there was light in her heart before she could illuminate the haze of the mountain.

when she walked step by step from the small gully to Beijing, she realized the size of the world and remembered that her hometown was so poor.

I have known the world, but I still feel sorry for the grass and trees.

after graduating from Beijing normal University, she has always been excellent in holding several offer, and her future is bright, so why not live a better life in Beijing?

but she pushed the bright future away, turned away, and returned to the mountain.

"A lot of people come out of the countryside and don't want to go back, but there's always someone who wants to go back. I'm the one who wants to go back."

Huang Wenxiu's ideal is to change his hometown so that more children like himself can afford to go to school and more families like himself can get rich.

it is difficult to be the first secretary of the village.

Huang Wenxiu encountered difficulties when he first arrived, the language was not clear, the local villagers were stubborn, and the situation in the countryside was very complicated. He wanted to do practical things not by being passionate, but by endless patience.

in order to let herself go deep into the local area, Huang Wenxiu learned the local dialect, but even so, the stubborn poor families still refused her.

refusing to change is poor in thought. Only by changing one's mind can we really get rid of poverty.

between the green mountains and green rivers, there is a figure shuttling back and forth on the mountain road every day. When the poor family refused her once, she came to the door for the second and third time, until the man opened the door.

Huang Wenxiu is a very capable person. When he first took office, there were 103 poor households in the village, with a poverty incidence rate of 22%. It was a deeply poor village. After a year in the village, she visited all the poor families in the village over and over again.

later in her poverty alleviation diary, she wrote:

"on the day that I stayed in the village for a full year, the mileage of my car dashboard just increased by 25000 kilometers. I simply posted a circle of friends: 'happy first anniversary of the long March in my heart'."

at this time, Baini Village has slowly begun to take off the hat of poverty, and the fruits of simplicity, beauty and wealth are finally blooming in this land.

in 2018, 103 poor households in Baini Village successfully lifted 88 out of poverty, and the incidence of poverty dropped from 22.88% when she took office to 2.71%.

in more than 30 years of life, Huang Wenxiu came out of poverty and turned back to change poverty.

but when everything began to move forward, Huang Wenxiu's fate came quietly.

the cold people all over the world have a happy face

in mid-June 2019, days of torrential rain destroyed part of the irrigation canal in Baini village, and the rice seedlings cultivated by the villagers were unable to be transplanted into the rice fields.

on June 16, Huang Wenxiu planned to celebrate the holiday for his father at home, but the situation in Baini Village was so critical that as the village secretary, Huang Wenxiu had to leave his family and hurriedly drive back to Baini Village.

but who canThought that this would be the last side of Wenxiu left to Baise.

at 11:00 that night, the heavy rain was getting heavier and heavier, the landslides washed away the mountain road, and the unexpected heavy rain blocked Huang Wenxiu's road.

in her video, the road ahead is in stagnant water, and Huang Wenxiu is in a dilemma. After repeated choices, she chose to move on.

all the people are calling her at this time:

"Wenxiu, please don't come back."

"Wenxiu, it's raining hard. Where are you?"

"Wenxiu, answer my phone, where are you?"

but Huang Wenxiu will never see the amiable and lovely villagers of Baini.

18 rescuers found Huang Wenxiu's body.

the pain in the heart is not only the father of Huang Wenxiu, but also the villagers of Baini Village.

on the day that Baini Village took off its hat to help the poor, they held a victory banquet, and the mountains were no longer surrounded by desperate poverty, but the foreseeable future.

the villagers of Baini Village opened the wine that Huang Wenxiu once treasured, and they said, "Secretary Huang Wenxiu has done a lot for us and for Baini."

this altar of wine was once buried by Huang Wenxiu. She said that on the day of victory, let's drink together!

but when this innocence comes, she is buried forever in this mountain, becoming a difficult peace in the heart of the people of Baini.

he said, "I try to eat every day now. Although it is difficult to eat, in order to reassure Wen Xiu, I will swallow it desperately. "

he is heartbroken and unable to swallow, but he is also proud of Wenxiu.

some cadres went to Huang Wenxiu's home to express their condolences, and her father declined the condolence money. "We cannot cause trouble to the party and the country," he said. This money can be used in poverty alleviation work in the village. "

on the day she left Beijing, her friend said:

"there are thousands of Ande and Xiamen, and the poor people all over the world are happy. Can you afford it? Let's be realistic. "

but she really managed to protect all the poor people from all over the world.

in that stormy night, Huang Wenxiu put his life into practice--

"I will lead the villagers out of poverty."

simple and firm.

Huang Wenxiu was only 30 years old when he died, and his life passed in a hurry. Uncle saw not only the mission of a soldier, but also the tenacity of women.

she did not bow her head in the face of extreme poverty;

in the face of life choices, she is duty-bound to look back;

in the face of the cold people all over the world, she regarded death as if she were going home.

A woman, in this piece of land, left a rich and colorful brushstroke.

just like that award word--

Baise mountain, you are the most beautiful sunrise, the battlefield to get rid of poverty, you are the eye-catching yellow flower.