Running is the cure for everything.
Running is the cure for everything.
Running and not running lead a different life.

running seems trivial, but when you stick to it for a long time, you will gradually find that it will bring you unexpected surprises.

it can not only change people's appearance, strengthen people's physique, but also get rid of troubles, make you physically and mentally comfortable, and thus obtain double health and vitality.

it can be seen that running is the cure for everything.

run, keep fit

Life lies in exercise. Only by forming the habit of persisting in exercise can one keep alive.

exercise can not only build a healthy figure and keep you away from greasy and fat, but also keep your body in a healthy state.

and running is the cheapest and easiest way to exercise.

blogger Big Tim has shared his running experience.

he is an ordinary programmer, often sedentary at work, working at a desk, and usually not in the habit of exercising.

coupled with middle-aged fat, his weight was as high as 150 jin, his body was seriously out of shape, and he was full of fat.

so that people around him began to laugh at him, too greasy.

in addition, obesity has also caused a variety of health risks to his body.

this brings great trouble to his life.

so he made up his mind to lose weight.

after watching many people's weight loss sharing on the Internet and looking for various weight loss strategies, he found that running was the easiest way to implement, and then he began to try running.

at first, he was very tired after running several hundred meters, but he gritted his teeth and persisted.

in this way, running every day has become his constant habit, no matter how busy he is at work.

later, he was not only able to run 10 kilometers easily, but also ran a marathon.

in just a few years, his body has changed from bloated and fat to strong and fit, and all his health risks have improved.

after people reach middle age, the functions of the body begin to decline gradually.

at this time, we should overcome inertia and choose to exercise and run more.

exercise is not only the most natural treasure of health care, but also the best way to build a body.

when you form the habit of exercise, you will have the strength to fight it with the increase of age and the erosion of time.

run, cultivate the mind

running can not only build a good body, but also put you in a good mood.

psychologists' experiments prove that

"running can relieve stress, cure depression, and the production of dopamine can increase happiness, make people more optimistic and face life calmly."

colleague Xiaofeng, who was first lovelorn and then unemployed a year ago, was depressed all day and became more and more haggard under the double blow.

in addition to being depressed, the body also had symptoms such as flutter and chest tightness. When he went to the hospital for an examination, he was suffering from serious depression.

later, his friends could not bear to see him continue to be decadent, so they forced him to go for a morning run with himself.

but he felt tired from running. As he was too lazy to move, he was reluctant at first and wanted to give up for a time, but with the encouragement of his friends, he chose to stick to it.

from then on, running has become an indispensable daily task for him. He has to run at least 5 kilometers every day without changing the wind and rain.

he said that running brings him not only the relief of inner troubles, but also a kind of spiritual nourishment.

as there is a saying on the Internet:

"running three kilometers specializes in treating all kinds of discomfort, five kilometers specializing in treating all kinds of internal injuries, and after ten kilometers running, the heart is full of kindness and magnanimity."

when you are too stressed, depressed and melancholy, you might as well put aside your work and troubles at present and go out for a run.

perhaps, if you run a few kilometers soundly, you can be relieved of those things that you can't think about, see through, and let go.

run, practice

there is a saying:

"in the adult world, the burden on the body is getting bigger and bigger, but the inner self is gradually disappearing."

and running, most of the time, is a person walking alone, and it's a great time to get along with yourself.

in the constant running, it is a process of self-reflection, so as to recognize and correct yourself.

Feng Tang, a writer who once proposed "middle-aged greasy man", decided to start running at the age of 40 in order to prevent himself from becoming greasy. He has loved the sport ever since.

No matter how busy he is, he has to run five kilometers before doing anything else.

every time I go on a business trip, I always keep a pair of running shoes and shorts in my suitcase.

this persistence is ten years.

once, when he was a guest of Qiang Qiang, Dou Wentao asked him why you like running so much.

he says that he thinks running is just like writing. It's all a spiritual practice.

although it will feel painful at first, but after you stick to it, you can learn a lot from it and grow up gradually.

Haruki Murakami has also shared his running experience, running from the age of 33 until the age of 73.

he gets up at 4 o'clock every day, writes for four hours, and runs.Ten kilometers, running has become a part of his life.

in the view of Haruki Murakami, running is not only a physical exercise, but also a way to cultivate one's mental appearance.

running, in fact, is also a kind of meditation. In this process, you are constantly changing and practicing yourself.

when running, the body is not bound, the mood is not fettered, gradually let oneself precipitate.

the repetition of step-by-step actions not only sharpens the mind, but also opens up the pattern, making people grow from fragility to strength, from sensitivity to calmness, and from a little breakthrough.

Haruki Murakami said:

"Human beings are born with the desire to run, and all we need to do is to release it.

There are nothing better than one of our off white dress wedding with sleeves. Shopping with us is a guaranteed wonderful experience.

We can't be born without love, we can't live without running.

maybe all our problems-violence, disease, obesity, depression and greed-start from the moment we stop running. "

running is the only cure for physical and mental healing, health maintenance and self-change.

running and not running lead a different life.

the former, with the passage of time, will become out of shape, middle-aged greasy;

the latter, no matter how the years change, is still strong and serene.

every step and every drop of sweat when you run now will be the strongest aid on your way to life.