Quiet is the most comfortable temperament.
Quiet is the most comfortable temperament.
The beauty of silence is above all else.

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quiet is the most comfortable temperament.

"out of the mud but not stained, Zhuo Qinglian but not demon", regardless of origin, do not flatter the secular, self is the most tenacious character, quiet is the attitude of loving the world.

being quiet is different from being introverted. The latter is shy and shy, afraid of being disturbed and afraid of changing the status quo.

but the former is a confident choice, silent, precisely because know too much, do not fight, because the heart has long been rich and contented.

the beauty of silence trumps all else.

be quiet, have your own world

sometimes I feel that the car buzzer around me is too noisy. I will close the window, mute my cell phone, play some comfortable music, and focus on a book, a dish, and a cup of tea.

it is mentioned in "vain Grass": "if you want to make your heart worry-free, it is best to be alone."

seems to be alone, but there is a person's lively.

Heaven and earth is not outside the body, hidden in the heart, moved by the plot in the book, tears, fascinated by the delicacy of the dishes, from the tea god back to the clouds and mountains, feeling the running water slowly.

be quiet and have your own world in mind.

Life doesn't want to be disturbed, so there's no need to worry about it.

piled up too many worries, blocked the sunlight that penetrated into the heart, suppressed the ease of breathing, and blocked the happy mood.

so, to be a "cold-blooded" person, it doesn't hurt to leave some things behind, and some people forget to be quieter.

"some things are for your own good, don't you don't like it";

"for my own good, don't say what I don't like to hear";

"Don't mind if I speak bluntly";

"I mind, you'd better stop";


people will avoid the noise of life and reject voices that upset you.

people who know how to get along with themselves, know how to keep a balance with others, you do not like others to disturb your small world, you naturally will not disturb the silence of others.

it is not easy to find one side to be quiet, and it takes courage to keep it.

be quiet, it's power

quiet people never overwhelm each other with external momentum, but have a focused power in their hearts, which is admirable.

Tony Leung, who worked as an actor at TVB in his early years, hardly spoke or contacted other people when he was not filming. At one point, his peers thought he was suffering from depression.

but every time he filmed, he would put his heart and soul into it, through the character characteristics of each character, to vent his complex emotions, so that people could see that the characters were "alive" one by one. Tony Leung's acting skills were amazing again.

Ip Man in the Grandmaster, from the children of the rich family to the fallen martial arts school, does not rely on his lines to express his feelings, but depends on the mighty and powerful look in Liang Chaowei's eyes, to helplessness and deep feeling.

it was also a burst of tenderness when I finally recalled the story of Miss Gong er.

to be a quiet person, it is often strong enough inside. Have the strength to quiet the dispute, but also the ability to protect their own silence.

so, the quieter the person is, the more powerful he is.

it's really good to be quiet just waiting for opportunities and bosom friends for you, and avoiding boring interruptions and crowds.

the beauty of silence trumps all else

there is a quiet beauty called "I will not argue with anyone, and no one will disdain me."

everything is good or bad, the past is only in the fundus and heart, and it doesn't matter how much is filled in the bag, what you get and what you lose are equally precious.

quiet people are not afraid to speak and refuse to communicate, but talk less nonsense and ignore bad people.

quiet people do not walk alone in isolation, but come and go without serving others' face and wasting meaningless social time.

Beauty in peace trumps all feelings.

Wei Yingwu has a poem "Ying Sheng":

all things listen to themselves, and space is always lonely.

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still starts from the stillness, but disappears to the stillness.

means that all things in the universe take "stillness" as the normal state, and sound is born in stillness, and finally returns to stillness.

it can be seen that silence itself is the most harmonious posture in the universe, and turbulence and sound are only brief moments.

Life is bound to have ups and downs, winning or losing is just your state of mind.

"A bucket of water is silent, half a bucket is sloshing."

the more content you have in your stomach, the less you like to talk about it.

on the contrary, people with little knowledge like to brag about their abilities.

quiet, peace of mind, people will be quiet.

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