People, why do they change? (read bitterness)
People, why do they change? (read bitterness)
Cherish the people in front of you and live a good life in a way that suits you.


often hear people exclaim:

I don't know why? A relationship always changes when it's in a relationship.

people who were once close to each other are now strangers.

people who used to say everything are now speechless.

people who used to go straight are now defensive.

are there such people in your address book?

slowly separate, gradually get lost, no relationship.

when love turns to indifference, don't blame me for being separated from you

once saw a very heartbreaking sentence:

"I nominally broke up with him, but I couldn't make a complete end in my heart."

when I hear a lyric, I still think of him;

I still think of him when I pass by a restaurant;

even see a similar figure, will also want to do whatever it takes to chase.

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I know it's impossible, but I can't let it go.

I believe many people have had such an experience.

host Li Shazi shared her story with her ex on the variety show Girl on the Roof.

has not been able to forget him since he was separated from his ex, so he kept writing him in songs and in his own diary.

this state lasted for a long time until the friend couldn't watch it and advised earnestly:

"what a stupid and terrible thing it is for you to stay where you are when others have moved on."


since he has something else to love, why are you so adamant?

since he is determined to go far, why do you miss the past?

there is a saying like this:

"you should also forget the flowers planted in the past and love the fruitful tree instead of hanging from a tree."

Don't hold on to the relationship that has ended, let the heartbreak slowly turn into peace, and wait for love to slowly turn into indifference.

then, let him go, and let himself go.

when your heart turns into a fake, don't blame me for getting lost with you

there is a saying like this:

"I choose to let go of those who do not belong to me.

the umbrella that doesn't belong to me, I'd rather be in the rain. "

Love is like this, but friendship is not the same.

A few days ago, someone in my classmate group suddenly mentioned my best friend Ah Su.

they say:

"Ah Su is having a good time now.

bought a house in Beijing.

my husband is also young and promising.

I just had a baby last month, and I look very jubilant. "

for a moment, I didn't know how to answer. I was embarrassed by the question, and I felt speechless.

it's tough, but it's a thing of the past.


maybe it was from my message that Jesus didn't come back; I had a new relationship, but he was not interested in asking; I went to Beijing on business, but he excused himself for being busy.

used to be so hot together, but now it is more perfunctory.

from loss and disappointment to gradual pessimism.

to be honest, I still think of the past, but I know in my heart that I can't go back.

as the saying goes:

"do not delete, do not block, often think of, but no longer contact."

Jesus is such a person to me.

times have changed and drifted away.

I am finally convinced and understand that people and

the fate between people is the most unclear thing in the world.

even if it is a relationship for more than a decade, it is very possible to be out of touch for the next few decades.

it's like the line in "the Dead of Mountains and Rivers": "everyone can only walk with you for a while, and sooner or later they have to be separated."

time is like a sieve, leaving the best and getting rid of all the sediment.

one parting and two breadth, each student is happy. That's good, too.

after all, everyone's kindness and enthusiasm are limited.

therefore, treat human feelings as cold and warm and the world as cool as light.

when simplicity becomes complex, don't blame me for alienating you

time is like this, without saying a word, but can change a lot of things.

those who are persistent have become relieved.

those who are hard to give up have become indifferent.

those who are heartless and heartless have become cold and defensive.

I remember that at this time last year, my cousin, who had just graduated from college, sent me a message asking me:

"Why is the adult world always so complicated?"

in a short period of six months, this silly girl has experienced the disillusionment of love, the betrayal of friendship and the darkness of the workplace, and finally stumbled to understand--

it turns out that a boy who is still in love with himself one second can fall in love with other girls the next.

it turns out that on the surface, a best friend who wears the same pair of trousers can secretly devalue herself as worthless as others.

once said that he values himself most and appreciates his leader most. When something goes wrong, he will not hesitate to push himself to the forefront of the wind and waves.

you see, Zeng usedFor the simple, in fact, are very complex, once thought to be trustworthy, in fact, are worthy of reconsideration.

the adult world is so complicated.

each of us is born with a blank sheet of paper, but in the big dye vat of society, it has been dyed into a variety of colors and has become the appearance we used to dislike the most.

so we no longer open our hearts to everyone, and begin to care about whether the pay is proportional to the return, and whether that person is worth it.

becomes no longer a pain in the neck, no longer lust for the old days.

finally understands that not everyone deserves to be nice to him.

but no matter what happens in the world, I hope you have the courage to move on with your new life.

cherish the people in front of you and live a good life in a way that suits you.

to live dripping and thorough, free and rich, with sharp sharpness and mature innocence.

many, many changes are unwillingly

the more you go behind, the more you will understand that nothing in this world is immutable.

and the only thing we can do is:

see clearly that the world is cool, and be bearish on human feelings

indifference, do not mistreat every enthusiasm, do not please every indifference.

so, from now on:

for those who leave you, stop being unrepentant and ask questions about everything.

for those who are perfunctory to you, stop pestering and beating, and exhaust your dignity.

for those who hurt you, stop foolishly believing, trust.

, you have to know that those who accompany you, treat you and wait for you with your heart are worthy of the rest of your life.