People who reply to you on Wechat in this way look down on you and are not worthy of deep acquaintance.
People who reply to you on Wechat in this way look down on you and are not worthy of deep acquaintance.
People's hearts are always mutual.

Tolstoy once said:

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Wealth is not a permanent friend, but a friend is permanent wealth.


run a relationship well and have one or two bosom friends is your greatest wealth.

because they will always think from your point of view, solve problems for you, and share happiness with you.

as long as you want, they will always be by your side and go hand in hand with you.

therefore, it is very important to associate with sincere friends.

but we also need to know that not everyone in this world can be a confidant.

from the way a person replies to your Wechat, you can see whether the other person is worthy of a deep acquaintance.

if you meet someone who responds to your Wechat like this, be sure to stay away as soon as possible.

be perfunctory to you

have seen such a problem:

what kind of reply do you hate most when you send a message with enthusiasm?

the answer to high praise has only four words:

perfunctory attitude.

for the first time in her life, she deleted friends with people she thought were good.

she likes to share all the good things with each other, but she never gets a corresponding reply.

for example:

she sent each other a video of the beautiful scenery, telling her that the most important thing she wanted to do was to save enough money, take a self-driving trip with her, and see the mountains and rivers of the motherland.

but the reply is: Oh.

she sent each other some funny videos and thought they could talk about the plot with her.

but the other party said: mm-hmm.

the saddest thing for her is that she quit a stable job, is not supported by her parents, is not understood by her husband, and wants to come to her for some comfort.

but the reply from the other party is: it's up to you.

the perfunctory attitude of the other party extinguished all her enthusiasm.

when she sits next to her friends, she has seen them chatting with others on Wechat.

it is probably because of this that her disappointment has multiplied.

she regards the other person as her best friend, but with her, she is just a dispensable being.

this is the end of the author's expression, but what can be hidden behind the text is endless sadness and disappointment.

there is a saying that is quite true:



how much people care about you, how much they will pay attention to you.


because I care about you, I will patiently listen to you share your joys and sorrows, reply to all your messages seriously, and keep your words in mind.

or rather, what matters is not how much the other person has remembered, but the willingness to remember the attitude of being willing to listen.

if his attitude is, his heart will be there.

the person who is always chatting with you may not be sincere to you, but the person who is always perfunctory to you has absolutely no regard for you.

is always cynical

my friend Miao Miao shared a story with me:

when she first went to college, she was a little fat and didn't know how to dress up.

I don't know how to appreciate beauty, and I don't know how to wear it. In the eyes of others, when I talk about black and fat, I know I'm talking about her.

she didn't feel anything, but she was frustrated again and again by the attitude of a friend around her.

Miao Miao took part in the speech contest and wanted to choose a suitable dress.

she sent a picture of her clothes that she thought was good to her friends, asking her to give her advice.

she waited for the reply with joy, but the answer she received was as follows:

are you so black that you dare to wear clothes of this color for fear that you won't show your "characteristics"?

Miao Miao's self-confidence was suddenly blown to pieces.

not only that, when she goes out to dinner and posts pictures of delicious food on moments, the other person will comment on the following:


are you still eating?

it's time to lose weight.


Miao Miao's good mood, also because of each other's words, disappeared without a trace.

this happened so many times that the girl, who had always been confident and cheerful, began to flinch.

until later, when Miao Miao succeeded in losing weight, but kept receiving complaints from the other party, she knew that no matter how good she was, she was a bad existence in the other person's eyes.

Miao Miao told the other party about this and made clear his attitude, but the other person said, "only if Miao Miao is a true friend will he say so."

Miao Miao said nothing and never said anything to her again.

the friend said, "

only true friends tell the truth.


is that so? I beg to differ.

it's natural for friends to be honest, but that doesn't mean they can attack your wound with a weapon.

he can be informal, but he can't hurt you at will under the guise of a friend.

as the saying goes, "

A good word warms you in three winters, but a bad word hurts you in June.


language can be a hug or a knife. If the other party really treats you, why would he point the knife at you?

it is precisely because I am a true friend that I will pay attention to what I say and give you advice without hurting you.

people who treat you sincerely will not be cynical to you.

message cannot be read back

Xiao Hai first entered the workplace, because of his excellent working ability, he was appreciated by his boss and quickly became one with his colleagues around him.

for this, he is not less proud of his ability.

he has always thought that his excellent ability to work allows him to quickly integrate into the new environment.

it was not until later, when he was chatting with his colleagues, that he found that his popularity was not entirely based on it.

my colleague told Xiaohai that in fact, at the beginning, people didn't pay much attention to him.

it was a Wechat reply to a colleague that really paid attention to him.

is in the early morning.

Xiao Hai smiled and said:


he didn't care about anything when he was busy with his work at that time. When he was busy looking at the time, he found his colleague's Wechat message, so he replied quickly.


in this regard, Xiao Hai has some doubts: it is obviously a very common thing, how can it be recognized by everyone?

my colleague explained:


it was very late at that time. You could have pretended not to see the direct rest, but you not only replied, but also took great pains to tidy it up for the other party before sending it.

, no matter who sends you a message, you will reply as soon as you see it, even when you are busy.

never pretend not to see it, nor will it disappear while talking.

for a long time, what people see is your sincerity and politeness. Who can refuse to be friends with such a person?


my colleague smiled at Xiaohai and went to work.

Mencius said, "

people always respect those who respect others.


No one should treat you as a matter of course. Only by respecting each other and treating each other sincerely can you gain the same feelings.

especially in modern society, unreadable news is not only a matter of attitude, but also a silent refusal.

because you don't dare to be interested, because you don't recognize it, even if you bombard it with news, the result will be nothing more than nothing.

so be sure to cherish everyone who is willing to reply to your message.

because such people are modest and courteous, be kind to others, and make friends with such people, all benefits but no harm.

as the saying goes: "

Don't talk to people you trust, but talk to them from the bottom of your heart.


when dealing with people, you should exchange your heart for your heart. But if what you get with your heart is the other person's contempt, you must take a good look at the relationship.

you know, only those who care about you will take you to heart.

and getting along with people who don't think of you as a friend will only be in endless pain.

so give your heart to someone who is also willing to cherish you.

I hope that each and every one of us can meet one or two bosom friends to drink and talk about life.