On the street of Hunan, the 22-year-old mother of the second child was killed by her husband: he ran over her in a car and came back to run her over again.
On the street of Hunan, the 22-year-old mother of the second child was killed by her husband: he ran over her in a car and came back to run her over again.
For a person who finds the wrong person when he is in love, it is difficult to be right after marriage.

"22-year-old wife murdered by her husband"

was surprised by a piece of news.

A few days ago, at noon, on the street of Linxiang City, Hunan Province.

A man driving a white car suddenly turned without warning and deliberately hit a woman dressed in black.

the huge impact directly dragged the woman out of more than ten meters.

the wheel ran directly over her, looking worried.

then, the man's car went around in a circle, returned to the fallen woman and ran over her again.

Poor woman, died of death.

who owns the car? Why would you do something so crazy?

according to local media reports, the owner of the car is the woman's husband.

on the same day, the two were here to go through divorce formalities.

but probably because of the husband's hukou problem, it didn't work out.

after the two come out, the husband may be angry and suddenly drive a car and bump into his wife.

twice crushed, directly killed her.

the woman's cousin said that her cousin is 00 years old and is only 22 years old this year.

she married early, but she was at odds with her husband. She often quarreled after marriage, and the two sides were basically separated.

cousin has two children.

and the photo that my cousin originally took for the divorce became her last photo.

that's really. It's so tragic.

now that the husband has been arrested, he will pay a heavy price for his impulsive cruelty.

and the 22-year-old wife lost her life at the best age because of a wrong marriage.

is really sad and lamentable.

over the years, I have seen a lot of tragedies about marriage.

at first glance, it is true that each marriage is unhappy in its own way, but to sum up, it feels that there are two biggest pitfalls in marriage.

countless people have been unhappy all their lives because they fell into these two pits.

Today I would like to talk about them one by one.

one of the two big pits in marriage:

get married too fast, marry someone you don't know well

the girl on the news, we don't know what kind of marriage we have experienced.

but I had two children at the age of 22 and obviously got married very early.

and one of the big thunder in marriage is to marry too early or too soon.

A few days ago, I browsed a video.

A girl was holding a baby and crying to call her husband.

it was found that the girl was 18 years old and married as soon as she was an adult.

then, about two months after her marriage, she sent out a sigh, a little childish but very real:

"I've experienced the way you pass the buck, the way you yell at me, and the way you look insane, but I don't see you supporting me like a man."

in the comments section, someone asked: what on earth does marriage bring to women?

I think it may be more unfortunate for her.

18 years old, not yet mentally mature, nor much life experience.

didn't know what he wanted or how to choose, so he hastily settled on the event of his life.

it's too hard to be happy in such a marriage.

A carefully selected partner is not guaranteed to be suitable.

if it all depends on good luck, it will be bad luck.

therefore, I have always opposed the poisonous chicken soup that "get married as soon as possible".

getting married is not going to the market, so what's the hurry?

the major events in life must be thought out and seen clearly before making a decision.

I would rather "miss" than "wrong".

I saw a piece of news before.

there was a woman in Hunan who sued for divorce five times in five years. She finally got divorced and was slandered and threatened by her ex-husband.

This section will help you never to waste your time searching.

her name is Ning Shunhua.

when he is in love, he sends her Wechat every day.

for her birthday, he specially ran from Hengyang to Shenzhen to celebrate her birthday.

under all kinds of offensives, Ning Shunhua was moved and "felt that this man was OK."

so he quickly got a license to marry him.

she said later that the two people didn't know much about each other.

"I was 28 years old at that time, and I hastily got a license with him because of the pressure of my age.

I didn't ask too much to find a date. At that time, I thought that as long as I could live an ordinary life.

work separately during the day and go home for dinner at night. "

but after marriage, she found that marriage is far from that simple.

Chen Dinghua gambles and is grumpy.

and the two people have different interests and habits, and often quarrel over trifles.

Ning Shunhua regrets getting married.

Chen Dinghua didn't want to leave, so she had to sue.

in December 2016, Ning Shunhua filed for divorce, which was rejected by the court.

in July 2017, Ning Shunhua sued again and was rejected.

2018The charge was dismissed.

2019, prosecution, dismissed.

in 2021, Ning Shunhua filed for divorce again.

this time, she burned her bridges and went to the media to tell her story under her real name.

she was too nervous to sleep before the divorce started.

while Chen Dinghua lost his temper in court, he would rather be escorted by the bailiff before he left safely.

in order to avoid him, Ning Shunhua has been afraid to go back to her hometown.

she dared not show up when her brother got married and her nephew was born.

she said that this marriage has cast a shadow on her life. I hope that the girls will not get married in a hurry, but must get along more before deciding whether to marry or not.

as the old saying goes, it takes three days to test jade and seven years to identify materials.

how long does it take to see a person clearly?

I think it will take a year and a half anyway.

Don't think that you will know him by having dinner together and talking on the phone a few times.

people have too many aspects, no contact with many aspects, it is difficult to fully understand.

the difficulty of marriage is that it requires two independent people to be integrated in all aspects.

if there are a few important aspects you don't see, you may encounter great trouble and pain later on.

the price of a bet may be too high for you to imagine.

the second of the two big pits in marriage:

pays too much attention to the outside and neglects the inside

there is one thing that is very wrong.

for example, when someone introduces you to someone, you must first talk about the other person's "hardware"-appearance, income, family background, education.

it is rare to say that the person is "kind", "down-to-earth", "interesting" and "reliable"....

but, in fact, the latter is the foundation that determines whether a marriage is happy or not.

as a partner, one's external conditions are of course important and must be considered.

but if it has to be compared, I think the inside is more important than the outside.

two years ago, there was a case of killing his wife that caused a sensation across the country.

in 2018, 26-year-old teacher Liu Juan was introduced to Yan Haojie.

Yan Haojie is good-looking, well-off, and has studied abroad. It seems that the conditions are very good.

after falling in love for two years, they got married.

but in the month of their marriage, Yan Haojie asked his wife Liu Juan for 100,000 yuan on the grounds of investing in excavators.

two months later, Yan Haojie asked Liu Juan for 250000.

this time, he confessed to paying off gambling debts.

Liu Juan won't give it.

he was so angry that he ran to the kitchen and took a fruit knife and threatened her.

still no.

in anger, Yan Haojie stabbed his wife to death and then set fire to the body.

after the incident, Liu Juan's parents knew that this son-in-law, who seemed to be in good condition, was actually a gambler and owed a lot of debts.

he also knelt to his father and promised never to gamble again.

but before long, he lost another 1.25 million.

my father had rectal cancer at that time and didn't want to fill the hole for him.

so the crazy man began to think about his wife....

who would have thought that a glittering "good man" would be such a terrible person?

people can't be judged by appearance, and marriage can't all depend on hardware.

marital tragedies caused by ignoring the inside can be found everywhere.

nowadays, when many people choose a mate, they attach too much importance to the outside.

put savings, house and career as hard indicators first.

but we must know that there are some things that are more important than these, such as values, character, character.

he may earn a million dollars a year, but he is grumpy and paranoid, and will beat you up if he is not satisfied at all.

will such a marriage be happy?

he may be well-off, but his ideas are decadent. He only uses you as a fertility machine and a lifelong babysitter. He doesn't cherish or respect you.

will such a marriage be happy?

he may be handsome and talented, but he fooles around all day, one lover after another, even in front of you.

will such a marriage be happy?

I think choosing a mate is very much like buying a house.

We should not only consider the location and appearance of the house, but also its internal pattern, lighting and building quality.

Marriage is a major event in life. We must not only look at the face, not the heart, but only the material, not the character.

because of the inner things, the impact is particularly great, and it is difficult to change.

Marriage is too complicated

Marriage is different from being in love, it's not just "feeling for each other".

is not a game for the brave, with warm blood and solitary courage, we can break through smoothly.

it's real life.

is a responsibility, a commitment, a sacrifice and achievement for each other.

is a long, complex and unknown challenge faced by both sides.

therefore, before getting married, be sure to see clearly what you can see and think clearly what you should think about.

Don't marry too early.

Don't get married too soon.

Don't just focus on whether the other person has a house or car, but also see if he has a moral conscience.

pay more attention to the problem and think about whether he can accept it if he does this for the rest of his life.

A person who finds the wrong thing when he is in love can hardly be right after marriage.

this is the lesson of countless people who have experienced blood and tears.

so, open your eyes and take your time.

and so on I really feel that I have seen it clearly and I am ready.

it does feel better to live with that person than to be alone, and it's never too late to make a decision.

, I hope you can find someone you like and live a comfortable and down-to-earth life.

Li Yue, a popular writer, a neo-feminist and a down-to-earth craftsman. Accompany thousands of readers to grow up with reason and wisdom, new