"No matter how much you like it, you won't take the initiative."
"No matter how much you like it, you won't take the initiative."
To take the initiative is to like it, and not to take the initiative is to refuse.

Green above the point


when I was chatting with a friend the other day, I asked her a question: what is the most tacit understanding between you and your boyfriend?

she forced a smile and said, "I won't go to him, and he won't come to me."

when you first fall in love, the boy will say good morning and good night to her every day, and her message will come back in a second, and beg for mercy for the first time after a quarrel.

when she is unhappy, she will go to great lengths to make her happy, but then the relationship changes.

I said, "if he doesn't come to you, you can go to him on your own initiative.


she replied, "I actually want to go to him, but I'm not sure if he feels the same way with me. I'm afraid my initiative will become a kind of disturbance."


this is probably the relationship after maturity, and it can no longer be as irresistible as when I was a child.

what should I do if someone asks me that I miss someone very much? My answer must be to find him.

if anyone asks me the same question again, I think I will hesitate.

"I really want to see you, but only you also want to see me, such a meeting is meaningful, otherwise it will be my own affectionate."

in fact, the people who can resist coming to you are people who are not sure if you still have ta in your heart.

because even if you can't help it, you have to help it.

I wonder if there is such a person in your moments:

you have thousands of chats with him, and now you haven't spoken for a long time;

you used to be the closest people to each other, but now you are the most familiar strangers;

you used to fantasize about the future with him, but now his future has nothing to do with you.

this person may be your former lover, or someone you have loved for a long time.

Nini told me that there was such a person living in her heart.

in the beginning, Nini was always passive in her relationship, accepting each other's thoughtfulness and tenderness little by little, and when she was ready to devote herself to it, she was suddenly ready to leave.

at that time, she wanted to go to him countless times on sleepless nights, rushed downstairs to his house and asked him for an explanation, and finally gave up in frustration.

she said: "A person who will not take the initiative to contact you has already told you his answer, so why do you have to ask him to say those cruel words?"


after all, people who love you will never keep you waiting long.

I have seen such a sentence in NetEase Cloud:

"if you don't come to me in the future, I won't have anything to do with you for the rest of my life."

but as long as you talk to me, I see a certain second back, or you say you want to see me, even the sea of fire will appear in front of you as quickly as possible.

but if you don't look for me, I really won't be in your world.

some people say that lovers get 7 points, leaving 3 points for self-esteem. But we often love too much and attach too much importance to self-esteem.

obviously want to say "I miss you", but it becomes "nothing";

obviously want to say "I don't want to leave you", but it becomes "Let's break up";

obviously want to be asked to stay, but always stubbornly propose to break up.

maybe it is because you like it too much that you value your dignity too much, try out whether the other person really loves you or not, and choose to leave after being disappointed again and again.

the first person who chooses to leave is not necessarily unloved, sometimes it is because he loves too much.

relationship has never been a fair thing, often you pay a lot, change a lot, in the eyes of the other person is always not worth mentioning.

but there will still be countless people walking into this hole, and the magic of love is that it is so beautiful at the beginning that people still believe in love even if they hit their heads.

I have always believed that if you leave the wrong person, there will be the right person waiting for you not far away, and those who really like you will take the initiative to come to you.

if he doesn't come to you on his own initiative, you don't have to go to him anymore.

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Love is like friendship, when it reaches a certain age, it can no longer be entangled and beaten.

many people are more like a child in a relationship. As long as you give you a candy, she will still smile at you like a child. If you take one step closer to her, she will take two steps closer to you.

if you don't look for her, she won't come to you either.

the feelings of modern people are very straightforward, taking the initiative is because they like it, and not taking the initiative is rejecting it.

if you still like me, I have been waiting for you to find me.

if you don't like me, I won't bother you again.