Level, the biggest gap between people.
Level, the biggest gap between people.
I would like to fill the gap with effort and persistence step by step.


I often hear a saying: "if you have different levels, you are not destined to be the same person."

some people can see through the same thing at a glance, some people need a year, and some people may not understand it for the rest of their lives.

this is because the paths we have traveled, the scenery we have seen, and the people we have come into contact with are very different.

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the biggest gap between people is not in the rich or poor, not in talent, but in the level.

people who are not on the same channel see a different world

the pen for the college entrance examination in 2022 has been put into the scabbard, but a topic about the college entrance examination on the Internet continues to cause hot discussion:

which do you choose, 750 points in the college entrance examination or 7.5 million yuan for you?

there is a high praise comment: I choose 750. if I have the ability to take the test, I will certainly have a chance to earn 7.5 million in the future.

once read a piece of news on the Internet about a father who didn't want his child to go to college.

because he thinks that it will take four years to go to college, and it will cost a total of NT $80,000 in tuition fees. After studying, the job he is looking for may earn only NT $2,000 to NT $3,000 a month. He thinks it is not worthwhile.

in the father's opinion, life can be good only if he comes out early to make money.

he said, "I just want my daughter to work directly after the college entrance examination. I can earn more than a hundred thousand yuan in four years."

then these hundreds of thousands of yuan can still start a business, buy a house, and make an investment. "

what impressed the writer Liu Tong was that he forwarded the news and wrote a long article, one of which was:

"the purpose of reading is not to get a diploma or to get rich, but to become a warm, interesting and thoughtful person."

in fact, people are very different from each other because they are not at the same level and see different worlds.

what seems reasonable to one person may be impossible in the eyes of another.

because it is completely beyond his understanding.

people with lower cognitive levels tend to see only the narrow side of things.

on the contrary, only those at a higher level have a better chance of seeing the truth of the world.

Life, in the final analysis, is the gap of levels

the high-scoring documentary "Rich Brother and Poor Brother" tracked and filmed a pair of brothers.

they grew up in the same ordinary family. Their elder brother Ivan is only one year older than his younger brother David, but he lives a completely different life.

when I was a child, when my brother was still sleeping, my brother got up early to deliver newspapers to mow the lawn to earn pocket money.

in the evening, my elder brother has to work in the supermarket, while his younger brother hangs out in various amusement parks.

after growing up, my brother took one step at a time. Over the past 30 years, he has had a successful career and a happy family.

while my younger brother is still doing odd jobs at the age of 50, with no house, no family, and drifting alone.

when my brother graduated from college at the age of 21, his younger brother went to work as an apprentice in a repair shop because he was not admitted to college.

when the elder brother earned the first bucket of gold in his life, the younger brother was jealous of his brother's rapidly accumulated wealth and was not reconciled to being a migrant worker.

in order to get rich overnight, he gave up the quota for a regular job in a repair shop and tried a variety of careers, but none of them lasted long.

over time, my brother began to give up and became cynical.

he wants to let his brother know that his success is not due to luck, but to a lot of efforts.

but my younger brother mocks that people who go to work every day are fools and mocks his brother as hypocritical:

"what's the big deal about having money?


in front of the camera, he expressed his dislike of his brother more than once and blamed his brother for not helping himself.

A little gap between two people since childhood becomes clearer as they grow up.

writer Liu run wrote in his wisdom of life:

"the gap between people lies in whether you stand on the 1st floor, the 10th floor, or the 100th floor to see the world.


the more you experience, the more you know that people are really different.

some people can see the stars and the sea in their eyes, and live in a steaming heat;

there are people who live their whole lives with nothing but trivialities in their eyes.

just like a classic line in the movie the Godfather:

"A person who sees the essence in a second is naturally a different fate from a person who spends half his life not seeing the nature of a thing.


any inconspicuous small gap, over time, will become an insurmountable gap between people.

Don't change your direction for people of different levels

as the old saying goes, there are three worlds and six ways, and people are divided into nine classes.

A person's level determines the height at which he sees the world.

the lower the level, the fewer opportunities, the easier it is to be subject to the one-mu and three-thirds of the land in front of you;

the more you go up, the more space you have, the more opportunities you have, and the more you can see the wider world.

No matter what kind of environment you are in, just grasp the three points and be yourself:

break down cognitive barriers: I know, you don't know

A story in Aesop's Fables.

two wolves came to a big piece of grassHara.

one of the wolves was lost because he didn't see a sheep;

while the other wolf was very excited, because he knew that where there was grass, there would be sheep.

this is the difference between what I know and what you don't know.

to put it simply, if the cognition is different, the view of the world will change accordingly.

whoever dares to break down barriers will stand out.

improve the dimension of thinking: I can understand, but you don't understand

psychologist Dr. Debono once proposed that knowledge is the acquired basis of thinking. For this reason, he gave special examples to illustrate:

there are three people who have different choices when facing an intersection.

passerby An only knows how to walk simply, so he can only choose an intersection by instinct.

passerby B has mastered the knowledge of looking at the arrows of road signs, and can refer to specific signs to choose the intersection to go ahead.

passer-by C knows not only the arrows of the road signs, but also the words on the signs, so he can determine which way is right.

from the behavior of the three people, it shows that the more dimensions of knowledge, the easier it is to think deeply.

in reality, each of us is following our own thinking and taking what we think is the right path.

sometimes, the road of life becomes narrower and narrower, not because of lack of intelligence, but because of lack of thinking.

only by reading more, seeing more, understanding more and more introspection, can we improve our thinking dimension and move to a higher level.

achieve hierarchical transition: I do 10 points, you only achieve 5 points

there is a saying in the book "you have to deserve what you have suffered": action is the key to success in life.

those who are better than you are not because they are superior to you, but because they take actions to open the gap between you and you.

you want to get rich all the time, but you don't save energy, while others seize the opportunity and accumulate thick and thin.

you shout to lose weight every day, but you can't keep your mouth shut and you can't open your legs. Others have already finished their daily running.

you make a plan year after year, but you fish for three days and sun up the net for two days, while others are racing against the clock to learn.

you know, life is not when you are good before you start to act, but when you act, you will become more and more powerful.

the key to take you to a higher level is always in your own hands.

some people are blinded by a leaf, seeing only the trees but not the forest; there are others who know autumn with a leaf, and know that the cool breeze believes that the autumn moon is boundless.

it is difficult for people with different levels to understand each other.

what we can do is to devote our time and energy to polishing ourselves and improving ourselves.

likes a sentence very much: "fear what truth is infinite, there is an inch of joy in an inch."

I would only like to fill the gap with effort and persistence step by step.

because of the upward life, you need to refresh yourself from time to time