"Let's meet. I miss you."
"Let's meet. I miss you."
Go and meet someone you like, before it's too late.

there is a saying on Weibo that goes:

"the most annoying thing in my life is waiting. Wait for the bus, wait for the traffic light, wait for your turn in line, wait for the opening of the movie. And waiting to hear from you. "

maybe that's the way you like it on Wechat.

because we can't see each other, all we can do is wait endlessly.

wait for the message, wait for the reply, wait for the other person's moments.

once you can't wait, you have to worry about gain and loss. Doubt whether the other person still loves himself or not.

but in fact, even the most loving couples can't hold their phones all the time.

those vigorous love and wholehearted romance have been defeated by Wechat.

long-distance lovers can't see each other very often.

the only thing they can do is to tell each other their love through the mobile phone screen.

my friend Qiu Qiu has been in a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend for two years.

for a time, my boyfriend was preparing for a physics competition and couldn't reply in time.

so their dialog box became Qiuqiu's one-man show.

she will show her boyfriend the cheese baked rice cooked by herself, and take pictures of him seeing pink tulips blooming on the road.

boyfriend's reply is always a few hours later, but Qiuqiu has long lost the joy of sharing.

because he can't meet, Qiu Qiu becomes more and more paranoid.

the last time we had dinner together, Qiuqiu seemed to have a lot on his mind:

"do you think he was with another girl when he didn't reply?"

Qiu Qiu showed me their chat records.

Qiu Qiu said "good night" last night, but I didn't get a reply until noon today.

over time, Qiuqiu felt more tired than ever in this relationship.

it's just that this kind of communication is limited to Wechat, and can't resist the disappointing moments in life.

after a long period of torture, the two can only come to a dead end.

"the train to spring" once had such a sentence:

"if I knew that that day would be the last time we saw each other, I would have dressed nicely and looked at each other face to face and said goodbye.

instead of like this, a Wechat post announces the end of our relationship. "

lovers who have been true to each other firmly believe that each other is the only one in life.

ended up so sloppy and perfunctory.

it is said that communication on Wechat is the most elusive.

because I can't see each other's expression, nor can I hear each other's voice.

once the other person replies with fewer words, or uses a full stop, he or she will feel angry or want to be perfunctory.

Wechat communication, trivial topics also account for the majority.

Without delaying, click to enjoy the amazing shopping experience.

the topic that can be talked about is only a trivial daily routine, which turns into three meals a day.

sometimes, you will get a seemingly perfunctory reply.

when other couples can snuggle up to each other and enjoy a love movie, sitting on the sofa drinking cold cola;

Wechat couples can only type "what are you doing" carefully.

the care when not around each other seems so deliberate and powerless.

Sanmao once said in the Desert of the Sahara:

"Love cannot last long without eating together, sleeping together, enjoying and discussing books and movies together."

constantly pondering the tone and attitude in each other's words will only make the already fragile feelings more fragile.

the relationship we talk about on Wechat is inseparable from moments.

couples who don't see each other will also put each other's photos on their moments and swear sovereignty.

it's just that no matter how vigorous the feelings are, they can't resist the passage of time.

once browsed to a moments posted by a friend:

"it can be seen in moments for half a year, but our group photo was posted half a year ago."

photos of girlfriends are no longer visible in their moments.

he remembered with hindsight that they hadn't seen each other for half a year.

the other person's face becomes blurred, and even the voice becomes distant.

they gradually become ashamed to talk to each other about "I love you".

lovers who love each other become strangers because they can only communicate on Wechat.

it is a very lucky thing in the world to meet someone in love in a vast sea of people.

Don't let Wechat stop you from falling in love. Love is not a consumable item, but a flower that needs to be carefully watered.

if you can, if you can meet again.

Don't hesitate, don't wait, get to them in time.

go to blow the summer wind, look at the flowers in full bloom, go to a favorite restaurant for a meal, and tell each other's love.

, go and meet the one you like, before it's too late.