It turns out that all the health care is futile. After watching it, we will no longer struggle with it.
It turns out that all the health care is futile. After watching it, we will no longer struggle with it.
Learning to let emotions flow is the best way to maintain good health.


there is a popular search on the Internet: "in the face of negative emotions, do you suppress or erupt?"

there is a highly liked answer below:

"suppressing emotions is bad for your health, and emotional outbursts are bad for yourself and others."

it is a person's instinct to have emotions.

in life, everyone inevitably has moments of sadness, sadness and anger.

how we deal with emotions directly determines our relationship with ourselves and others.

emotional "illness" will not get better if you endure it.

We are usually educated:

in front of outsiders, try to keep calm and restraint, so as to show that you have high EQ and self-cultivation.

therefore, many people choose to suppress their negative emotions.

but hidden emotions don't disappear into thin air.

after a long period of time, its snowball will only roll bigger and bigger, causing irreversible damage.


@ Rakuten

shared one of his experiences.

for a while, the side of her stomach suddenly began to feel a dull pain.

at first I thought it was a glitch, so I took some medicine casually, but it didn't get any better.

A week later, she went to the hospital for an examination, which showed that there was a serious problem with her liver and the doctor told her that she needed to be hospitalized immediately.

she couldn't find the cause until the doctor asked her about her recent mood.

it turns out that after marriage, her husband's speech has been very bad, she is fond of scheming but does not dare to break out, and often sulks in her life.

unexpectedly, those grievances, entanglements, anger and other emotions turned into a "storm" and harmed her body.

those who never show their feelings are more likely to be depressed than those with a cheerful personality.

suppressing negative emotions is the greatest harm to yourself.

emotional "illness" will not be cured by enduring it.

the seemingly repressed mood disappears temporarily, but there is often a greater disaster.

in life, we should admit that we are emotional people as well as others.

then learn to correctly express, adjust and dissolve emotions, which is the best way to cherish your physical and mental health.

throughout one's life, one has to pay for emotions

there is a saying in the motto "anger is a tiger, desire is an abyss."

means: when a person is angry, it is like a tiger out of its cage and out of control.

if you allow your emotions to vent, it is likely to cause irreparable consequences, and the loss outweighs the gain.

there is a kind of vampire bat on the African prairie, which often bites on the legs of wild horses to suck blood.

No matter how furious and wild the Mustang is, there is nothing you can do with it.

they can easily suck up and then leave, and many Mustangs are "tortured" to death.

but in fact, bats drink very little blood, far from enough to kill the Mustang. The real cause of death of the Mustang is its own rage and galloping.

people who do not know how to manage emotions, once disturbed by a moment of anger, will eventually become slaves to it.

Fox got off to a good start in the 1965 World Billiards Championship and was preparing to make the last few beautiful shots.

at this time, a fly came from the competition hall and landed on the cue ball.

the first time, Fox waved it away; the second time, with a light hiss, he drove it away.

until the third time, Fox impulsively used his club to catch flies.

unexpectedly, he grazed the cue ball, and he finally lost the championship when he missed the chance to hit the ball.

have you ever behaved like this in your life:

whenever something goes wrong at work, he gets upset and can't help losing his temper with people around him.

quarrels with family members because of trifles, slamming out the door, resulting in intensified conflicts;

when children are disobedient, they can't control themselves emotionally, causing tension in parent-child relations.

in fact, when you encounter things that are not going well, you are irritable and irritable, not only to yourself, but also to people close to you.

as Shakespeare said:

"Don't burn yourself alive just because someone starts a fire."

the actions of the outside world will not hurt us, what can hurt us is our own emotions.

know how to control your emotions and get along with negative emotions in order to control your life.

the best way to maintain good health is to flow emotions

Wu Zhihong, a psychological consultant, said:

"every emotion has value. Respecting these emotions and allowing them to flow fully in the self and relationship is the foundation of happiness."

negative emotions are not our enemies.

it is also an energy of our own.

We allow emotions to flow through ourselves and accept changes in emotions from strong to weak in order to effectively reduce its impact on ourselves.

I have read a story and I have a lot of feelings.

one day, Xiao Lin's senior complained to him that someone blamed himself with insults.

Xiao Lin suggested that the seniors write a letter to scold each other.

the upperclassman thought it was a good idea, so he quickly wrote down all the words he scolded each other.

Kobayashi read the letter and applauded.

but when the upperclassman wanted to mail the letter, Xiao Lin shouted loudly.Block:

"you can't send this letter. Throw it in the garbage."

the upperclassman is confused.

it turns out that every time Kobayashi gets angry, he uses the same method:

he writes his venting words on paper, but he won't really mail it, but he will burn the letter.

just use the act of "writing a letter" to defuse your anger.

there is a good saying:

"your ability to control emotions determines success and happiness in life."

not being kidnapped by emotion is a kind of maturity.

it is a kind of wisdom to allow emotions to appear, and to know how to accept and resolve them.

when negative emotions appear, don't attack yourself inward or attack others outward.

it's about finding the right way to transfer emotions.

learn to let emotions flow

"meet the unknown self" says:

"Don't criticize and resist, accept your emotions and let them flow naturally."

when an emotion is accepted and accommodated, it flows naturally and goes where it is supposed to go in a relatively gentle way.

if you don't know how to get along with your negative emotions, try the following ways:

discover emotion

Dan Milman wrote in "meeting Socrates at the late Night Gas Station"

"emotion is as natural as the weather, it is a natural phenomenon, sometimes fear, sometimes sadness or anger."

negative emotions are not scourges, they are part of us.

but to be an observer of your own emotions and see it coming.

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you can ask yourself, "what is this mood now?" You can also write it down with a piece of paper and a pen and think about it carefully.

discovering emotions is the first step in allowing emotions to flow.

face up to emotion

there is a good saying:

"Don't run away from negative emotions, read them to heal the pain."

avoiding emotions may solve the problem for a while.

but in the long run, it is easy for people to fall into emotional shackles repeatedly.

in fact, behind every negative emotion, it is our inner cry.

the key is whether we can read our true hearts through its arrival.

when emotions appear, we might as well analyze them carefully:

what is the mood this time? What is the reason why you really let yourself explode? What is the purpose of emotional outbursts?

only by facing the emotion squarely, taking the time to figure out its cause and analyze its inducement, can you make your heart calm and rational for a long time.

Let emotions flow

there is a "twelve-second effect" in psychology:

it takes only 12 seconds for a person to be furious by an event, after which one will return to his former calm.

emotions are temporary. When we are aware of its arrival, we might as well restrain ourselves for twelve seconds.

then find a way you like to make your emotions flow.

for example: go for a walk in the open air, sing a song loudly, do exercise and sweat, have a heart-to-heart talk with close people, etc.

give yourself a period of time to get along with emotions and take control of your life in peace and calmness.

there is a saying in Huangdi's Internal Classic: "if it hurts, it will not pass, but if it does not pass, it will not hurt."

Life is not immutable, and we will inevitably have bad times.

when emotions come, don't backlog. In fact, to reconcile with emotions is to reconcile with your own heart.

learn to let emotions flow, is the best health.

, may friends be able to control their desires, manage their emotions, be their own masters, and fulfill their own lives.

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