Inner strength is more important than anything else.
Inner strength is more important than anything else.
May your heart be rich and strong, live into a warm sun and bloom in spring in your life.


as the saying goes, things change with the heart, and circumstances are born from the heart.

if you are weak in heart and a little unhappy in your life, it will become a mountain that will overwhelm you. If you move forward with a heavy load, you must be physically and mentally exhausted.

if your heart is strong, no matter how difficult it is, it is like sand into the sea, and you can't stir up a wave in your world.

people who live happily are not necessarily lucky and capable, but because they have a strong heart.

and people with strong hearts often have these four characteristics.

rejection emotional internal friction

Life is always full of troubles, and we often fall into an emotional cage before we know it.

and the really good people have already adjusted their lives to "low consumption" mode.

it is not that they are emotionless, but they build a dam in their hearts to stop the torrent of emotion from pouring down in time.

American psychotherapist Lori Gottlieb talked about her experience of fighting emotions.

at that time, her boyfriend of eight years suddenly broke up and left her on the eve of marriage.

Lori was devastated. First she was angry and called all over the world to complain.

then began to be depressed, bemoaning the unfathomable;

but life has to go on, and Lori cheers herself up in order to get out of trouble.

she went to see a psychiatrist, filled her work schedule and asked her best friends out for dinner. she took concrete actions to dispel the haze in her heart.

she thought she would never get out of love, but a few weeks later, she was busy and got back on track.

gradually, Lori learned to control her emotions, stop thinking and maintain peace of mind.

she not only made herself better, but also helped many people out of trouble and became a veteran psychotherapist and columnist for the Atlantic.

she once wrote in her article:

"We often overlook the fact that the hardest thing in life is ourselves."

most of the time, we seem to be playing a game with the outside world, but in the final analysis, we are competing with ourselves.

the weak are bound by emotion and hold back;

and the strong ones become the masters of emotions, knowing how to adjust their mood in time and change their mindset.

A person's strength begins with stopping mental "internal friction".

never afraid of loneliness

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Adult life is like a "clearance game", which is difficult to pass.

but walking, you will find that no one can always accompany around, in the end, we are alone on the journey of life, walking alone.

as writer Liu Liangcheng said, "each of us spends the winter alone in our own lives."

loneliness is the normal state of life. People with strong hearts have long learned to get along with loneliness.

Hesse, a German writer, is called "the loneliest person in the world".

since he was a child, he yearned for freedom and was always out of place in the traditional family.

when he grew up, he betrayed his relatives and was forced into exile.

for most of his life, he had no relatives, no friends, no interest, no understanding.

in his extreme loneliness, Hesse focused on thinking. He read through the classics and exchanged ideas with the sages. He took the pen as a friend and wrote down a series of works handed down from generation to generation.

he became the most beloved writer among young people all over the world. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature. His works have been translated into 53 languages and are now popular all over the world.

Hesse, with his life, let us see how the strong make themselves in solitude.

before loneliness is confusion, but after loneliness is growth.

Life is a spiritual practice, and learning to live together with loneliness is a compulsory course for everyone.

A really strong person would rather harden himself in solitude than blindly gregarious and drift with the current.

only when one can withstand desolation and bewilderment, will a hard shell grow out of one's heart and keep out the storm.

find a reason for everything from yourself

Plato said: "introspection is the responsibility of being a man. A person without introspection will not be a successful person."

have you ever found that there is a kind of people in life who always become strong inadvertently, and they often have one thing in common, that is, to find reasons for everything from themselves.

some time ago, the TV series "the beginning" was very popular, and actor Liu Yijun once again entered the hot search with his superb acting skills and gained a lot of fans.

in the more than 40 years since his debut, Liu Yijun has survived a long "trough" in his career, which has something to do with his knowledge of introspection.

after graduating from Nortel that year, Liu Yijun was assigned to work at Xi'an Film Studio and lived a leisurely life from nine to five.

but a few years later, his old classmates often produced excellent works, but he himself completely faded out of the circle and had nothing to shoot.

in this regard, Liu Yijun began to reflect deeply.

he realized that his character was too conservative to be aggressive.

he saw that he lacked courage and was afraid of challenges.

he admitted that he was used to being comfortable and did not want to make progress.

after analyzing himself, Liu Yijun was determined to change.

he asked for leave from work and went to Beijing to shoot alone.

, heApply for a job transfer, go south to Ningbo, join the crew, become a director, do executive …...

gradually, Liu Yijun became familiar with his face in the director's circle and opened his own way of interpretation.

there is nothing wrong with a villain, but a gentleman often passes.

A person cannot make progress if he does not know how to reflect on himself.

the weak complain, and the strong introspect.

only when you find the reason for everything from yourself can you find the deficiency and catch up.

A person with a strong heart will never criticize fate, complain about opportunities, or blame others.

they know how to walk inward and examine themselves so as to become better themselves.

improve yourself in adversity

A few days ago, in the # work of Douban Group, I saw netizens

@ program

is very emotional.

the programming he studied in college was brushed down when he was recruited in the autumn of the year before last because of his lack of internship experience.

it is not easy to wait until the next year of spring recruitment, but do not want the employment situation is tight, recruitment enterprises are less than half.

Cheng Cheng Hai sent his resume and finally found a job, which is not professional.

but I have just been an intern for a month, and the company has begun to lay off staff because of the bad market.

Cheng Cheng was laid off before his internship was over, and his inner depression can be imagined.

however, instead of being depressed, he made a detailed study plan for himself.

first of all, he reads books. He asks himself to read for two hours every day.

the second is to take the postgraduate entrance examination. He bought a full set of review materials and began to take online classes and brush questions.

there are also skills to learn. Cheng Cheng plans to take the exam as an economist so that he can find a job in many ways.

Cheng continued to send his resume while recharging himself.

A year later, he was not only admitted to a part-time graduate student, but also found a good job.

in fact, many people have experiences similar to Cheng Cheng, but in adversity, they complain and give up.

people sometimes have a smooth life, but more often, they will accidentally get into trouble.

if we do not develop a strong heart and do not know how to push ourselves, we may never be able to get out of the predicament.

in fact, frustrations and hardships are precisely the watershed of life.

the weak are trapped and stand still, while the strong will climb the steep mountains and move on.

Yu Qiuyu said:

"the road of life depends on one's own step by step."

Destiny cannot be controlled, and the world is rapidly changing. If we want to take a good path in life, what we can do is to develop a strong heart.

Don't be swayed by emotions, find reasons for everything from yourself; don't be afraid of loneliness and temper yourself in adversity.

when you walk through the ditches and ridges of life and become a strong person in life, you will eventually find that happiness lies in the happiness of the heart.

May your heart be rich and strong, live into a warm sun and bloom in spring in your life.



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