If the situation is bigger, the work will be smooth.
If the situation is bigger, the work will be smooth.
No job is easy, and no money is easy to earn.

I have seen such a topic on Weibo: what collapsing experiences have you encountered in the workplace?

under the question is a long line of complaints, which boils down to:

overloaded workload, suffocating working environment, leaders who can't laugh, colleagues who only smirk, and meagre wages.

once upon a time, these familiar workplace opportunities made people routed again and again, and only they knew how difficult it was.

I have heard a saying: "if the pattern is bigger, the work will be smooth."

when you know how to put aside your emotions and enlarge the pattern, you can reap your own growth.

none of the lucrative jobs is easy

have seen a piece of news:

at Xiaodongmen Station on Wuhan Metro Line 7, platform worker Chen Chen found a woman sitting on the floor of the aisle unresponsive for half an hour.

Chen Chen was afraid of an accident, so she came forward to ask, but the woman did not speak.

Chen Chen wanted to comfort her, so she touched the woman's head with her hand.

unexpectedly, she suddenly broke down and cried with Chen Chen in her arms.

it turns out that she has been working overtime for a month and has no place to vent because she has to face criticism from her leader every day.

at home, she complained with her husband that she had too much to do and could not be comforted, so he had no choice but to digest it outside and go home after dealing with his mood.

she said, "I work too hard and too tired to cry at home for fear of scaring my young daughter."

it's not easy to work, but it's hard to make money.

in fact, the salary and growth brought about by every job will always be accompanied by grievances and hard work. Is there anyone who has not struggled in the quagmire of work?

in the fascinating offer1, Li Chen, a trainee lawyer, got off to the bottom because of overtime and late handing in her first task.

this is a big blow to him when he is new to the workplace.

under this pressure, he hopes to make up for his lack of ability with efforts.

therefore, he goes out early and returns late every day to work hard and work overtime all night to prepare materials.

who knows that there is still an obvious small mistake in communicating with the client.

when the result came out for the second time, he was still at the bottom.

tried so hard that it was distressing, but the result was so bad that it made people crazy.

it was hard to hide her low mood, and Li Chen could not help crying in front of the leader.

his sentence "I am too difficult" reflects the difficulty of too many people in the workplace.

when I was 20 years old, looking for a job was like squeezing the subway in the morning rush hour. I finally got on the bus, but I was a rookie with no experience, no connections, no resources, and could only stand on my feet desperately.

slowly until the age of 30, there is no hope of promotion and overwork, and if you are not careful, you will be crushed by a big wave of waves and stand in your thirties, as if you cannot get through.

it is not easy to be 40 years old, professional and technical change, pay and staff reductions follow, and the midlife crisis is overwhelming.

Life, as if after work, there is no such thing as easy.

the poet Rilke once said:

"there is no victory to speak of. Holding on means everything."

more often, adults can only be forced to move forward by work.

work itself is a kind of spiritual practice

writer Zheng Yiqun once wrote a story.

there was a man who met an old Zen master and complained to the old Zen master that his work was very hard. He might as well practice as a monk, so he would no longer have to face these troubles at work.

the old Zen master said to him, "Why should you give up your job to practice?" Now you want to become a monk because you are tired of your work. What if you are also tired of being a monk? "

he was speechless.

the old Zen master continued:

"if you can't handle your job, can you handle going to the temple?"

you should know that the rules and precepts of monastic practice are no less than work. Isn't work itself a kind of spiritual practice? "

We always think that only green lanterns and ancient books, precepts and clear rules can be regarded as spiritual practice.

do not realize that work itself is a spiritual practice.

18-year-old Chivabo, a beater at Carnegie, the king of steel.

when others are complaining about tiredness and low pay, Chiwab works meticulously and teaches himself architecture.

one day, when Carnegie came to the construction site to run errands, he happened to see Chivabo sitting in the corner reading.

he looked at the book in Chivabo's hand, flipped through his notebook and asked, "Why are you learning this?"

the next day, Chivabo was promoted to be a technician by Carnegie.

is also a migrant worker, some people satirize Zivabo, he replied:

"I'm not just working for my boss, not just to make money, I'm working for my dream and my future."

at the age of 25, Chiwab became the general manager of the construction company.

later, Zivabo set up his own Bethlehem Steel Company, which really completed the transition from a migrant worker to an entrepreneur.Change.

in many cases, the greatest resistance to a person's work is not his ability, but his mental strength.

We are born ordinary, work is not necessarily what we love, nor can we always stand at the top of the industry.

the real workplace is not an amusement park, but a trial field.

when someone falls down, someone will take the top immediately.

envy others for promotion and pay increase, it is better to practice your own skills.

working hard is the survival truth of ordinary working people.

regard work as work, just do it casually, when a monk rings a bell, what is wasted is his own life.

treat work as spiritual practice, cultivate your character all the way when things go wrong, and cultivate your mind with others, so that you can not only accomplish things, but also fulfill yourself.

if the pattern is bigger, the work will go smoothly

some people say: the pain of work is not the pain itself, but your lack of pattern.

when you can't figure it out, speak clearly, or see through, try to enlarge the pattern.

philosopher Whitehead put forward:

"pattern is not illusory, but a thinking container composed of time pattern, space pattern and cognitive pattern."

the key to growth is how to lay out for yourself.

time pattern

cousin Dapeng, not long after graduating from college, he always complains about the pressure of work and the pitifully low salary.

he said, "other assembly line workers earn NT $8000 a month, which is much more than I do. I am quite devastated. I don't know the significance of studying hard for more than ten years."

this is not the case.

the short-term benefits of the mainstream waterline are indeed good, but five or 10 years later, they are still screws as low as dust.

because there is no room for appreciation in the assembly line, this 8000 monthly salary is more likely to be overdrawn in the future.

by contrast, many college graduates can tolerate a low starting salary in order to have room for potential development. It is possible to struggle for five years, get a promotion and get a raise.

de Gaulle once said, "wherever the eyes go, they succeed."

not confined to the present, the mind will become broader;

take a long-term view and work hard in the right direction.

the real master lives in the future, and everything he wants is on the way.

Spatial pattern

I have read a story that explains the pattern from the dimension of space.

one of the students was puzzled when he talked about the "top priority for those who do great things".

held up a pot of peach trees and said to the students, "the flowerpot is so big that no matter how the peach tree grows, it is no more than a foot."

then, pointing to the leafy peach trees in the courtyard, he said, "this peach tree has enough space to grow at will."

the most difficult thing for a person is to get rid of the shackles of "me" and to be a person and do things easily with "I think" and "I think".

the world is multifaceted. If you learn to open up more space and gain a foothold from more angles, the pattern will be higher.

in the workplace, people with spatial patterns know that it is a waste of effort to compete with things, and it is a waste of energy to compete with others, often going further.

Cognitive pattern

I believe that every office worker must have had such an idea:

"others can be late, why can't I?"

"if others can be lazy, so can I."

the so-called others are nothing more than three or five colleagues around them.

it is never possible for a man to see the world beyond his own knowledge.

A person who is used to doing things with past experience is easy to stick to the rules and be easily entangled by the troubles of work.

Cognitive pattern determines whether a person can do something or not, and how big a thing can be.

have the opportunity to get in touch with the experts in the circle, observe their behavior and learn their way of thinking.

in the workplace, the larger the cognitive pattern, the more mature the mind and the more serious and responsible the work.

there is a saying in Zen Buddhism: "it is not different from the old people, only from the old places."

between a person's pitching, whether it is trivial or the sea of stars depends on the growth of breaking the situation.

I have heard a very realistic sentence:

"the real meaning of work is the capital for you to settle down, the platform for you to realize your self-worth, the money to eat and raise children, to be filial to your parents, and to wake up in the middle of the night without fear."

you know, there's a long way to go in the workplace, and you still have to rely on yourself.

it is said that the job does not necessarily have a high salary, but it must be high-pressure.

it may not be easy, but it must be light sugar;

it may not be successful, but it must grow.

be a man who can see both the trees and the forest, cultivate and fulfill himself in his work.

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