"I had four allergies in a month. I tracked down the vine and found out my husband's mistress."
"I had four allergies in a month. I tracked down the vine and found out my husband's mistress."
Every mother wants to be a good mother.


graduated from Xiaotao University in 2018.

I chose Chiang Mai for my graduation trip with my boyfriend Chen Bing.

I agreed. But on the fourth day after leaving, Chen Bing called and said that Xiao Tao went shopping alone and never came back! Already called the police.

at that time, I was really shocked!

put down the phone, I immediately contacted a friend of the Thai travel agency and offered a reward of 1 million baht to find someone.

and this 1 million baht has changed me and my daughter Xiaotao.


I was born in a family that is not rich. My hometown is in a village in northern Jiangsu.

I am the eldest in the family, a younger sister and a younger brother.

the hardship of life made me give up my studies several times because my family was too poor.

I was born in 1973 and went to primary school at the age of 8.

at that time, our primary school was still a five-year system. After graduation, my father refused to go to school. Let me do farm work at home and take care of my brother and sister.

our headmaster is a very responsible old teacher. Because I got good grades, I came to my house to work. My sister was 10 years old and my brother was 4 years old.

if my sister says she has to, then she won't get in, because her grades are not as good as mine.

the headmaster said to let her work for half a day and come back to work in the afternoon. That's when my dad agreed.

so I thank my sister all my life.

without her, my life would have been different.

my high school was kowtowed to my parents, and my sister kowtowed with me.

but in the end, I couldn't take the college entrance examination, and my family really couldn't afford it.

in 1992, when I went to work in the county town, my high school diploma was OK.

he is a native of Yancheng, four years older than me and a worker in an auto parts factory.

I've come and gone, and his mother often asks me to come over for dinner. In fact, it was intended to build a bridge between me and Hao Xingguo.

I can see this meaning, but Hao Xingguo doesn't even dare to talk to me. He just keeps picking up food for me.

later, I married him.


apart from the relationship between Hao Xingguo and me, there are actually many realistic considerations.

Hao Xingguo's father died early, and it was not easy for his mother-in-law to bring him up alone.

he is not tall and can only be said to be not ugly. Junior high school education, in the factory is the most basic level of hardship and hard work.

his greatest advantage is honesty. In the eyes of many young girls, this is a weakness.

men who can't make money because they are ordinary are not competitive.

after sitting in the month, my mother came to accompany me for three days, and when she left, she told me to have another son as soon as possible.

and my mother-in-law can take it easy, saying that there is no one in my father-in-law's house anyway, and there is no need to have a son.

during the days when I was raising my children at home, I signed up for the self-examination.

Hao Xingguo and my mother-in-law are very supportive. I had a good foundation and did well in the exam.

in 1999, he won an undergraduate degree in English.

that year was a watershed in my life.

the food company used to take my master to set up a real estate agency and called me there.

he is quite good, and the company is getting bigger and bigger and has become a chain store. On the other hand, I was very good at English and was able to take orders from foreigners at that time.

both my mother-in-law and Hao Xingguo support me to go because I earn more.

everyone compliments me on my wife's ability and ability.


to tell you the truth, after a long distance, the hardest thing is not to miss your husband, but to miss your children.

although I am a career woman, I am also a mother.

when I come back from work late every day, I am sure to see my daughter sleeping soundly.

during the first two months in Nanjing, I missed my daughter crazily and cried many times at night alone.

at that time, video was not available.

every time I make a phone call, I cry when I hear my daughter's voice.

have you ever thought of backing down.

my master advised me that there are many ways to love children.

one is to accompany her every day, and the other is to give her good resources.

your daughter already has a lot of company, right? I have been there. My son asked me for a pair of sneakers. I had no money to buy them. My son said that my sentence was so useless that I would never forget it in my life.

Master's words hit the poor memories of my childhood.

in order to go to high school, I knelt on the ground and kowtowed to my parents crying, kowtowing to my parents.

my heart hardens.

at that time, I worked very hard and caught up with the real estate take-off and my income doubled.

Hao Xingguo followed me here first. He is skilled and it is not difficult to find a job.

in September 2004, I picked up my mother-in-law and Xiao Tao.

Xiaotao is in the third grade, because there are no places in good public schools.I found her a very expensive private primary school, closed management, and went home on weekends.

my mother-in-law said happily, it's a relief.


I always double it back to them, especially my sister.

it is said that the elder sister is the demon who helps the younger brother, while I am the demon who helps the younger brother.

how to say, after 2000, the living conditions are gradually getting better. The homestead at home belongs to my brother.

but my sister got married at the age of 19. She gave birth to a daughter in 1999 and a son the following year.

my brother-in-law is not a very good man. He is gluttonous and lazy and doesn't do his job.

my sister lives a hard life, my economy is getting better, and I help her more or less every month.

I didn't keep this from Hao Xingguo and his mother-in-law. After all, I earned all the money.

I am the one who goes up and down the house. Hao Xingguo's salary is used as pocket money for him.

none of his fellow workers do not envy him.

but just when I thought life was plain sailing, something bad came.


the final exam of Xiaotao that year, Chinese 72, math 61.

the last place in the class. I was furious.

what can I learn in the third grade of primary school? How could I almost fail!

since I was a child, no one took care of me. I had to work, and my grades never fell.

when I got home, I asked Xiao Tao, what's the matter with you? is something wrong? Mom spends so much money to send you to such a good school, is your grade worthy of me?

Xiaotao kept bowing her head and said nothing.

my anger goes up, yell at her, but say something!

Xiaotao suddenly raised her head and said to me, do you want to take care of me now? It's too late. I don't need it!

ask myself, I do spend less time with Xiao Tao, but that doesn't mean I don't care about her.

I said, mom works to earn money because she wants you to have a better life, isn't that right?

Xiaotao bowed her head and rolled her eyes and said, "where is it?" You just bother me, send me away, lock me up.

I said angrily, "if I want to bother you, I'll leave you in my hometown!"

then she rolled my eyes again.


later, it was asked by my mother-in-law.

this private school is full of children from wealthy families.

Xiaotao came from a small city, took another shift, and was soon excluded.

it is said that he has been bullied. But Xiao Tao never told us.

during the holiday, I took my friend's advice, asked for leave and took the whole family on a trip.

to tell you the truth, it was the first real trip in my life.

there was either no money or no time before.

I have booked a resort in Qiandao Lake for half a month. When I sit by the pool and have a drink, I can't help feeling that the rich and the rich are still different.

if you have the ability to earn, you have to spend time to call a rich man.

that time, Xiaotao had a good time, and his resistance to me faded a lot.

I chat with her, and if I have anything on my mind in the future, I can talk to my mother. She said, OK.

I booked a family room, but she still wants to sleep with my mother-in-law.

one night when I was coming back, Hao Xingguo told me that Xiao Tao told my mother-in-law that she didn't want to study in this school.

I asked, why didn't she tell me? Hao Xingguo said that she was afraid that you would be angry.

I said angrily, am I that terrible?


sometimes I feel wronged.

to take care of her life is to pay, am I not to make money for her?

maybe from Xiao Tao's notes to her school, the most critical period of growth, I was busy with my work, and she didn't feel dependent on me at all.

however, when I get angry, I still have to do it when I transfer to another school.

because I understand that it is useless for a teacher to take care of a child who is excluded.

later, I sent Xiao Tao to the public primary school on this side of our neighborhood.

although the teacher is weak, he can at least go home every day. I thought, just in time to get in touch with her.

but it backfired. I was concerned about her school. She said I was spying on her.

ask her to study. She thinks I'm annoying.

and I don't have much energy to take care of her, and my work is getting busier and busier.

while Xiaotao's score returned to 80 or 90, I was relatively relieved.

2006, the second semester of the fifth grade. Xiao Tao has a new head teacher.

more than two months later, she said she wouldn't go to school again. This time she was said to be excluded by the teacher.

I really have a big fire.

I asked her, with so many classmates, the teacher excludes you if she doesn't exclude others.

she covered her face and cried, saying, "I don't know!" You work together to bully people.


I have to go.Go to school to find out the situation.

her head teacher is a young man who has just graduated and is very enthusiastic.

told me that a boy in his class wrote a love letter to Xiaotao. He mainly educated the boy and reminded Xiao Tao that when girls grow up, they should be prudent in their dealings with boys.

puppy love before graduating from primary school!

Xiaotao probably saw that I was really angry and didn't dare to mention the transfer.

thus stumbled into junior high school, and his grades were getting worse and worse.

have a heart-to-heart talk with her, not a word, no oil and salt. I told her how difficult it was for me to read a book when I was a child.

then she said to me, then I kowtow to you, please don't let me read it.

I'm so angry that I want to do it! It's no use letting Hao Xingguo and his mother-in-law persuade her.

by the way, my sister's two children are really proud. Study well and be filial to your mother.

my brother-in-law went crazy at home, and the two children held him down together to keep him from touching my sister.

I also know that it is not good to say "other people's children" to their own children. But sometimes, I can't help it.

at the end of the term, other children are the first and second in their class, and Xiaotao failed several courses. Can I not say that?

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I said, your cousin, the living conditions are much worse than yours. Look at other people's achievements!

Xiaotao said, then go and talk to the second aunt and exchange me with my sister. That's fine with me.

in fact, what hurts most is not her words, but the expression on her face.

seems to be extremely indifferent to me, it doesn't matter whether I exist or not.

my heart was really broken by her, and something even more hurtful came.


since March 2008, I have had an intermittent rash.

the back of the hand, the arm is the worst. Over and over again.

when I went to the hospital, the doctor asked me if I had any allergies and checked myself.

then I remembered that I had a rash like this when I used to be allergic to a lady's face cream.

I think this time it may also be caused by cosmetics, and later found that it seems to be related to Hao Xingguo.

sometimes when he makes out with me, I'm allergic.

Hao Xingguo's rough face is usually too lazy to rub with skin cream, so how is it possible to use something of a lady level?

later, I secretly checked his cell phone, and sure enough, I had a mistress.

the female accountant of their company likes to use that brand.

Hao Xingguo and I apologized and swore a venomous oath and asked me to give him a chance.

of course, he thought I found it by reading his text message.

half a month later, I was allergic again. We had another fight.

this time, my mother-in-law also knew, followed me to scold him, put a good day not to cheat.

to be honest, I don't want to leave.

in the real estate sales business, men have seen too much ugliness. If he can change, I can accept it.

however, I had allergies twice that month.

later, he asked me, how on earth did you know that you installed a tracker for me?

I said, Hao Xingguo, if I tell you, it means I'm really going to leave you.

in fact, I have always felt that I do not love Hao Xingguo so much, insipid and respectful to each other.

but when I raised my allergic arm, tears welled up uncontrollably.

maybe it's not reconciled to it, or maybe it's love without knowing it.

even if he is not good, that is bad, he is also the man who accompanied me through poverty and hardship.

I didn't expect to be in the same boat when I was poor, but I became a bird when I was rich.


the real divorce was in March 2009.

We didn't tell Xiaotao until we had a deal. She was already in junior high school by then.

We have separate deposits. At that time, I bought all four properties in my name.

but I gave my mother-in-law a trick.

I told my mother-in-law that Xingguo was sorry to me, but you didn't. You have helped me too much. I can't get out of that small place in my hometown without you to help me take Xiaotao. I have to be grateful. I thought I could give you an old age, but it's a pity that we have no fate.

my mother-in-law cried so much that she couldn't bear to leave me.

she said she didn't want the house, but I insisted. Her mother-in-law did not refuse any more, she said that when she was old and left, she would leave it to Xiaotao.

in fact, there seems to be no need for so much trouble, anyway, it is Xiaotao's in the end. But I think the elderly have a sense of belonging only if they have a house in a strange city.

when I divorced Hao Xingguo, I looked light, but in fact it hurt my bones.

and it was my own daughter who dealt me the fatal blow.

Xiaotao's custody must be given to me.

on the third day when Hao Xingguo and his mother-in-law moved out, she pointed at me and said, it's all your fault! I'm so busy every day, I don't care about my dad! Can my dad not go out and look for it? If you want to be a good woman, it won't be what it is today!

I was already in a bad mood. I was blamed for the affair.

I raised my hand and gave her a mouth. This slap brought our relationship to a freezing point.

I said, what's the use of raising you? get out of here!


Xiaotao went to live with her father for half a month.

I struggled with myself for half a month. Should I go first?Apologize to her and get her back.

I have only one daughter, but I beat her away with my own hands.

when I come home from work every day, facing the big empty house, my heart is really empty.

at that time, I thought that when I had finished what I was doing, I went to pick up Xiao Tao. As a result, she came back first.

I don't ask why and I know why. The other woman has moved over, how can he show Xiao Tao a good face?

later, my mother-in-law told me that the two were fighting every day, and Hao Xingguo begged Xiao Tao to go back.

the night Xiaotao came back, I was so happy that I called her favorite Pizza Hut.

but there was silence at the dinner table, and no one made a sound.

later, I couldn't help saying, "do you think everyone is like your mother?" Let you bully me.

Xiao Tao glanced at me and said, why do you think my father is so discerning?

I said, shut up and say something else.