Hangzhou 2-year-old girl fell to death the latest development, surveillance video exposure: more than one killer!
Hangzhou 2-year-old girl fell to death the latest development, surveillance video exposure: more than one killer!
Only by nourishing the heart with kindness and using King Kong means to do things, can we go further. ​

it has been half a month since a 2-year-old girl fell from a building in Hangzhou.

the latest development is:

the police have set up a criminal case for investigation, and nanny Wu Mou has been investigated for criminal responsibility on suspicion of negligent death.

also, the windowsill of the property is less than half a meter high and the elevator opens the door for only 6 seconds. These are all hidden dangers of safety, and the property should also bear part of the responsibility.

since the girl fell from a building, the state media have published articles many times, and there has been a wave of investigation of hidden safety dangers across the country.

to tell you the truth, the hardest thing in the past half a month is the Chen family, who are immersed in sadness and pain every day.

Mr. Chen's wife, an elderly pregnant woman, suffered a lot in order to give birth to cherry, and it was very difficult to walk all the way.

although it is hard, the birth of the child has brought unprecedented joy and happiness to the family.

Mr. and Mrs. Chen are busy at work. There are four old people in the family, three of them are in poor health and need to be taken care of, so they hired a babysitter to look after the children.

this Aunt Wu, who has many years of parenting experience, is a senior maternal and child nurse.

seeing that the babysitter was so qualified, Mr. Chen and his family hired Aunt Wu with a generous salary, hoping that she would be kind to her children.

food and accommodation are included, with a salary of 8000 yuan, 13 a year, 4 days off a month, and various benefits.

and she doesn't have to cook. She has a full-time cook babysitter at home.

to tell you the truth, many people should envy such a generous offer under their real name.

however, the generous treatment given to her by Mr. Chen's family is not a feeling of gratitude, but a pain in the heart.

on June 14, Ms. Zhao, the mother of Little Cherry, took her mother to the hospital.

that night, after Mr. Chen's family had dinner with their father-in-law, Aunt Wu, the babysitter, proposed to take Cherry to the neighborhood to skateboard.

as a result, the family moved separately.

Mr. Chen never expected that this was the last time he and his daughter, Xiao Cherry, met each other.

in a later surveillance video, Aunt Wu was shown walking into the elevator room with little cherry.

however, Aunt Wu, as a caregiver, has never taken any protective measures such as pulling, hugging and giving way to the cherry.

what is she doing?

I have been browsing my cell phone ever since I entered the elevator.

her eyes, always fixed on the mobile phone screen, did not pay any attention to the child around her.

as a result, when the elevator went down to the first floor, Aunt Wu, the nanny, pushed the scooter out of the elevator and left Cherry alone in the elevator room.

how painful it is for a child under 2 years old.

Aunt Wu, outside the elevator door, tried in vain to stop the elevator from closing.

in this way, her procrastination and dullness stubbornly missed the most critical rescue opportunity.

later, a heart-wrenching scene happened.

Little Cherry was left alone in the elevator, panicked.

the elevator began to go up and opened the door after going up to the eighth floor.

Little Cherry thought she saw hope and ran out crying, but there was no one in the elevator hall.

helplessly, she climbed up the window for help. Unfortunately, Little Cherry, who was less than 2 years old, fell directly from the eighth floor window to the concrete platform on the second floor.

at this time, Aunt Wu heard a loud noise from upstairs.

maybe she was trying to cover up her mistake, or she was completely freaked out, and it was eight minutes after she heard the noise that she called Mr. Chen.

she lied that Little Cherry had to go back to the elevator to pick up branches before she was locked in.

she even lied that she was playing with her mobile phone to confirm with Mr. Chen what food to buy the next day.

but Mr. Chen said that she is only responsible for babysitting and does not need to buy vegetables.

Are you ready to buy a magnificent country wedding style dresses with boots that will make you stand out in any crowd? Our magnificent garments will hugely boost your confidence.

Why would she lie?

obviously, it is to lighten one's responsibility.

however, what is even more unforgivable is that I had already heard a loud noise and had a premonition that something had happened to Little Cherry. After the phone call, this Aunt Wu had been hanging around the basement unhurriedly, with no intention of going up to have a look.

Poor Mr. Chen, after receiving the phone call, he was so anxious that he went crazy to look for his child.

he called the police, found the property, and finally found the child on the platform on the second floor.

"I went to the second floor platform, opened the window and saw my daughter lying there, my heart dripping blood."

"at that time, my little cherry was still alive and my body was still soft."

after being sent to the hospital, the doctor said that the best rescue time had been missed and the child died.

Mr. Chen, who lost his beloved daughter, turned white overnight.

he can no longer peel off his daughter's favorite corn.

how much happiness his daughter had brought to them, and every long night of the rest of his life, these memories gnawed at him and made him feel tormented.

for his daughter, the nearly 50-year-old man opened Weibo for the first time, on which he wrote:

"Cherry, can you come back and become Daddy's little princess?"

these words, tears of blood, people can not bear to read.

after Cherry's accident, great sadness and pain hit the family and let himWe are about to collapse.

they can't imagine that their well-paid nannies have brought so much pain to the family.

after playing with her cell phone and leaving her child alone in the elevator, she still has many ways to save it.

first, to observe which floor the child's elevator comes to, she can run the stairs or take another elevator.

second, call the property or the father of the child and start them to look for the child in each corridor.

third, after hearing a loud noise, tell the child the father's location and hurry to find the child. Maybe it's not too late.

however, she did not do it, but procrastinated, covered up, and finally missed a living life.

Mr. Chen's family treats her so well and treats her so well, but she doesn't care about taking care of her children at all and plays with her mobile phone hard.

she thinks that the host family is easy to talk about, and she thinks that she can hide it by simply telling a lie after the accident, so she is bold, reckless and unscrupulous!

at present, the police are already filing a case for investigation, and it is believed that there will be a fair judgment in the near future.

this babysitter, you can't let her go easily!

Nanny Mo Huanjing, who is addicted to gambling and borrows numerous debts, the hostess Zhu Xiaozhen is kind-hearted by nature. Instead of driving her away because of this, she has always been very kind to her.

during her service, Mo Huanjing was found to have stolen. Instead of firing her, the kind-hearted Zhu Xiaozhen lent her money many times, up to 100000 yuan at a time.

Mo Huanjing once told her relatives and friends that now her babysitter family is very kind to her, and they also take her children to summer camp, bringing her gifts and clothes during the holidays.

she takes more than 7000 yuan a month and drives Zhu Xiaozhen's famous car, which looks like a hostess.

but Zhu Xiaozhen's generous offer to her is to bite the hand that feeds her.

after an online gambling, Mo Huanjing owed a huge debt, so she wanted to start a fire and get more benefits from Zhu Xiaozhen.

however, in this absurd man-made fire, Zhu Xiaozhen and her children lost their lives forever.

this is the most heartbreaking news in recent years.

A good man is not rewarded, but his kindness is the devil's fangs.

there is another episode in this matter.

before Mo Huanjing came to Zhu Xiaozhen's house, she had worked as a babysitter in two other families.

but at the home of her former employer, she showed signs of stealing, stealing Maotai, rings and necklaces, and her former employers decisively fired her.

perhaps it is because of their decisiveness and determination that they survived.

after she came to Zhu Xiaozhen's home, Zhu Xiaozhen tolerated and accepted again and again, not in exchange for the awakening of her conscience, but intensified, and finally she sent herself on the road of crime.

I have always believed that human nature is complex.

there is a sunny good side and a dark evil side.

and once unregulated and unfettered, the evil in human nature will be released and devour everything.

the greed and desires in human nature can never be filled up. The nicer you are to them, they will not be grateful, but will only take an inch.

what does it mean that we often say "both kindness and intimacy"?

that is to say, both en and Wei must have.

when you only treat others with kindness and leniency, what you get will not be true.

only by using tough and effective means, with clear boundaries and a clear bottom line, can we go further.

there is a post on Zhihu, "do you want to treat the babysitter as family?"

there are thousands of messages and comments under this post.

there is a story that impresses me very much.

Grandpa is old and all his children have jobs, so he has hired a babysitter to take care of him.

she works quickly, never asks questions, and takes good care of her grandfather.

and Grandpa is also a contented and kind old man.

during the Spring Festival, he himself has to give an extra one in addition to the red envelopes given by his children.

even, after taking care of it for a long time, he used his previous relationship to find a good job for the nanny's aunt's daughter.

in the hearts of all the people in this family, they all feel that the nanny is their family and an indispensable part of them.


it turns out that by chance, Grandpa saw her chatting with others.

there are eight of the ten items in the record, she is talking about how to do with Grandpa's money, and also said: the family has money, a little more is a little bit more.

those shocking words are hard to believe that they come from that kind-looking aunt.

she was thinking something she shouldn't have, and she got greedy.

such people are too dangerous to stay.

what is human nature?

kind? Is it evil? Industrious? Laziness?

No, human nature is deep and complicated.

any single word is simply not enough to summarize.

so never underestimate human greed.Never be unguarded against human nature.

if you treat people so well that they dare to be unscrupulous.

for people, kindness and kindness are nature.

but kindness is not enough. We must rely on the fierceness of a lion. Only with the ferocity and severity of King Kong can goodness really exert its strength.

only by nourishing the heart with kindness and using King Kong means to do things, can we go further.