Five months after the divorce, Angelababy shocked the whole network: she finally can't pretend?
Five months after the divorce, Angelababy shocked the whole network: she finally can't pretend?
​, keep a low profile and beware of the day when the tide recedes and the day comes when you swim naked in public.

some time ago, among the disturbing messages, "Angelababy response to filming fake eating" went on the hot search quietly and went down quietly again.

once the top AB did not stir up too many waves in today's entertainment.

moreover, it seems that not many people are willing to listen to her explanation. The comment area is either a water army or a query.

her new play, "Yoko should have Love," was released, and unexpectedly some people saw progress from it, but it still could not stop the bad reviews on the screen.

I have to say that the basic market of Sister baby is gone.

looking back on the history of her struggle, it often has something to do with "lack of dedication", "poor acting" and "high-priced pay".

of course, it is mainly the sky-high price.

(after all, she is not the only artist with poor acting skills and unprofessional work


before "narcissism", baby relied on the vase characters in "Di Renjie,"running Man," and "the Legend of the Dragon." although the audience did not recognize her acting skills, they were absolutely positive about her beauty.

until "matting is not self-admiring" and matting + 80 million pay + "I'm worth it", word-of-mouth collapsed overnight.

some time ago, the relatively high configuration of "Wind from Longxi", she can only play six supporting roles.

but in any case, a skinny camel should be bigger than a horse, but unexpectedly, Angelababy began to cry poor.

"the house in Shanghai is too expensive for me to afford." -- from the speech made a few days before his divorce from Huang Xiaoming Guan Xuan at the beginning of the year.

to save, a casual wave will be stabbed in the heart, which is almost impossible to prevent.

Sister Baby, why do you have to hold a grudge?

the only possibility is that some people in this circle really feel poor.

because baby is not alone in talking like this.

just a few days ago, Shangguan loved to cry and cried on a hot search.

ask who she is? We didn't know each other very well, but as soon as I opened my mouth, the arrogant smell of "star" went straight to the forehead.

have no money to make music, but have the money to buy hot search

you want to ask her why she hasn't made a career change after nine months of no income? Big experience answer, this is my dream and love.

whether to say it or not, this business can really make money lying down. After all, not everyone can beg for Weibo begging.

these eighteen lines are small and transparent, and they all cry in one way or another.

actress Zhang Haoyue once revealed in a live broadcast, "I used to earn more as a model, but now I earn an average of 2w a month when an actor is good."

of course, people also said that when the market is bad, the average month is less than one week. It didn't seem so outrageous, but it turned out that "I work less than half a year a year."

however, the starlets at the bottom may also beat the workers really hard. Some big stars cry poor, that is called a diaphragm.

Wang ou once complained on a variety show, "the house in Beijing is too expensive, otherwise I would have retired."

as a result, he was resented by Zhang Wei outside the screen, "you want to buy a community, right?" (it's cool)

and our childhood, Bai Yueguang, Chen Haomin (although he has changed food and stickiness), because he has been out of date for many years, "his income is not as much as before, life is more difficult, he can't afford to raise four children, and he can't afford to rent a big house in the city center."

turned his head and moved back to the villa of more than 40 million yuan.

and Wang Xiaobao, who starred in country Love, once complained on the live broadcast that he was getting less and less of a part, but had to bear the wages of three nannies, with mortgage, car loans, and living expenses totaling 500000 a month, while his real estate added up to less than 50 million, making him a destitute in the eyes of others.

he's so miserable. Whoo!

he will probably say in public that he is not poor, so he is sober in the world.

No one thinks that there is too much money, such as some Shuang standing on 150 million wants 180 million, but the stars crying for poverty seem to only care about comparing the number of money, and when it comes to their jobs, they may be silent one by one.

money, look up, but business ability, you have to look down, so that you can live like this.

"you can't lose a penny of Money, don't ask too much for your work."

is still our sister baby.

at that time, "matting without self-admiration" and "staring at Andy Lau" surprised sentient beings, but apart from these well-known coquettish operations, she has never stopped over the years.

Lip sync at the Lantern Festival party, but he was caught on the spot because of his poor acting skills.

paused for a second without matching the upper mouth

start a sideline bar, live broadcast with goods, and netizens point out that they spend 80% of their time playing with mobile phones and disrespecting businesses.

really rely on the "face" to make a living, show a superficial face, take fame and fortune, I will, the mess, you go. Why do you have to work hard? you can earn money lying down anyway.

as for the works handed in and failing one after another, then, there is no way, it is always difficult to do both things in the world.

but one star falls, thousands of stars come up.

if you have a wrong understanding of yourself, it won't take long for a gopher to emerge, like an endless gopher.

before, Wu Xuanyi went out of the circle in the opposite direction, as a love bean.Being ridiculed for making efforts to improve American business, he claimed that he would wear a series of ugly shoes, shouting proudly "I am super-rigid" while crying out that the whole world was against himself, and that "girls in this circle were not treated well." drag others into the water to endorse themselves.

come on, we're just against ugly things that don't work hard and look hot.

later, there was a singer Ji Ke Junyi, who lived in a luxury house in Beijing, used Herm è s cutlery and enjoyed a cloakroom full of luxury goods, but sold badly to the audience.

"to be able to cook, to be beautiful, to be thin, to know how to behave, to be able to fight professionally, to be under pressure." Why is it so difficult for artists now? would you please be a little more tolerant of our love? "

is very speechless, some basic requirements, where will make others difficult to death.

but if you ask how much business ability you can play,

unspeakable, unspeakable.

including when Gao Yixiang had an accident, everyone was very sad, but a bunch of stars jumped out to seek benefits for themselves and took advantage of the opportunity to eat human blood steamed buns.

not carefully polished works, complaining bitterness is the first place.

that scene is by far one of the most disgusting scenes in the entertainment industry.

the stars have been suspended in the air for so long that they no longer understand what is meant by "self-knowledge". Who can remember that an artist was originally just a type of work.

Do you want to shop ethereal gowns wedding to appear delightfully charming and bring your figure clearly? Enjoy shopping for that fabulous garment.

Business ability is the last word

for stars to sell badly, Wu Kequn once told the truth, "the hard work of artists is not worth mentioning."

veteran artist Zhang Guo worked several night shifts without a word of complaint.

for stars crying about poverty, Zhang Songwen, the newest man in the uncle circle, has also made a demonstration.

"not buying it doesn't mean I can't afford it now. It's just that as I get older, it's out of my mind."

this is a real artist who has gone beyond secularity and is in pursuit of "Tao".

but uncle does not want to be morally kidnapped, saying that artists must not pursue money. However, the stars should have a scale in their hearts, know how many pounds they are, and then go to intensive research, improve their business ability, and strive to make themselves worthy of the reward they get.

the fact is that as long as there is strength, the tolerance of the public is very high.

teacher Chen Jianbin played "Zhen Huan Zhuan" and "fake eating". In a scene, he was mischievously fed with plastic prawns by Cai Shaofen, but he still chewed it with relish, saying that "the queen's kitchenette is more delicious than that of the imperial concubine Xi."

with his superb acting skills, Chen Jianbin changed the word "fat orange" from a black name to a pet name. In the final analysis, fake eating is not the problem, let the audience see that is the problem.

Don't say that there is no need to worry about food and clothing, even if the bottom stars who do not make so much money, they can still live a beautiful life and have backbone.

Produce 101 contestant Chen Yuyan, who lost the spotlight because she failed to make her debut, settled down to be an ordinary person. Her new job, Disney float parade, is full of energy and vitality every day.

Love your job and make money based on your strength. This is the star worth admiring.

from any point of view, this is the best time for stars. Compared with the past, such as the "four Heavenly Kings", "Tianya four Beauty" and "Sidan double Ice", all of them need both beauty and strength.

keep a low profile and beware of the day when the tide recedes and swims naked in front of the public.




people feel sorry for you.