Five days after the death of a 74-year-old man in Shanghai, his son was arrested: he didn't know until his later years that filial piety was a prerequisite for his children.
Five days after the death of a 74-year-old man in Shanghai, his son was arrested: he didn't know until his later years that filial piety was a prerequisite for his children.
Your parents raise you well, you must take good care of them until they grow old.


Shanghai Songjiang Court completed the trial and delivered the verdict a few days ago.

A short case report of a thousand words makes people feel extremely cold in the middle of summer.

Wang, a 46-year-old man, watched his father die at home but did not care.

even he was unwilling to make arrangements for the rest of his life, leaving his father's body to rot slowly.

the old man who passed away is already in his twilight years and has only one son, Wang.

as for himself, because of a serious illness, his health is getting worse and worse, and he needs to be taken care of and nursed for a long time.

but the son didn't care.

I just feel that my father has become "withdrawn" and is extremely disgusted.

even if the wife dies later, and even if the son divorces from his wife, there are only father and son left in this family.

the son is just like a stranger, on the other side of the city, he never asks the old father how to take care of his illness.

until Wang, who had been unemployed for a long time, could not afford his own rent, and his credit card owed more than a hundred thousand foreign debts.

it occurred to me that I was going to move in with my father.

my 74-year-old father at that time was suffering from a long illness, accompanied by chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

such an old man in his twilight years hopes that he will also need the company and care of his children.

I don't bother to ask him how he is, and he doesn't know anything about his illness or medication.

every day I just sleep until I get up at noon, walk my dog, go to Internet cafes and surf the Internet, and go home late at night.

the old man still can only buy food and cook by himself, go to see a doctor and buy medicine by himself, and seldom meet his son for a few days.

I have children by my side, but I live more lonely.

that day, the old man fell in the neighborhood.

he is too weak to get out of bed on his own.

as never before, I begged my son to help me go to the toilet.

but the son saw it in his eyes, but he didn't even want to take him to the hospital, let alone any care.

I only look at it once a day and ask a simple question, but I still walk my dog, surf the Internet and play for most of the day.

even took my father's cell phone and spent it everywhere.

in the last six or seven days of his life, the old man looked at the ceiling alone for a long time, just like the lonely days in his old age.

until he could not make any sound and died quietly.

the old man is gone.

it is not his own son who can take care of his future, but his neighbors who have nothing to do with it.

when the son came home and found his father had stopped breathing, he did nothing.

No tears, no grief, not even a funeral home.

as if I didn't see it, I continued to live my life, numb as if it was just a mosquito dried on the windowsill.

it was not until five days later, when the old man's body was so rotten that it smelled so bad that the neighbors became suspicious and called the police.

the son, with his own blood and 46 years of father-son affection, did not even want to let him leave honorably.

some time ago, the Songjiang Court ruled that Wang's refusal to raise his father, who is old, sick and unable to live independently, constitutes the crime of abandonment.

fixed-term imprisonment, one year and three months.

after reading the details of the case, I only felt that every word revealed the word "indifference".

I think of New Year's Day's mother who died lonely in front of her son's house at night a few years ago.

the 85-year-old man fell in his child's yard in the middle of a cold winter night.

it is only one step away from the gate of the two houses of the second and third sons.

the old man gave birth to four sons and brought them up.

and subsidize the second and third families to help them take care of their children.

he also took out his old capital to build a house for his youngest son.

give birth to a lifetime and do your best.

A year ago, my wife died and the earthen house where the old lady lived was destroyed by the heavy rain.

she is so old that she has nowhere to go, so she can only count on her children, but none of her four sons is willing to take in her mother for her old age.

it was only when others came forward to coordinate that they reluctantly reached an agreement: four people took turns to take care of their mothers every month.

New Year's Day spent her temporary stay at the youngest son's house that day. The child's wife packed up the bedding, sent the old man to the eldest brother's door and left.

but the eldest son's family went out to drink, and the old man knocked on the door for a long time, but there was no answer.

in the cold winter months, the old man blew out the cold wind outside the door and could not stand the cold. He went back on crutches and begged his youngest son to take in a few more days.

but the youngest son, who is killing pigs and sheep at home, reasoned that the next day was his mother-in-law's birthday and that he would come to many guests with no place for his mother to live.

once again, I sent my mother out.

the old man can only stumble to the door of the second and third sons, butNone of them are at home either.

on that day, the old man cried all the way.

seems to be crying that he has worked hard all his life, but when he is old, there is no one to rely on in this cold wind.

the only thing the old man ate on that day was a piece of Shaqima.

not from their own children, but from the pity and sympathy of the neighbors who saw her.

when it was dark, the eldest family came back, saw the bedding at the door, didn't care, and went to bed.

late at night, the second and third heard their mother shouting their nicknames outside the door.

but they just get bored: it's the boss's turn this month, and it's none of my business.

that winter night, the old man cried out for help, shouting the children he had brought up one by one not far away.

but her voice is like dead leaves falling, no one cares.

at dawn, the old man lost his breath.

but even her afterlife, the four brothers also passed the buck to each other, feeling that they had nothing to do with their mother's death.


if it hadn't been reported by Today, I would have thought it was a satirical story in a vernacular novel hundreds of years ago.

such a thing is not alone.

the old man in Anhui who fell on the balcony and knocked on the washbasin for four days and four nights attracted neighbors to call the police for rescue.

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my daughter clearly lives in the same city, but she hasn't visited her for nearly 20 days.

the old man in Sichuan who raised five children but died alone in a dilapidated village house.

the village committee persuaded the children to come back to visit and take care of them, but they were blocked by the phone.

which of these old people doesn't work hard when they are young, feed their children, live frugally when they are old, and provide for their children to buy a house and start a family.

for decades, I am not afraid of hard work.

but in his old age, he becomes useless in the eyes of his children.

have children and daughters, but experience loneliness.

I have seen a documentary, "No one knows".

an 81-year-old mother died, and two weeks later, she was discovered by her daughter who came home to pick up something.

the reporter asked: "how far is it from my mother's house to your home?"

the daughter gave a speechless answer:

"15 minutes."

15 minutes, that is the distance that will not cool down even if you hold a bowl of hot rice.

but why are we stingy with filial piety, but let the kinship completely cool off?

I read a report earlier that interviewed a 70-year-old grandmother.

before retiring, she supported her son's education and married a wife.

when you are still in good health, help your son with the children and do the housework.

Mother is loving and filial to her son.

but as he grew older and became ill, he was sent back to his old house where he lived alone for his old age.

from then on, obviously only a few dozen kilometers away, it seemed to have crossed more than half of China, and my son's family never went back to see her.

always excuse that he is so busy that there are only a handful of phone calls to greet him.

the old man sighed and came to the end of his life to find that filial piety of his children had a premise: he needed you to have "useful value".

when you can no longer help your children, filial piety becomes an unrewarding investment for them.

the "risk" is so high that even family affection will change.

this is the cruelest truth I have ever heard.

but it is also sad to find that this has become a reality faced by some old people.

Last year, an 84-year-old couple in Hunan sued their three sons and one daughter.

half a year ago, the old lady fell and was unable to move, and her life needed to be taken care of all the time.

A wife of the same age is also powerless.

but none of these four children is willing to support them.

in despair, two octogenarian old people can only sue their children and ask them to pay monthly alimony.

not willing to pay more, only 300 yuan a month.

considering that it is difficult for the elderly to move, the case is heard in their place of residence.

in court, looking at the gray hair of the two old men, the judge could not help choking:

"according to the law, your parents can ask you to pay 2500 yuan a month in alimony.

but I asked them again and again, but they only asked for 300 yuan.

if you buy less clothes and eat less delicious food, you will save it.

ask yourself, where are you going to find such parents? "

when they raised their children and grew up, they gave up everything they had.

they paid no attention to the fullness of their wings for their children.

now that I am old and ill, I know that I am useless in the hearts of my children.

as a result, they learned to be "sensible", to make less trouble to their children, and to try not to be disliked.

even if he asks for a little bit of filial piety that he should have, he is careful not to get one more point.

just like the other day, host Li Ai talked about taking her 72-year-old mother to see a doctor in a variety show.

the doctor praises the old man's health and longevity.

Mother shook her head:

"I don't want to live long. Longevity is not good for children."

these are Chinese parents.

all my life, I will try my best to lift us adults.

when he is old, he would rather leave the field invisible than drag his children down than bother them.

when I am lonely, I sit quietly at the door all day, looking at the direction in which the child left home for a long time.

but who can guarantee that they will be painless and disaster-free in their old age?

when they get sick, stumble, and become weak, the only one who can place a little hope in their hearts is you.

even if your parents are not willing to kidnap you with filial piety, you should understand that that is not the reason for you to ignore it.

because life is an orderly reincarnation, you will eventually become the parent of your child, and you will grow old one day.

your choices today will come back to you in the same way tomorrow.

maybe you've heard this story:

in front of the afternoon door sat the dusk old man and his son.

A sparrow came, and his father murmured, "what is that?"

the son looked up and casually replied, "A sparrow."

the father nodded and soon asked, "what is that?"

the son frowned, "Dad, I told you, it's a sparrow."

when the sparrow flew up, the father asked for the third time, "what is that?"

the son got irritable and yelled at his father:

"A sparrow, touch hemp, seven-jump sparrow, sparrow! I've told you so many times, what on earth are you going to do? "

without saying a word, the father got up and went back to the house to get a notebook, pointed to one of the paragraphs, and said to his son, "read."

my son read it according to his words:

"Today, I was sitting in the park with my youngest son, who just turned three years old, when a sparrow landed in front of us. My son asked me 21 times, 'what is that?' I answered him 21 times, 'that's a sparrow'.

every time he asks, I hug him, over and over again, without bothering me at all, thinking that my dear son is so cute. "

how many people forget that when we were young, our parents were our only audience.

and when our parents are old, we are their only audience.

but if there is a length of love, what is the difference between children's love for their parents and their parents' love for their children?

when you blame them for soiling their clothes due to incontinence, you don't remember them changing diapers for you.

when you dislike them, they stoop and walk slowly, but you don't remember them helping you learn to walk.

when you are tired of their nagging and ambiguous words, but you don't remember, you used to babble and chirp, but they listen to them as the most beautiful songs.

our parents really don't have many pictures.

is nothing more than a pair of hands holding hands when sick and a caring phone call when lonely.

nothing more than going home often.

born a human being, your parents raise you well, you must take good care of them until they grow old.

do not let you have the premise of filial piety, teach them to understand the cruelest truth in the world.

Don't let the person who raised you spend the rest of his life in sorrow.