Eight minimalist rules to make yourself happy
Eight minimalist rules to make yourself happy
The road to simple, complex in the hearts of the people, is the best law of life.



A way of life is very popular these years, called minimalism.

minimalism is not only an awakening of self-consciousness, but also the ideal state of life.

through simplification, get a simple and pure way of life, and make your life more efficient and valuable.

so how to live a minimalist life?

take a look at People's Daily's recommendation of 8 minimalist lifestyles, you may get a lot of inspiration.

material minimalism

there is a story in ancient Greece.

referring to Socrates' students, he advised him to take a stroll in the bazaar: "there are countless new things in the bazaar, and you will return with a full load when you go there."

when Socrates came back, the students asked him to talk about the harvest of shopping, and then Socrates said:

"my biggest gain from this trip is to find that there are so many things in this world that I don't need."

in fact, for most people, a lot of things around them are completely unnecessary.

A wall-breaking machine that has been used only once is full of cabinets, but there is not a suitable dress on important occasions.

excessive material filling, not only can not make our life better, but will make our spiritual world crowded.

people in this life, in fact, the older they grow up, the more they need to know how to break up with each other, whether to people or things.

although I am very reluctant to give up, I should throw it away and give up what I should give up.

simplify material desires and have better planning and management of goods.

if there are few things but good things, people will not lose the ability to rejoice in new things.

minimalist information

how long has it been since you opened your Wechat favorites?

this guide is enough on how to build your own knowledge system.

if there are children at home, how can they be perfectly accepted? what are the reception skills?

whether a woman is lucky or not, you can tell by her mouth.

in this era of rampant short videos and fragmented information, we passively accept a lot of information and want to learn a lot.

so many people have the habit of collecting and add it to their favorites before learning.

but the scary thing is that you have never read the content properly, but you still think you are positive.

everything is valuable in action, and so is the practical information in your favorites. If you don't put it into practice, it's worthless.

so, from now on, delete the APP that you never read, organize your collection regularly, and keep only what you want to pay attention to most.

to be truly positive, you should visualize your progress.

minimalist energy

in fact, in a sense, a person's greatest wealth is his own energy.

as long as you can make rational use of your energy, you can add value to your life.

but unfortunately, most people want to do too many things, and the more distracted they are, the less they can focus on what really matters to them.

in the end, life was a mess and accomplished nothing.

I quite agree with one sentence:

"the true greatness of a man lies not in leading others, but in managing his own energy."

Energy not only refers to a person's time, but also includes the ability to do things, emotion, thinking, will, and so on.

A wise person tends to know how to optimize his energy and devote himself to what is really important.

so as to work efficiently and fundamentally change your life.

minimalist communication

have you ever experienced social fatigue:

in order to appear worldly, carefully attend various parties to cater to others;

there are inexplicably more than a dozen group chats, sign-in groups and car-sharing groups in the mobile phone, and there are hundreds or even thousands of unread messages every day.

the more people you know, the more friends on Wechat who don't even know their names, full of bargaining and mass messages.

over time, the complicated circle of friends brings us not resonance and happiness, but a burden.

actually think about it carefully, do we really need so many contacts and circles?

the answer is no.

because most social activities are actually ineffective, there is nothing behind the hustle and bustle, but it is a waste of time.

Feng Jicai said: "mediocre people fill the emptiness with excitement, and excellent people make themselves by being alone."

truly smart people never deliberately cater to some complex relationships, but have their own choices for their friends.

because to choose a friend is to choose your own destiny.

minimalist expression

there is an aunt in my hometown who is warm-hearted, but the bad thing is that she has a mouth.

whose daughter found a boyfriend to do business, whose child scored in this exam, whose husband stayed out playing cards all day and didn't come home.

all day long, he kept talking about his boss, adding to what he had heard.

of course, no one will really verify whether it is true or not.

but over time, you will find that most people consciously draw a clear line with her and say hello politely even if they meet her.

is to be less judged by her and reduce trouble.

there is an old saying: "Wise men think before they speak, fools think before they think.""

everyone can talk, but not everyone knows the secret of language.

for those who do not know, there is no need to talk about it wantonly. Even if it is the right and wrong of others, it has nothing to do with us, and we are not qualified to comment and criticize arbitrarily.

Smart people would rather say nothing, not only to respect others, but also to protect themselves.

emotional minimalism

there is a short film called Saturday in Italy.

the hero plans his weekend early in the morning, washing dishes, washing clothes, littering, cleaning the bathroom, calling his mother and finding something interesting to do in the evening.

he went through everything in his head, anticipating the best and worst outcome of everything.

but in fact, when the sunset dusk, the dirty clothes are still there, the house has not been cleaned, the hero does nothing, but feels physically and mentally tired.

many people are actually in this state of emotional internal friction.

think too much about small things, waste time and involve energy, easy to attack yourself, and always stare at the opposite of things.

in fact, this exhaustion does not come from the thing itself, but from the conflict within us.

people have emotions, but the difference is that some people know how to distribute attention reasonably and control emotions effectively.

when you make a decision, do it; when you have enthusiasm, you have to live actively.

keep a normal mind, you have to believe that all good things are waiting for you.

Life is minimalist

see such a heart-wrenching truth on Weibo:

"more than half of your life will be better if you can work and rest regularly and eat healthily."

this is indeed the case when you think about it.

after work in the evening, I indulge myself to eat and drink. As a result, when it is time to go to bed, my body is still working and energetic.

then stay up late to play with mobile phones and watch dramas, and wake up the next day physically and mentally exhausted, absent-minded at work, and full of mistakes.

We always say that life is hard and life is not what we want.

but life is like soil, what you irrigate it, it will bear fruit.

and if a person is always in an irregular state of life, he will naturally get the punishment he deserves.

if you want to change your life for the better, start with a minimalist life.

work and rest regularly, go to bed early and get up early without staying up late.

have a good meal, less oil, less sugar, less spicy.

when minimalism becomes a habit, you will feel that life is still ordinary, but it can make your mind happy


mindset is very simple

some people say that the hardest thing in a person's life is to let go.

indeed, life has a long way to go, and each of us is burdened with too much pressure, regret and obsession.

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but over time, they become cumbersome and often more frightening than real dilemmas.

German writer Hesse has a sentence:

"some people think that persistence makes us stronger, but sometimes it is to let go."

Life is a spiritual practice, and no one can save you but yourself.

Let go of the wrong feelings in order to feel the happiness of the moment.

forget the entanglements of the past, you will have more energy to think about your future life.

unlock the shackles of your heart, you can be calm and gain a new life.

you have to believe that there is no unforgettable past and old people. Letting go is the cure for everything.

only in this way can you support the long road ahead.

Nietzsche once wrote a very interesting sentence:

"the reason why I am so smart is that I never waste energy on unnecessary things."

the so-called growth, in fact, is to constantly simplify their own state of mind, simple and hard life.

Avenue to simple, complex in the hearts of the people, is the best law of life.