Don't think about the past, don't worry about the present, don't fear the future.
Don't think about the past, don't worry about the present, don't fear the future.
If you have a simple mind, life will go smoothly.




Zhuangzi said, "

if Bai Kui crosses the gap between heaven and earth, it's just all of a sudden.

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for most people, life is no more than 30,000 days, which is not as long as we think.

Happiness is a day, and so is unhappiness. How would you choose?

is, of course, to put aside your troubles and enjoy every day.

forget the past,

put it down before you can travel light

the reason why many people are unhappy is that they have a good memory and are always thinking about people and things in the past.

if you think about the good things of the past, you will never be able to surpass the once "sea". As far as you can see, it is all a stream.

Guo Xiang, written by Jin Yong, was surprised when he first met Yang at Fengling Ferry at the age of 16. From then on, there was no one else in his eyes.



for the rest of my life, the bright moon is in the sky, and one person will enjoy it.

the breeze is in the hall, blowing alone.

some good, suitable for experience, some good, suitable for memory, and some good, suitable for forgetting.

always keep thinking about the good things you can't get, and you will only let yourself miss more beauty in the process of sinking again and again.

and thinking about the bad things of the past is even more torture.

when British writer Oscar Wilde was young, he had a very good relationship with his younger brother Douglas, and the two were often inseparable and very close.

this was too much for Douglas's father, the Marquis of Queensbury, who felt that such behavior was "vulgar" and would damage his son's image and family reputation.

he sent someone to follow, slander, intimidate and try to break them up. Wilde was so annoyed that he sued the Marquis of Queensbury for "libel."

his friend Bernard Shaw advised him, forget it, pack up and run away, you can't win.

but Wilde turned a deaf ear to the insults and unfair treatment he had received.

in the end, instead of winning the case, he was sentenced to two years in prison and his reputation was tarnished after he was released from prison.

Wilde was bitter about this, and his creativity was greatly reduced. At the age of 46, he was depressed and died.

A man's hardships outweigh his joys in his whole life. The sooner you forget the bad things, the better.

because it's like a weed, if you don't root it out, it will grow everywhere until it desolates your whole heart.

the personnel of the past, good or bad, should be put down.

if you put it down, you will be able to move forward with light travel.

live your life,

you won't get hurt if you don't keep up with the comparison.

there is a passage on the Internet, which is very good:

"the tiredness of life comes half from survival and half from comparison. Most of the time, we live not for ourselves, but for face.

most of people's troubles are not dissatisfied because they lack something, but because others are better than themselves and are not balanced. "

every time I compare intentionally or unconsciously, I plant a thorn in my heart. If there is a lot of comparison, there will be thorns in my heart.

if you look closely, you will find that there are often such people in life:

when his friend got a new car, he congratulated him, but he felt uncomfortable, thinking that one day he must change the channel for a better one.

when his colleague was promoted and got a raise, he was not convinced, felt that he was not bad, and suspected that the leader was biased against him.

when her neighbor's child was admitted to college, she desperately forced her child to be admitted to a famous university.

they stare at other people's lives every day and compete in secret all the time. Others may not know, but they have butterflies in their stomach and a lot of anxiety.

there is a sentence in the book non-violent Communication: "comparison with others is the beginning of a miserable life."

very often, if there is no comparison, there will be no harm.

this kind of injury does not come from others, but from their own wishful thinking.

comparison is the talon that tries to pull you into the water. We should always remind ourselves not to be caught by it.

writer Jin Weichun said: "at a certain stage of life, we should begin to become more and more simple. In the end, there is only one thing left. There are only two words in this matter. Live well!"

to live well is the greatest success. Why bother to compare yourself with others?

focus on the present,

Don't worry so that you can live up to the future

I wonder if you have ever seen such a person in your life. No matter what they do, they are always hesitant and hesitant, and the sentence they often say is: "it's easy to say now, what can we do in the future?"

it is true that there are many important things that should be considered carefully before taking action.

but in life, there are not important things every day, and not everything is related to the future and destiny.

there is no need to worry about the future. What we need to do is to focus on the present.

Deng Yaping was asked in an interview: "during the competition, everyone wants to win. It is inevitable that there will be some anxiety. How did you overcome it?"? "

she said:

"when I play, my first consideration is not whether I can win or not, but to focus on every minute of the moment and deal with every ball."

in her new book, Heart, she wrote a detail: every time she played a game, she pressed the table hard to remind herself to focus on the table and not to think about winning or losing.

focus on the present and do a good job in the present, and the future will not be bad. With such determination, Deng Yaping won a total of 18 world championships in her 14-year sports career.

she has been ranked first in the world for eight years in a row, becoming the longest female player in the history of table tennis.

the best way to win the future is not to worry about the future and focus on the present. Good luck in the future is not a matter of worry, but a step-by-step effort.

there is a sentence in the book "I beat Depression":

"the joys and sorrows of the moment are already the whole meaning of life. The best way to live is to have no past and no future.

this is the most important moment in life.

Today is drunk, tomorrow's sorrow comes tomorrow's sorrow. Live every day well in order to live a good life.

Life is a wonderful journey, with beautiful scenery and bad things along the way.

some people choose to enjoy the beautiful scenery, while others choose to focus on bad things. The former sang happily all the way, while the latter frowned and had thousands of knots in his heart.

what kind of life you want to live depends on how you choose.

Mr. Ji Xianlin wrote a limerick in "living this Life":

"one hundred years of life, there is a little trouble every day. The best way is to ignore it and just wait for the autumn wind to pass by. "

rejoice when you come, let go; cherish it, and lose it without regret. Don't get caught up in the past, don't worry about the present, don't worry about the future.

in this way, if you have a simple mind, life will go smoothly.

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