Don't post everything on moments.
Don't post everything on moments.
Don't let the people who love you worry, work hard quietly until you amaze everyone.




many people say that they don't like posting moments more and more.

it's not because you have less desire to talk, but because you understand that inappropriate words are posted in your moments, which is a kind of disturbance to others.

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so even if the words are on the tip of the tongue, they will swallow hard.

although it is said that moments is their own place of expression, they can say whatever they want, but they still care about the pointing of others.

will also worry that a sentence they say will become something to talk about at other people's dinner table, or their photos will be enlarged and ridiculed by them.

moments is no longer a simple and pure social place, it has become a field of interpersonal practice.

if you are not careful, you will be commented with sour feelings in the comment area, and I will add that it is for your own good.

when I was having lunch yesterday, I heard Ann complain:

"it's none of their business when I post on my moments."

I didn't know until I asked that an an bought a house of her own not long ago.

recently got the room book, looking at her name on the room book, she was so excited that she took a photo and sent it to her moments as a souvenir.

it's only 10 minutes.

several people left messages in her moments, saying that "the position is too partial", "the apartment type is not good", "the price is too expensive", and "you, Beijing drifters, why do you buy the house in your hometown" …...

A few messages came down, which made Anan very angry.

Ann originally wanted to refute them one by one, but then thought about it. It was not necessary, so she sulked and put her cell phone aside.

before going to bed at night, she received a message from her mother. Her mother said:

my daughter is so great that she made a down payment on her own, and her mother is proud of you.

in fact, she doesn't know what she's crying about. She just thinks that in the moments, she can tell whether it's true or false.

those who really care about themselves never make a big noise. They all hide in a corner and send blessings and care silently.

later, Ann deleted that circle of friends, and she decided that she would not easily post her life on it in the future.

for those who make people happy or sad, she only tells them to people who really care about her.

everyone wants you to have a good life, but they don't want you to be better than yourself. this is human nature.

therefore, there is no need to post everything in your moments and try to live your own life.

Don't let the people who love you worry, work hard quietly until you amaze everyone, this way of life is even cooler.

I have seen a question before: what is the mentality of people who do not post on moments?

the most popular answer is: because those moments are sent to people who really care about them in private.

in those days when you don't post on moments, manage your own life well and don't easily open your own wounds to others.

those who don't care about you don't care.

and for those who care about you, even if you do not take the initiative to open your heart, they will take the initiative to approach you and give you rare warmth.

Cai Kangyong said a sentence when he was participating in the program:

"you will leave some secrets that you will never tell others, and among those secrets must be the collapse you have experienced, not that it is not enough for outsiders, but that it is not worth telling others, because only you know best."

there are many joys and sorrows in life for yourself.

it's nice to meet someone approaching you, but if you don't have this luck for the time being, choose to digest it by yourself first.

they don't understand your happiness, and maybe no one can share your sadness.

but sooner or later there will be someone.

even if you don't put all your life in your moments, they can capture your emotions in the first place and give you the greatest comfort.

people who really love you will not know you through moments, they will let companionship speak louder than words, details speak louder than words, and they will give you all the obvious love when you can't see it in your moments.