Congratulations, he's finally been banned!
Congratulations, he's finally been banned!
Everything is entertained, but the voice that fights entertainment to death never dies.

I haven't seen such disgusting news for a long time.

A few days ago, Chen Xiaohua, a member of Deyun Society, got drunk, took off his clothes and broke into a strange woman's room at night


it sounds decent to break into a strange woman's room at night, but the real situation should be--

according to the review of the girl concerned, after 5: 00 a.m. on the 25th, Chen Xiaohua suddenly came into her room naked


then came an even scarier scene--

Chen Xiaohua, who had not seen an inch of thread, said obstinately, "it's nice to be waiting for me here."

I threw up

. There are so many slots that I don't know where to start.

like a primitive monkey, he began to release his nature after drinking, took off his clothes in the elevator on the first floor and came to the fifth floor with a greasy belly in an attempt to do bad things to strange women.

from beginning to end, what Uncle sees is disgusting!

after Chen Xiaohua was detained by the police, Deyun Society promptly issued a notice announcing the dismissal of Chen Xiaohua.

Chen Xiaohua is not the tail of a crane in the Deyun Society. After all, he is a crosstalk performer of the "Xiao" generation of the Deyun Society, and at that time this group of disciples stood out from among 30,000 people.

the reappearance of the scandal in Deyun Society, it is unexpected that the public is not as indignant as I imagined that such a disgusting and nausea thing, but a clear understanding of it.

everyone says, "Ah? It's from Deyun Society. I'm not surprised. "

did he know that the Deyun Society had collapsed a long time ago.

after Chen Xiaohua's scandal broke out, some enthusiastic netizens made a collection

# Deyun House collapse Collection #


their collapsed houses are nothing more than "cheating", "about P", "sleeping powder", "domestic violence" …...

all in all, most of them are inseparable from the lower body.

for example, in 2021, Jin Helan was involved in tidbits, marital infidelity, and sleeping fans. Fans said that the bed photos were sent by my sister-in-law, and passers-by asked: who sends bed photos of his husband everywhere?

after different opinions, there is no specific explanation of the matter.

Yu Ziqi was accused of eating soft food and hooking up with fans, and there was more than one--

before the Deyun scandal, the melon that caused a lot of trouble should be Zhang Jiu-nan's marital affair and domestic violence.

but this matter later became more and more "complicated and confusing", because a follow-up audio confirmed that Zhang Jiunan's wife also seemed to be having an affair.

I thought this was over, but in May this year, another girl broke out

# Zhang Jiunan had an affair #


Uncle is tired of watching this cheating drama, and he always does the same thing over and over again.

the disciples of Deyun Society always collapse houses in the same way, but the speed can be faster than one. Men do not love themselves, just like rotten vegetable leaves.

after one scandal after another, the brilliance given to Deyun by traditional culture is gradually fading.

people shake their heads and wave their hands when they mention the Deyun Society, as this time: "it's not surprising that they are from the Deyun Society."

the rise of Deyun Society has not only made crosstalk younger, but also given new vitality to this traditional culture.

although crosstalk people are always mixed in the back, we can't deny the positive influence of Deyun Society.

such an argument is now popular among the public, which is sad for Deyun Society, because these scandals that are not on the table, crosstalk is gradually forgotten by people, and Deyun Society has also become a joke of "de Silence."

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this is the story of a black sheep spoiling the whole prairie.

but what makes my uncle feel powerless is the attitude of the public.

in this "Chen Xiaohua incident," many people did not strongly reprimand such behavior, but took a melon-eating attitude. Once they saw that it was Deyun Society again, they laughed it off and then disappeared.

this phenomenon has happened more than once.

in the face of artists' scandals, we always focus on artists, talk about eating melons, unwittingly ignore their personal morality, and some even commit crimes.

wants to say is that for us to collapse a house again and again is undoubtedly desensitization. In the end, we will be familiar with artists' crimes. To put it better, this is called becoming more tolerant and ugly, and this is called numbness.

unscrupulous artists, because of their status as public figures and the mindless filters of their fans, have made money that ordinary people can never earn in their lifetimes. They turn around and become proficient in buying and cheating. Finally, they are exposed. Everyone got together and ate melons and broke up like this.

Uncle has only three words in such a scene: why?

some bad people and bad things for internal entertainment are the degree to which normal people hear that they will be black in both eyes.

it is said that the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves forward, and internal entertainment is sometimes more like-- the rotten afterward will always let everyone know that the scum of the older generation is not worth mentioning.

Uncle still remembers the sound of internal entertainment explosion, which came from a cool Thor hammer.

in the early spring of 2021, everyone's chin was shaken off by a cool event.

the sentence "TMD is so annoying!" "the hot search on Weibo has been in a" hot "state for at least three days after the fire spread across the country.

at that time, the lower limit of onlookers was not so low, and as soon as the incident came out, it was almost condemned by the whole network.

who would have thought that the gorgeous female star, the hot search of marketing fairies coming down to earth, wait until it is really hot.Yeah, that's the kind of guy.

some Shuang is also caught in the storm of tax evasion, and the stem that earns 208W a day has also become a new unit of measurement.

all this is so magical that there is such a big difference between people.

this matter has also torn open a dirty hole in internal entertainment. under the big wave of "internal entertainment", they have shown their true faces again and again, and people can not help but sigh that you are such people.

after a certain pleasure, Hua Chenyu-"Yes, we have a child" also followed, and the innocent boy secretly became a father behind his back, which "amazed" everyone.

the house that collapsed in the first half of the year is a mess, because we can always hear who is cheating, who is paying taxes, and who is getting married and divorced.

in the round of gossip bombardment, our threshold began to rise, not all melons are worth eating.

but soon in the second half of the year, someone finally refreshed the bottom line of internal entertainment on his own. Unexpectedly, an artist who had been popular for so many years would be secretly suspected of such a bad crime.

on the surface, it looks beautiful, take a look away, hide dirt, but take advantage of the east wind of the times to make them soar, but after floating away, they even forget their duty as a human being.

"when you see a cockroach in one place, there is more than one." "

after all, "vibrant" inner entertainment has not only criminal coffee, but also countless illegal acts.

for example, Deng Lun, who is good at "internal entertainment will never end", has personally proved to everyone that internal entertainment is really going downhill.

your rotten, sure enough, each has its own flower work, and you can always make everyone dumbfounded--

some people are morally corrupt, some break the law and commit crimes, while others earn money every day and remain greedy and short-sighted.

of course, the most magical reality is that fans wash the floor. When they are human detergents, they will ignore the mistakes made by their brothers and sisters. Small essays make people's scalps numb and continue to be double-marked.

in order to maintain the false halo, they went out to police everywhere, with the pink head leading the way and the leg hair shouting behind. This is a cyber battle, and their purpose is only one sentence:

Don't you say anything bad about my brother and sister!

the above is the tip of the iceberg in the entertainment industry. "Luo Zhixiang time Management", "Li Yundi whoring" and so on are all episodes of this magical reality.

in just over a year, our lower limit for scandals has been lower and lower, but it is not the public's fault that they have raised everyone's threshold again and again, so that when we encounter illegal incidents, we all wave our hands and shake our heads.

"is this it? It's no fun. "

in the case of bad artists, entertainment is gradually diminishing seriousness, and the "tolerance" of the public is expanding again and again.

when we are used to all the enchantments, the sins that should be condemned and the scum that should be scolded have become the products of entertainment. I am afraid this is another manifestation of "entertainment to death".

does not want to see this scene, which is not only a trample on public order and good customs, but also a disguised insult to ordinary people, because they are public figures, so they are entertained, is it right?

then what are we ordinary people who are running around in order to lead a dull life?

do not send them to the altar step by step, they are just under the packaging of capital, from an ordinary person to a beautiful person, and even some people have disdained to be human beings.

after a long period of entertainment, many people no longer link everything related to them to normal logic.

for example, fans, if something happens to their brother, it must be done by the family, but they will never think: my brother did something wrong.

for example, some groups loudly deplore entertainment and cry for such entertainment every day. I cannot understand, nor do I want to understand, what is the pain of entertainment that frequently reveals bad artists and bad dramas?

crying and mourning for entertainment is actually an entertainment addiction. This wave of people and the bad things that have sprung up one after another have a sense of beauty that goes both ways and locks up blessings.

everything is entertained, but the voice that fights entertainment to death never dies.

We have to refuse such internal entertainment, refuse a house collapse in a few days, but also refuse their desensitization to the public again and again!

We have the right to say "No" to all bad artists. "