CCTV named and banned! Pregnant at the age of 14 and having a second child at the age of 15, why is she so crazy?
CCTV named and banned! Pregnant at the age of 14 and having a second child at the age of 15, why is she so crazy?
Don't let ignorance turn into a tragedy and let impulse ruin your life.

the three values are broken!

vibrant youth, simple and ignorant love, and a future full of infinite possibilities.

but can you believe it? At the same young age, some high school students have become parents.

in the Reality Show program "Mom and Dad of Senior High School students that elders don't know", underage mothers are invited


according to Korean age algorithm, 20-year-old adults)

share your parenting stories with the audience.

some students gave birth to a baby in the third year of high school by virtue of fat sportswear.

and a 19-year-old girl who gave birth live on the show with an 18-year-old boyfriend;

there are those who resolutely become "single mothers" in spite of the opposition of their families;

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there are people who press the life acceleration button as early as 20 years old to complete the target of their second child ahead of schedule.

High school dropouts, underage pregnancy, unmarried children.

Uncle didn't understand, but he was shocked.

what on earth is going on?

can a few underage children really take care of their new life?

Let's walk into their stories together with these questions.

(reminder: friends with high blood pressure watch carefully)

Why did they choose to be mothers?

I thought: these underage mothers are all "love brains". They are so deeply in love that they are hard to part with each other, so they decided to enter the family life early.

it's not: three of the five underage mothers on the show broke up before they got pregnant.

among them, female 2 Li Lucia, after discovering that her boyfriend is trying to keep her from school and controlling her life, turns around soberly, returns to campus, and pursues her own life.

but not long after the breakup, she suddenly found herself pregnant and at a loss, she decided to contact her ex-boyfriend to discuss countermeasures.

at this point, something very dramatic happened--

A friend told her that her ex-boyfriend had a car accident while delivering takeout and died in an accident.

to Li Lucia, the boyfriend who died unexpectedly and the child who had already done enough contraception seemed to be "the arrangement of fate"



as soon as he softened, he decided to keep the child with his ex-boyfriend.

the ex-boyfriend is not a suitable partner, so why give birth to his child?

program are like this:

because of the lack of sexual knowledge, he accepted the reality of unplanned pregnancy without preparation.

their first reaction is to be at a loss;

and then fear came to mind, trembling, hiding, missing the best time to deal with it.

I have seen a real case in "trial record":

A 16-year-old high school girl and a 17-year-old high school boy got pregnant unexpectedly after their relationship.

the girl went to boarding school, and by the time her family found out she was pregnant, it was too late to induce labor.

in order to have children, the two top students lost their normal studies and did not even take the college entrance examination, thus changing the course of their lives.

sad, lamentable!

got pregnant, and then what?

what does it mean to be a wife and mother early before the end of high school?

many hurdles.

the first level is to survive.

because one's own body is not yet mature, all physiological indexes do not reach the standard of fertility;

Girls aged 15 and 19 are twice as likely to die during pregnancy or childbirth as women over the age of 20, while adolescents under the age of 15 are five times more likely to die.

on the spur of the moment, you may have to spend your only life.

the female 3 Shuxian who gave birth live on the program had to endure 35 hours of labor pains and rely on willpower to complete the production because she was unable to obtain the signature of her legal guardian.

what will they face if something goes wrong?

is full of groans of pain in the operating room, life with impaired breathing, and helpless sighs from doctors and boyfriends. We can't imagine.

fortunately, no accident happened.

but after passing the gate of death, the next hurdle is the cruel and realistic life.

when others talk about dreams and pursue the future, all their energies can only be focused on their children;

because he does not receive a higher education, he can only find all kinds of part-time jobs to make ends meet.

the situation of single mothers is even more difficult. On the one hand, they have to take care of their children, while on the other hand, they have to work hard for their lives and suffer physically and mentally.

Why is it precious and irreplaceable in high school? Because at this time, we are only one step away from the future.

A step forward is an admission notice from a university, which is a broader scholarly world.

the next step may be a more bumpy road for society to temper the unarmed.

for the minors of these dropouts, once they sit on the downward spiral slide, there is no buffer and no way out.

for the rest of life, TA can only pay for their impulses and are pushed by life step by step.

unqualified parents

from high school students to parents, this bodyIt is not easy to change.

after the baby was born, female Li Lucia lived with him alone.

22-month-old children's meals are thawed fast food with no nutrition at all.

the house where they live is full of wine bottles, unwashed dishes and chopsticks, and eating leftover food, everything is easy to breed bacteria.

Let the child grow up in such conditions, anyone who reads it will be worried.

but the lack of life skills is not the most deadly, what is more suffocating is--

program, more than one underage mother has emotional and psychological problems.

Jin Zhiyu, a single mother, was aggravated by depression by friends and often drank to drown her sorrows.

leave a baby under one year old in a dark rental house, regardless of it.

female 3 Shuxian, when in conflict with their partner, their behavior is directly out of control.

throw water at the child and even threaten with a knife.

uncontrollable emotions and unhealthy psychological conditions put themselves, their families and children in danger.

17 or 18 years of age, immature mind, unexpected pregnancy;

when the plot develops in a direction they don't want, they get out of control.

Jin Zhiyu, a woman who drank to drown her sorrows, once believed that her boyfriend was her "savior" and regarded her child as the hope of "birth".

but she didn't expect that her late-night drunken boyfriend punched her.

A baby with no ability to live not only cannot cure her, but aggravates her burden.

the mother of the child has not yet figured out what to do after that.

female 3 Shuxian also looked forward to a happy life for a family of three when she was preparing for pregnancy.

but after giving birth, the situation took a sharp turn for the worse.

the changes in her body, the pressure of parenting, and the quarrels in the marriage were like a bigger and bigger net on top of her head, making her out of breath.

the fantasy picture of a "happy life" has been broken, and in reality, two people are red-faced and fighting for custody of their children.

and the newborn baby was pronounced its fate--

Mom and Dad, he can only see one.

(the man forbids the woman to visit)

that being the case, why rashly bring a life into this world?

what did innocent children do wrong? How should they pay for their parents'"mistakes"?

Life is not like a family, you can do whatever you want, regardless of the consequences.

from the beginning of deciding to feed a new life, life is deeply bound to the child, and no one can easily turn around.

rearing is not equal to feeding in the physiological sense, but also needs education at the spiritual level and care at the emotional level.

being born without upbringing is the greatest harm to a child.

having a child under age, not an isolated case

do you remember?

in 2018, CCTV exposed a group of "early pregnancy Internet celebrities"--

14-and 15-year-old girls gather on social platforms to "bask in their babies";

even released the gimmick of "the youngest mother of the second child in the whole network", secretly competing to see who had more babies and gave birth earlier.

in the end, all these accounts were closed

in the past two years, there are still "underage mothers" who wantonly share their experiences online.

Zhihu, such as "what should I do about underage unmarried pregnancy?" Class problems, one after another.

in fact, before writing this article, I had no idea:

it turns out that "underage Mom" is not an exception in the program.

the Survey report on the Love and Marriage status of Chinese people in 2015 shows that the average age of the post-1995 "first time" is 17.71 years old, underage.

in 2020, the Lancet conducted a survey, the results show that the fertility rate of underage girls in China is 9.2 ‰;

maybe at the moment, in the corner that we can't see, there are teenage girls who unpack their schoolbags and stick their bellies out. Childish boys drop out of school and plunge into physical work to support their families.

what can we do to save the TA? How can we stop the tragedy from happening?

Principal Zhang Guimei has already given the answer: education.

before founding Huaping Girls' High School, Zhang Guimei found that many girls dropped out of the middle school where she taught.

she didn't understand. She ran into the mountains and asked what was going on, and then she understood--

they have been betrothed and ready to get married.

countless teenage girls can see the future long before they have seen the vast world.

Zhang Guimei was not reconciled. She did everything she could to take the girls back to school.