All get along well with each other, and there is a kind of kindness behind it.
All get along well with each other, and there is a kind of kindness behind it.
Loneliness will not go away, but souls can embrace each other. I hope you are the light that illuminates others.

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Mr. Yang Jiang once wrote a sentence:

"when you are in a high position, all you see is a flashy dream; when you are humble, you have a chance to see the truth of the world."

there are all kinds of things in the world, each has its own difficulties. Everyone only sees the world in his own eyes, but not the whole picture.

born human, the most terrible thing is:

"if you live in light, you think the whole world is bright."

the highest state of being a person is empathy

at one o'clock in the morning, I saw a post posted on the Internet:

"what do people think of people who run taxis in the middle of the night? is there really anyone desperate for money?"

after the post was sent, it immediately sparked a heated debate, with many people commenting that "people who run for taxis late at night are all asking for money instead of killing them."

in the midst of different opinions, seeing a netizen's message is really heartbreaking:

"I didn't run a taxi late at night, but I can better understand people who run taxi late at night, because there is a late-night service charge, which means running the same mileage and making more money.

and no traffic jams in the middle of the night means that the average speed is faster, fuel consumption is lower, you can take more orders and make more money. In summer night, you don't have to turn on the air conditioner when you wait for the bus at night, so you can save more.

but it's all for the working people to make ends meet. "

Yes, when you get home in the evening, there are already steaming meals waiting for you, you think that everyone is like this, but there are still many people in the world who run around day and night to make ends meet.

there is a fire in everyone's heart, and passers-by only see smoke.

the world is so big that you may not know the whole picture, but you can't ignore the hardships of others.

the movie you as a teenager was brushed on the screen when it was released.

in many film reviews, I saw this one:

"the actor acted well, but he felt that the story was exaggerated, and there was no such serious campus violence. After so many years of school, no one was violent against me."

when I see this, I can't help thinking of a sentence: "if you haven't experienced it, you can't feel pain, but you can't take other people's pain as a joke."

if a person has no empathy and the ability to empathize, how can his heart be warm?

but the love in this world is made up of little by little warmth between people.

what is the basic self-cultivation of walking and dealing with the world?

as Cai Kangyong said, "you can't tell people in pain that yours is not painful, but my experience is painful."

empathy is not only the highest state of being, but also the highest goodness in the world.

above people, treat others as people

when the TV series "Qingyu years" was a hit, 64-year-old Chen Daoming once again attracted a lot of fans and was on the list of hot searches on Weibo.

some people say that the older they are, the more they admire old artists. Their acting skills are naturally out of the question, but their character and self-cultivation are beyond the reach of ordinary people.

at a party, Feng Xiaogang suggested that an actress should have a dance.

everyone booed and put the actress in an awkward position, but only Chen Daoming came forward to the rescue:

"first, it is inconvenient for a girl to do this dance as an actress, and secondly, it is inconvenient for her to wear high heels."

this small move triggered likes all over the network.

learning to think from the point of view of others is a person's top accomplishment.

just like what Chen Daoming once said to the younger generation when he took part in the variety show "Grade one":

"those who go up the mountain should never look down upon him who goes down the mountain, for he has had a good time;

the people on the mountain should never look down on the people at the bottom of the mountain, because they always climb up and must be themselves. "

in this world, no one is the eternal strong, and no one is the eternal weak. Today, others need your help, and tomorrow you may have a deficiency to carry.

Life is an echo, and only by knowing how to "change positions, change positions, and think of others" can we change our hearts.

there is a topic on Zhihu: what stories about kindness have you heard?

many answers make people burst into tears, of which what impresses me most is:

Kawabata Yasunari, who has experienced numerous sorrows and accidents in his life, is determined not to leave any last words.

but on the way to the hospital after he committed suicide, he said to the driver the last words of his life: "the road is so crowded, it's really hard for you."

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when I read this, I can only feel tears. It turns out that there are really people in this world who have engraved kindness in their bones.

there is a saying that goes like this: "above people, treat others as people; under people, treat yourself as people."

A person can really live a good life only when he is warm and pure, understands that it is not easy to understand others, and has the kindness to think of others.

feel the world like the weak in the second half of life

at the graduation ceremony of China Agricultural University, Dean Ye Jingzhong's speech went viral.

I agree with what he mentioned in his speech:

the worst state of mind of the strong is the bullying of the weak by the strong.

for example: restaurant customers abused and beat waiters; community owners abused and assaulted security guards; men abused and beat women; adults abused and beat children and the elderly; the rich abused and beat the poor....

I want to tell you that a person who has never experienced poverty can never really understand what it means to live in poverty.

A person who has never experienced the difficulty of borrowing money can never really feel what it feels like to borrow money from others.

A parent who has never raised a disabled child can never really feel all the efforts and tastes needed to raise a disabled child.

it is precisely because it is impossible for people to really understand the life reality and psychological world of the weak, so we should maintain an attitude, that is, to try to "feel the world like the weak."

in this world, apart from nine to five, there are many people who work overtime until late at night, with no two days off, no porridge, no brightly lit home, and try their best to live with barely enough food and clothing.

We can't laugh at their efforts to climb just because they are in a mess at the moment.

in this world, besides the strong, there are many weak people crying silently in the corner. Never let abundance limit your imagination.

writer Gan Bei once said: "you can never expect others to feel your feelings unless they encounter you one day."

when you scoff at the "instant noodle eater on the high-speed train", think about if you are the one who spent half a month saving just to go home.

when you yell at the "takeout guy who is late for delivery", think about if you are the one who dare not stop for a delivery fee at the moment.

when you dislike the "dying old man", think about the day when you were born to be a human being.

if you can't empathize, maybe you can choose to be kind.

from another point of view, to look at all things is goodness.

it is human kindness to be compassionate and considerate to each other.

know how to be kind, close to the city and far away from the mountains, all human beings.

the sea of life, who is not difficult, go alone.

but beauty lies in this world, some are the light that shines on others, some are the night waiting for the dawn.

loneliness does not go away, but souls can embrace each other. I hope you are the light that illuminates others.



and enjoy the happiness of wisdom. The original title: "64-year-old Chen Daoming is popular again: the greatest kindness of human nature is" for the sake of others ".

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